Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems – Electric Motor Manufacturing – Video

AUG 30 2015 BY MARK KANE 9

Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems - Electric Motor Manufacturing

Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems – Electric Motor Manufacturing

TM4 presented earlier this month the manufacturing process of electric motors in its JV Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems (PEPS).

PEPS was established in China three years ago with Prestolite and is supplying heavy duty motors and inverters mainly for electric buses.

Below you can find videos in both English and French:

“Leveraging TM4’s licensed technologies, Prestolite E-Propulsion Systems (PEPS) develops, manufactures and markets high-end hybrid and electric motor systems for the sustainable mobility market. Its product line includes motors, generators, inverters and vehicle control units for 6–18 metre buses, commercial vehicles, heavy machinery and river watercraft. PEPS products are renowned for their advanced technology, high efficiency, reliability, safety, comfort and low noise levels.”

“PEPS développe, produit et commercialise des systèmes de motorisation électrique et hybride haut de gamme pour le transport durable, sous licence de TM4. Son offre, qui comprend des moteurs, des générateurs, des onduleurs et des modules de contrôle véhicule, est destinée aux autobus de 6 à 18 mètres, aux véhicules commerciaux, à la machinerie lourde et au transport fluvial. Les produits de PEPS sont reconnus pour leur technologie de pointe, leur efficacité, leur fiabilité, leur sécurité, leur confort et leur faible niveau de bruit.”

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Those are some big motors. Really interesting seeing the automation and assembly operation.

Eliminate that pesky gas motor in my Volt…and I think one of those would fit 🙂

Just like solar panels, China is SO polluted not 1 solar panel or electric bus should leave the country.

That’s how bad the need is.
Everything off the assembly line should be put into service IN CHINA Immediately.

You kiddin’? That thing will need 6 axles to take that huge bus torque, you will become a 21st century Motor Mouse:)

Those motor are of the highest of the high tech.
They provide so much torque at low rpm that no transmission is needed.
You just hook it directly to the differential and it’s final ratio and hop you go!
Try that Tesla!

Well you can’t criticize Tesla too much. After all, the tried and true 4 pole induction motor/ gear reduction box is responsible for one of the faster cars on the market, and the high speed motor keeps the weight down.

Buses don’t need extreme light weighting, so slower larger motors are good for them.

I just compare the way Tesla built their motors, mostly by hand, with this higly machined one.
It’s still good motor, but could be better IMO.
They also have an external rotor instead of the tiny high rev internal one they built.
And that come with some drawback in efficiency, specialy at highway speed.
I would like to see if they could do a similar size motor with more torque and efficiency with this concept. BTW those TM4 one also have nine phases feeder!
I’ll bet Tesla would do better with those in some aspect.

External rotor? external to what? 9 phases? Not in this universe, man.

The rotor spin around the inside stator, thus multiplying the torque vector.
Have you look at the video?
Yep nine phases, hold up your breath, that’s not even new tech.