BYD to Deliver First Electric Buses to Montreal and Longueuil

AUG 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

BYD received another order for electric buses in Canada as the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) and the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) signed up for the electrification.

The first steps in Longueuil and Montreal are small as RTL will receive five 30-foot buses, while STM will receive an order of four of the same model. But we can assume that there will be much larger projects in a few years when agencies become more familiar with EVs.

BYD K7 electric bus

“These buses will make an immediate improvement to air quality and noise levels in both cities. These buses alone will deliver a reduction in carbon emissions of more than 600 metric tonnes each year. This will mean a total reduction of 7200 tonnes over the operating life of the vehicles.”

“The order from Longueuil was BYD Canada’s first order of heavy duty electric buses in Quebec. Together with STM’s order in Montreal this is the beginning of a large transit transformation to zero emission vehicles in the Province.”

“This order puts STM and RTL ahead of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s new carbon pollution regulations for heavy-duty vehicles starting in 2020.

BYD is the world leader in zero emission buses. BYD Canada was the pioneer in Canada and is now the market leader. In addition to this ground-breaking order in Quebec, BYD Canada has buses on order or in operation in Toronto, Victoria, and St. Albert and Grand Prairie in Alberta.”

BYD Canada’s Vice President Ted Dowling said:

“Long range Electric Battery buses make sense in Quebec. We are using Hydro Quebec’s clean electricity to charge our buses overnight. This is the best use of surplus power and will save STM and RTL over $100,000 a year in diesel costs.”

“The buses are the first of what we hope will become an important part of the fleets in both communities and others in Quebec. This would not have happened without the climate change leadership shown by Mayors Valerie Plante and Sylvie Parent, in Montreal and Longueuil, along with the support of their transit agency leaders in STM and RTL.”

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enfin…….something+ here

The article is in french, sorry for that. But Montreal tried in 2015 bus with BYD, but decided to go with New Flyer instead, bus that are made in Canada, in Manitoba.

Also, i’ve seen other article that also say that montreal order bus from BYD so they may have done both

BYD has a plant in Ontario and is building buses in Canada. I believe they may also be working on something in Quebec.

It’s about time they start doing something about it, electricity is cheap here in Québec, so it makes a lot of sense

Not only electricity is cheap here, it is also from 99%+ renewable energy sources.
I want more of these quiet and non polluting buses on the road.

Need to raise taxes on gasoline by 20% and buy more EV buses. Above average fuel prices reduce traffic which is presently composed of 98% ICE vehicles and encourage car pooling and public transportation.

“World leader”? Well, I guess if by “world” they mean “rest of the world”, excluding their domestic market… Last I heard, BYD was quite a bit away from being the leader in China; and the rest of the world combined is insignificant compared to sales in China…

Yes but the Chinese market is very segmented by the large number of manufacturers. Two big Indian manufacturers are doing well because there are fewer players there.

What percentage of the bus is built in Canada and what percentage of the parts for that bus are Canadian

The sooner cities get rid of diesel buses,the sooner my ear will be happy. Those diesel buses are just too load.