President Obama Visits Detroit Auto Show – Checks Out Chevrolet Bolt, Pacifica Hybrid – Video


President Obama In 2017 Chevrolet Bolt At 2016 NAIAS

President Obama In 2017 Chevrolet Bolt At 2016 NAIAS (via YT/wochit News)

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama visited Detroit, Michigan to check out some vehicles at the 2016 NAIAS.

Obama showed particular interest in the plug-ins vehicles on display, including the Chevrolet Bolt.

A longtime supporter of electric cars, Obama spent much of his time at the show in and around the 2017 Bolt.

Obama briefly tour some recently renovated areas of Detroit before leaving the Motor City.

Locals even spotted Obama at one of the state’s newest breweries (Jolly Pumpkin), where he was seen enjoying a tasty brew.

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61 responses to "President Obama Visits Detroit Auto Show – Checks Out Chevrolet Bolt, Pacifica Hybrid – Video"
  1. Speculawyer says:

    Oh no! Republicans won’t be able to buy the Chevy Bolt or Chrysler Pacifica now because they’ll have Obama cooties on them!

    1. 2013VOLT says:

      My thoughts exactly, that is like the kiss of death.

      1. Ziv says:

        It was George W Bush who pushed and signed into law the Energy Security Act of 2007 that put the $7500 tax credit for electric cars into place. If you have an electric car today, it was built in large part due to W pushing for the tax credit portion of the law.
        Fox News had a complimentary article calling George W Bush “The Father of the Modern Electric Car.”

        1. William says:

          Yeah, Curious George W did do that, but there is more to history than FAUX news is spoon feeding you in their “puff piece” article.

          1. evcarnut says:

            Yea! Cuz George Dub-ya is such a good Amarkan

            1. kdawg says:

              His dad, George H.W. Bush bought a Volt for his son Neil Bush. Sorry, no Volt for you Dubya. 🙂

            2. Speculawyer says:

              Somehow . . . W almost looks good compared to the current crop of Cruz, Carson, Trump, etc.

        2. Speculawyer says:

          But Dems don’t reflexively oppose things done by Republicans.

          1. Foo says:

            What do Republicans actually do?

        3. SJC says:

          It was the Democratic Congress that did the work, W could just sign or veto, he was not going to veto.

    2. MikeM says:


      Republicans are just a fact of life. You just have to get on with it, working around them as needed.
      Just like the lumbering dimwitted predators afflicting early humans.
      Sticking a spear in one now and then won’t hurt, although I’m told they don’t taste as good when roasted.

    3. Rick says:

      Sorry, guys, but I’m going to have to call you out on your anti-Republican snark. Though I am not a Republican, (I’m Independent), it’s obvious to me that for the EV industry to succeed, it has to appeal across a wide spectrum of American (and worldwide, for that matter) life. I think you’d agree. I like EVs. I might even buy one someday. Comments like yours don’t really do much to convince me that I want to be part of your group.

      1. Speculawyer says:

        Indeed. And that is why I worry about Obama being seen with the cars. Republicans have consistently opposed ANYTHING Obama supports . . . even if they previously supported the idea.

        Paul Ryan couldn’t even applaud Obama’s suggestion that we cure cancer during the SOTU speech.

        I think Republicans really SHOULD support EVs. They are the only real way that we could become energy independent. (Any rational analysis of the oil biz shows that we cannot drill our way to independence.) We could slash our trade deficit by getting off oil. And we would then stop financially supporting unsavory characters like Putin/Russia, mid-East Islamists, and African dictators.

        Talk to Republicans about not being so dogmatic. Check out Media Matters for the hit pieces Fox News have done on electric cars.

        1. Thomas J. Thias says:


          So true, Specularlawyer. @POTUS * had predicted #1MillionEVsDec2015 * or #1MillionEVsDec15 * but he could never of imagined the swarms of #antiEVZombies * that poluted CyberSpace then leached into the general global press and big media!

          Non the less, great to see his review of #eMobility Vehicles at the North American International Auto Show (@NAIASDetroit)*.

          Actually, topping 410,000 cumulative #ElectricFueledVehicle #EV #PHEV #EREV sales in the USA over that time is quite remarkable in its self, concidering the above.!

          Link Goes To Plug In America USA EV Ticker-

          Over 74 different Electric Fueled Vehicle models, globally, in just the last 50 months!

          Link Goes To Plug In America Global EV Tracker-

          (Ed. Google Hashtag # *or @ * For More Information)


          Thomas J. Thias



          1. Speculawyer says:

            The 1 million plug-ins by 2015 was an aspirational goal . . . not a promise of any sort. And if the price of oil had not come down so much, we might have come close.

