Pricing Breakdown Announced For ChargePoint Home EVSE

AUG 22 2015 BY MARK KANE 16

ChargePoint Home Residential EV Charger

ChargePoint Home Residential EV Charger

ChargePoint Residential Charger

ChargePoint Residential Charger

ChargePoint earlier this year introduced home charging stations.  Now we have the pricing breakdowns across the EVSE lineup.

Base model starts from $499, while the most capable unit costs $749.

The company also released a home buying guide, which could be useful for new customers.

There are three main features of EVSE to consider – power level (16 or 32 A at 240 V translates to up to 3.8 or 7.7 kW), installation type (hardwire done by professional electrician or just plug-in to available outlet) and cable length (from 12′ to 25′).

All those things, together with price, should be the starting point while shopping for an EVSE that meets your needs.

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I was looking at the $649 one to replace my existing GE Chargestation with doesn’t play well with my gen 1 Volt. I’m familiar enough with electrical wiring I could do the hardwire installation myself. I am looking forward to having a wifi-connected charging station.

Clipper Creek HCS-40, 32A charger is $565.
Clipper Creek HCS-40P, 32A charger is $589. You can choose NEMA 14-50 or 6-50 plug.

Both have a 25ft cord, and come with a holster. (Although that’s something easy to DIY)

The funny thing is that for me the ads on this page were from Clipper Creek whose 15amp wired unit is $379 with 25ft of cable

12 foot cable….that is short. The Clipper Creek units come with at least 22 foot cables, for cheaper too.

These seem to be pretty nice chargers because they are smart chargers:

A Wi-Fi enabled, networked, EV charging station gives drivers freedom by allowing them to remotely start, schedule and set reminders for charging, all through their mobile app.”

That isn’t what I’d call a smart charger. I’d call it a connected charger.

Smart chargers are able to vary output according to other information. They’re especially useful where there’s a constraint on the total power available.

Si vous désirez une borne de recharge domiciliaire conçue pour l’hiver… le meilleur rapport qualité prix sur le marché…


If you want a home charging station designed for winter … the best value on the market …

Im sorry i dont need my evse connected to the internet so chargepoint or anyone else can track my usage. Blink home units were free if you let them track your usage through the ev project and i didnt go for that one either.
These things should be getting cheaper not more expensive. Whats wrong with this one for $399?
At this stage if the game, i think all evse should be at least 6.6kw and with a 18-25 foot cord. A 12 foot cord is pointless. I have two Ge wattstations and one Clipper Creek Cs-40. All but one have the longer cord. The short cord on the one Wattstation is a pain to use with a car that doesn’t have the inlet on the front. The Leaf is easy bit the iMiev, Volt, and Fit Ev are a pain with the short cord.

They’re charging a premium because the units are wifi-connected. I’ve come out to my Volt not being charged in the morning enough times to want to have a charging station tell me its not charging my car when it should be.

The problem you have is the interruption, not the lack of notification.

If wifi connection is what you want – check out the Juicebox …

I don’t really care if Chargepoint tracks my charging . . . it is not big mystery that I charge up my EV at night. But perhaps there is a way to turn off sharing if you want.

But the Wifi is nice for remote starts, stops, and monitoring.

I don’t have a home Level II system, because with a Volt it is not quite as necessary. However, IFIRC, don’t most of the phone apps allow pretty much what these units do? My Volt app alerts me to any interruption of charging, allows me to remote start, and a lot of stuff really…

> 1.5 Billion 110V AC Outlets, N. America, All #EV’s Refuel/Charge This Way.
Nails 100% Daily Range(40 Miles)For 74% U.S. Drivers!

….But, Sure Would Like An L2 #EVSE #EVFillingStation At Home. haha


Thomas J. Thias



And why would I pick this over a Clipper Creek unit?

Because Clipper Creek products are ugly and the ChargePoint Home has an appealing design.