UPDATE: Prince Charles Buys Jaguar I-Pace In One-Off Color


A ride fit for a king prince.

The enthusiastic reception of the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace by the press seems to have extended to Britain’s royal house. His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB, OM, AK, QSO, PC, ADC, Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland (or Chuck Prince Charles for short) has a new car coming.

***UPDATE: Video of Prince Charles arriving in I-Pace added directly below:

Having the test driven both the Tesla Model S and the all-electric Jaguar, the Prince made the only logical choice and gone with the company with a long British history: the Big Cat, natch. Being royalty, the 69-year-old gets special treatment and privileges too. For one, with the keys to be placed in his hand later this week, he may be one of the first customers anywhere to get their car. For another, he’s getting his painted in Loire Blue, a color Jaguar uses on some of its other vehicles, but not its battery-powered crossover. (For commoners, it is only available in Caesium Blue, pictured above). It’s good to be Prince, we guess.

While his garage may be offer shelter to a number of conventional luxury automobiles, his Royal Highness has a well-known penchant for environmentally-friendly technologies and some years back converted his Aston Martin DB5 to run on bioethanol fuel which is, reportedly, “distilled from surplus British wine.” Fancy!

Though the I-Pace may be the most heralded of electric Jaguars, it is not the only one. The company recently announced it will be making a number of Jaguar E-Type Zero sports cars, which are identical to the original from the Sixties, with the exception of an electric drivetrain, engineered with some help from Rimac Automobili. It too has had a royal moment, having served as a classy carriage for Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle during their wedding last May.

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“surplus British wine”
my snobby French relatives consider all British wine to be surplus

I am French and never considered that. And why would I ? We don’t produce only high quality wines. And we are not the only country in the high quality wine business.

Next time you see them ask them about the “Beaujolais nouveau”. It’s a wine sold starting the third Thursday of November, so just right after the process of winemaking. It’s so bad. So fuc*ing disgusting. Pardon my french (I really hate this expression).

But this sort of fresh wine simply belongs in the season. The yeast is still making it cloudy and you better don’t close the bottle or it explodes. It’s not fine wine but at the beginning of autumn it is customary to get drunk off that stuff at least once. Leads to major headaches but it’s only once a year.

Cool the Prince and I will be driving the same. Car. Only mine will look better in Grey. I admire Telas but I’ve always preferred hatchbacks or SUVs and I really don’t like M3 looks and back doors and it’s too big for me. So the i-Pace is the perfect choice for the next 5 years or so when offers from the big OEMs will be available and maybe a new generation i-Pace and a good looking MY with regulsr bsck doors (provided M3 was a hatchback it woulf have been a fantastic option for me, but maybr the didn’t do it on purpose to keep that segment for the upcoming MY). With the i-Pace being such a great car (my favorite even considering ICE options all well), I would really be very difficult for ICE SUVs to compete againt BEV offerings in the upcoming years,provided BEVs are cost competitive to similarly equiped ICE version

Congratulations on your upcoming car. Feel free to share your owner experience with us in our Forum. https://www.insideevsforum.com/community/index.php?forums/i-pace.37/

Model 3 too big? If I remember correctly, the iPace is the same length.

Sorry, I should have written MX, too big, don’t like the looks (MS and M3 are beautiful) and the back doors are an unnecessary pain. That’s why M3 should have been my first Tesla provided it was a hatchback, but as I said I understand that maybe they decided not to make a hatchback on purpose in order to keep that segment for the Upcoming MY and since it’s dema!d will probably be as big as M3’s, the realistic date to have a proper sized Tela Hatchback delivered will be 2020/2021. So for the next 3 years Jaguar will pretty own the segment and Mercedes, Audi, Porsche ans BMW will be forced to up their game and even Tesla will be forced to not go the MX way with the MY if it wants a share of the market. I think people are underestimating the importance of the I-Pace, they just kick the SUV table game like Tesla did in the big and small sedan market with MS and M3, provided other companies come with similar fantastic offerings (as the i-Pace) with bigger (3 rows?) and smaller electric BEVs (compact), ICE cars are doomed in 7 to 10 years. Once… Read more »

Ah, that makes sense. I largely agree with you about the X, never really been much of a fan. Then again, I’ve never been an SUV guy. I suspect the impact of the iPace will be limited by production capacity. My guess is something like 20k a year worldwide.

Everybody know how dependable Jaguar cars are. Am sure the Prince will be on a first name basis with the Jaguar service manager.

Yes. I’m sure Prince Charles will be the one taking the car in for servicing and then riding in a dealer courtesy van back to the palace.

I rather doubt that since jaguar will more likely collect the car and return it afterwards without any interaction with the prince.

Well, that *is* a nice colour 🙂 Though I wouldn’t call it “blue”?…

It would be great if US President can change his Cadillac Beast for something Tesla based.

It would be greater if the US president beast could be changed. LOL!

Another Euro point of view

There is on a competing website an interesting article about Jaguar entering a supply contract for cylindrical battery cells. This would be an interesting development as so far Tesla is rather isolated with that cell form.