            Pure EVs are still not quite economical/practical for people so they are struggling. I think PHEVs like the 2016 Volt (and the Mitz Outlander if they would sell it here!) would be doing pretty good if oil was above $100/barrel.

            But pure EVs are an extremely tough sell in these days of $27/barrel oil. That oil price shocks me . . . I didn’t think we would go below $30. I suspect that these prices won’t last more than a month or two. But prices will remain reasonably low (below $50/barrel) for a year or two (or threee).

      2. Nom de Plume says:

        Dude, a not inconsiderable number of Republicans have refused to buy CFL bulbs simply because Obama supports them. That’s right, they willingly pay higher electricity bills out of pure spite. Then there is the whole phenomenon of “rolling coal”, wherein people modify their vehicles so that they spew more exhaust and are less fuel efficient, all so they can flip the bird to liberals in their Priuses and EVs.

        You’re worried that we’re too mean to Republicans? Better you should worry about the millions of idiots in this country who would gladly sacrifice our future solely because of their political resentments.

        1. SJC says:

          You can always tell a Republican, you just can’t tell them MUCH.

        2. Adam says:

          I refused to buy CFLs because they are rubbish, take ages to warm up, contain mercury, light quality is poor. Thank goodness for LEDs.

    4. SparkEV says:

      I hate most Obama policies, and I think most Republicans are closet communists. Still, Obama’s EV push was one of the best, rivaling that of interstate highway by Ike. I only wish the tax credit would roll over so that even the poor can take advantage of buying EV.

      Oh well, let’s hope for President Hillary (or whoever) to do even better for EV. No, I don’t want her to be the prez, but it seems she will get the job.

      1. OB1 says:

        Confused much?

        1. SparkEV says:

          Totally. Can’t you tell? I drive SparkEV and dang proud to announce it to the world. But not about anything I wrote above.

      2. Scramjett says:

        SparkEV said:
        “I hate most Obama policies, and I think most Republicans are closet communists.”

        At the risk of getting sucked into political spats (which I generally try to avoid), I mostly agree with your statement, especially Obama’s Wall Street @$$ kissing policies (which Hillary would likely continue with).

        However I can’t help but think of the FDR VP (you know, the one before Harry “the buck doesn’t really stop here” Truman) Henry Wallace who spoke of American Fascism when answering the NYT:
        To me, today’s Republican party more closely resembles this description (though it’s membership would be appalled by these values, one of the hallmarks of any form of fascism is the ability to use propaganda to confuse the issue).

  2. Driverguy01 says:

    Awh! Now the Bolt and Pacifica are jinxed and tagged! I’ve seen this pattern before….

    1. Anon says:

      Obama saved GM (and others) from bankruptcy. They should give him a Bolt…

      1. Trollnonymous says:

        And GM’s response to the US tax payers after they/we foot the bill is to build the next Caddy in China and import it into the US.

        1. ModernMarvelFan says:

          “And GM’s response to the US tax payers after they/we foot the bill is to build the next Caddy in China and import it into the US.”

          Next Caddy?

          Isn’t the new CTS, ATS and SRX counts as “next Caddy”. They are all built in the US.

          CT6 is designed for Chinese market and that is where it is expected to sell.

          Sorry to tell you this, Americans don’t buy Cadillac anymore…

        2. Anon says:

          GM also knowingly and willingly murdered over 100 of their customers with concealed design defects.

          But hey, jobs, right?

          Honestly: Glad GM has a BEV that’s not embarrassing and not a compliance car. They still need to reconsider their position on helping fund CCS Infrastructure. But little steps to cleaner, sustainable transport are better than none.

    2. scottf200 says:

      Similar to one of the worst pictures of the Volt regardless of whether you like Obama. It brought nothing but bad press that 1/2 people disliked. Now they didn’t it to the Bolt.

  3. William says:

    All we need is “The Donald” to do a John Kerry speech and, weigh in on the fate of subsidies regarding some state or some startup EV company.

    The state repeal of incentives ( tax rebates) in Georgia, might spread like the plague in other states (Red). This upcoming election in November could be used to throw a wrench in rapid EV adoption. The state of Michigan, among others, has their hand on tipping the scale already, with the Tesla sales model. The 200 mi. range Bolt has its territorial advantage when it goes on sale later this year in the motor city.

    1. Trollnonymous says:

      Somebody needs to reveal the true cost of the gas subsidies which should reveal what the true cost of gas is per gallon.

      The US needs to quit subsidizing OPEC!

      IMHO, the only person bold enough to do that is the candidate with jacked up hair.

      1. William says:

        Yeah, jacked up hair has helped in calling out the truth when, it comes to “calling a spade a spade”. Bold loves beautiful, until you have to sell off the whole beauty contest due to public sentiment! The truth is refreshing when it flips its wig!

      2. SJC says:

        The president has nothing to say about gas taxes nor subsidies, it is Congress.

        1. Nick says:

          Obviously the President can use his bully pulpit to advance the issue.

          He will also need to sign any legislation that Congress passes.

          1. SJC says:

            The Republican Congress does not listen, they have spent years trying to destroy the president rather than do what needs to be done.

  4. Chester says:

    It’s an open secret Obama is on the down low. The bolt would suit him.

    1. ziv says:

      Thanks a bunch, Chester. I had to look that phrase up and I really didn’t need or want to know what it meant, but now I do.
      And I can’t disagree with you more about your insult of the Bolt.

    2. floydboy says:

      Lets not forget the wife and kids. They’re obviously ‘low down’ too, as evidenced by the constant machinations of the right since their arrival in the WHITE house.

    3. Mister G says:

      And it’s an open secret that Obama was going to destroy the economy, destroy America, destroy US military etc, etc,etc…however none of that happened…LOL

      1. ffbj says:

        I remember for years how they, the Republicans, were saying the economy was in terrible shape, while the opposite was true.

        Shutting down the government, sequester, all that counter-productive stuff they did, which actually did harm to the economy.

        1. Anon says:

          That’s the problem with political polarization. It blinds the weak minded and gullible. 🙁

          1. SJC says:

            That started with Gingrich storm troopers in 1995. For years Republicans were yammering “job killers” I guess they all got the memo.

  5. kdawg says:

    When Pres. Obama sat in the Volt many years ago, he said he would buy one, once he was no longer President (and driving himself again). However, at the auto show, he said he wouldn’t tell what he was going to buy. Someone needs to remind him he said he was going to buy a Volt 🙂 Of course he could buy multiple vehicles.. Volt, Bolt..etc..

    1. ModernMarvelFan says:

      “Obama sat in the Volt many years ago, he said he would buy one”

      That was back in 2010/2011 and if he didn’t win election back in 2012, he might very well bought a Volt as it was the best vehicle at the time.

      But he lucked out and won the re-election… =) Now, he has more choices…

    2. DonC says:

      Since he’s not running again, I’m not sure how much he cares about fulfilling campaign promises. (jk)

    3. SparkEV says:

      There are only two worthy EV today, and they are SparkEV and Tesla P90DL, both that perform better than comparably priced gas cars. I doubt he could get SparkEV (probably will be discontinued next year), but he could get P90DL. Better would be to wait for Model 3 before deciding, though that’s probably 2 years off.

  6. s says:

    This seems to be the place for misplaced political chatter, so what the heck…

    Bernie Sanders 2016!

    1. Nick says:

      How’s this misplaced?

      It mentions the President! Time to declare your tribal affiliation!


    2. Scramjett says:

      He’s got my vote! 🙂

    3. Anon says:

      Yay, Bernie! 🙂

      No tea for me, coffee please. 🙂

    4. Mister G says:


  7. Koenigsegg says:

    Why is Tesla the only car company that’s designed a good looking EV smh

  8. Bill Howland says:

    I’m an old-time republican, more like Barry Goldwater. But I’m nothing like the current crop of armchair-quarterbacks who are basically old recycled democrats who were “all the way with LBJ” in 1965.

    Free-markets were never meant to be a world-wide phenomonom, it was to be for Nations only. It is one thing for one factory to compete with another factory down the street, but quite another to have to compete with the cheapest labor on earth. All you have then is a race to the bottom, and basically, you will have a 2-tier feudalistic society, which some of the big bankers doing the self-styled ‘God’s Work’ will be the .01 % and the rest will be in open-air servitude.

    Ex: No big bank ever gets prosecuted for drug money laundering, executions (think BCCI, ‘Bank of Credit and Commerce International, but also called the ‘Bank of Crooks and Criminals, incorporated’. If you mention the nefarious dealings that had been going on with them, they will respond that they are a “Full Service Bank” (!!!!).

    So the problem repblicans have with world-wide free trade, is that eventually even a price is put on morality and the old common law.

    Hence the current situation is the laws (which become increasingly tyranical) in the US apply ONLY to the helpless. No one else gets prosecuted, with the possible exception of Madoff who stepped on the wrong toes.

    Democrats likewise have the opposite problem of eventually running out of ‘other people’s money’. Although I’m quoting Mrs. Thatcher, I in no way endorse any of her policies.

    As a practical matter, there’s about a dime’s worth of difference between the current republicans and democrats, and mostly they do alot of glad-handing in private and the fiery-speeches are left for the soap box in hopes to create the illusion they are different.

    Since this article is about Mr. Obama, I should give him a certain amount of praise for his reluctance to start WW III. All the neo-con left overs from the W administration are always harping against the agreement with Iran, and saying ‘we’ should attack Syria – a multifaith county that has done nothing against me.

    It was also illuminating that John Kerry went to Moscow and took his asst sec of state Victoria Nuland (who was instrumental in the US financed Coup d’Etat of the Ukraine in Feb 2014), and it was interesting what they said AFTER they met first with Russian defense minister Lavrov, and then later V.V. Putin:

    1). Assad can ‘stay’ as president of Syria in the short to medium term.

    2). Turkey has to give back the fighter jets the US gave them.

    Photos of the meeting show Victoria Nulands face as though she just had drank 10 tablespoons of Castoria. So to the extent that Mr. Obama helped defuse a volatile situation and kept the US out of war, he’s to be congratulated.

    Of course, on his mind is probably the fact that the Joint Chief of Staff recently ran 16 War Games US against Russia. By their own calculation Russia totally obliterated the US 16 times out of 16.

    Results like that tend to ‘Concentrate the Mind’.

  9. kdawg says:

    Speaking of the NAIAS, check out this funny video by Cars dot com. I especially liked the part at the 0:56 mark of the kid trying to get out if the i8.

  10. Open-Mind says:

    Like it or not, almost 40% of US citizens identify as conservative. So if you want that 40% to consider buying EV’s, you may want to tone down some of the un-provoked snarky insults directed at them above. Such snark will only hurt the EV cause.

    1. Mister G says:

      That 40% is a lost cause unless there is a White male in White house and EVs are free.

      1. Ziv says:

        Don’t be simple, G. I am conservative and leased a Volt because it is fueled with all American electricity instead of Jihadi Juice. The conservatives are split on electric cars but we are coming around. Look at Texas. They are doing well with electric cars.

  11. david_cary says:

    So I am one of the 40%.

    We have 2 EVs and 0 ICE in the garage, panels on the roof.

    So am I confused?

    We have had 8 years of relatively ineffectual government. You can blame that on whatever body you want. Obama’s EV talk has been pretty quiet. I’ve not heard his ideas for a carbon tax (I realize there have been some cap/trade talk). He hasn’t done very little to advance that 1,000,000 goal.

    The price of oil is of course under some control of the federal government. We could announce a huge buying program. We could be talking to the Saudis. We could have not negotiated with Iran.

    But the price of oil is crushing our enemies. The problem is we need a carbon tax to fix the pricing issue in the US

    Remember it was a Conservative who has tried to introduce a revenue neutral carbon tax.

    The truly simple option is to slash FICA in half and replace it with a carbon tax. Tax what you don’t want not employment.

    1. Mister G says:

      Don’t worry, you’re like most Americans that don’t fit neatly into political parties, labels, ideologies etc…but you have to vote for a Democrat if you support cleaning up air pollution caused by ICE.

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        Yup. I, along with a lot of my friends, describe myself as socially liberal, fiscally conservative. Neither of the two major American parties appeal to us.

        The polarization of American politics is due to several factors, but certainly one of the biggest is the Gerrymandering of States, creating political districts in which very hard right and hard left politicians can get elected and never be seriously challenged for office. This has lead to far too many “no compromise” congresscritters. Since politics is the art of compromise, hard-linger “no compromise” congresscritters are a logjam in the system.

        Several things are needed to fix the current political gridlock. One is a Constitutional Amendment requiring that the States to have congressional district boundaries drawn by a nonpartisan committee of ordinary citizens, rather than politicians. (We can’t look to the Supreme Court for relief, because the Supremes have refused to rule that Gerrymandering is unconstitutional except in the most blatantly extreme cases.)

        Unfortunately, the current gridlock makes it virtually impossible to pass any Constitutional Amendment. Of the 27 Amendments, the last was ratified in 1992, and that was a trivial one. The second to last, which was more substantive, was in 1971.

        Wish I had a suggestion for a “magic bullet” solution, but sadly I don’t. 🙁

  12. Frank says:

    Thank you mr Obama for supporting Evs.
    You have my vote, always.

  13. Mister G says:

    Gerrymandering does not help alleviate gridlock but if Americans had a 90% voter turnout every election at the local, state, and federal level gerrymandering would be irrelevant. 90% voter turnout would really change America