President Electric Trump Might Actually Own A Tesla Roadster



Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

We never really see Donald Trump driving himself. Not much unlike current presidents, he relies on a hired driver and makes his way around town in his personal limousine, and around the globe in an ultra-luxury jet. However, as much as his money has gotten him to “president-style” transportation, years before he even considered the presidency, it also got him a decent collection of vehicles that he doesn’t use. And yes … word has it that there is a Tesla Roadster in the mix.

Omni Auto Rendering of the Upcoming Tesla Roadster

Omni Auto Rendering of the Upcoming Tesla Roadster

Many sources agree that there is an old Tesla Roadster in Trump’s garage. He may have trouble driving it – he’s not a small guy – but having something that is “special” in any way, is part of Trump’s mindset. Not only was the car produced and sold in somewhat limited numbers, about 2,450 from 2008 to 2012, it was also the first mass-produced highway-legal all-electric lithium-ion car. Though it was the first, it commanded a whopping 200+ miles of range and zipped a zero to 60 sprint in under four seconds.

The Tesla sits in a collection aside names like McLaren, Maybach, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce, to name a few. Though The Donald’s collection is not massive, he surely didn’t skimp. Depending on the model year of Trump’s Tesla Roadster, the starting price was around $109,000. A next-generation Roadster is due out in 2019.

As we move into this new presidency, new party leadership, and uncertain times, keep in mind that we can’t truly predict exactly what may happen. Yes, Trump has already made some choices for his team members that could be negative to the continued momentum of “green-friendliness”. However, he is a huge advocate for the domestic market and believes in American-made products. This is where Elon and company can draw their support. Leonardo DiCaprio and his team of advocates met with Trump last week, and Musk has a chance to touch base with him at the president-elect’s exclusive tech summit today in New York.

Trump is a huge racing fan and surely not adverse to fast, expensive cars. Perhaps Musk will have the first new Tesla Roadster waiting for the president in the coming years.

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I have heard that rumor before…

If he does own it, at least it won’t require much attention (other than plugging it in) compared to the other vehicles listed.

He will denied as usual

If he does own a plug-in EV, that’s just one more example of his erratic and often self-contradictory statements and behavior.

I see difficult decisions ahead for TheDonald:

No, its an example of your erratic and often self contradictory thinking.

If you would start reading what DT actually has said and done instead of the echo media, none of this would be a surprise to you.

Somehow, I think your comment is prompted by your belief in the Big Lies and fake news from Trump and his hard-right and neo-Nazi supporters, not by any ignorance of real facts on my part.

It’s sad when people start believing their own lies. It’s even sadder when they lose track of which news sources are fact-based, and which promote fake news.

Refusing to believe reality does not actually change reality.

Neo-Nazis are practically a myth at this point. There are racist groups and within that white supremacist groups, but Socialist-Nationalist Fascism is dead and gone. Before WW II, 45% of the USA spoke German. Afterwards, it disappeared almost entirely. Nobody wants to have anything to do with that fallen regime. There are more flat-earthers than actual neo-Nazis. It was a joke in the Blues Brothers, and now it is unsubstantiated, sensationalist fiction. If you want to slander the president-elect, go ahead and be ignorant of the members of his campaign and members of his cabinet; picks that make no sense in a neo-Nazi leadership committee. It’s easier to hate President-elect Trump than it is to understand the man. I think he’s terribly contradictory. The only thing more confusing is Exxon-Mobil’s support for a revenue neutral carbon fee-dividend model.

“Neo-Nazis are practically a myth at this point… It was a joke in the Blues Brothers…”

I only wish that were true. But you’re confusing the term “neo-Nazi” with the American Nazi Party, which is indeed about dead. Neo-Nazis constitute a much larger group composed of many organizations, and most of them don’t go around wearing Nazi uniforms. They have other signs, such as various tattoos, which they use to identify themselves.

Neo-Nazis have re-branded themselves the “alt-right”, but they certainly have not changed their racist and white supremacist views or agendas.

Neo-Nazi activity is on the rise, emboldened by Trumpian public hate speech and racist statements. Such recent activity includes swastikas spray-painted at scenes of hate crimes, and a group shown in a video giving the “Heil Hitler!” salute at the end of a speech praising Trump.

Wikipedia says:

Neo-Nazi activity is a global phenomenon, with organized representation in many countries, as well as international networks. In some European and Latin American countries, laws have been enacted that prohibit the expression of pro-Nazi, racist, anti-Semitic or homophobic views. Many Nazi-related symbols are banned in European countries in an effort to curtail neo-Nazism.

Rick (no, not that Rick)

I’m so glad the elections are over and we don’t have to listen to this partisan drivel any more!

Nazis were left wingers. Just because you like electric vehicles doesn’t mean you perfer left of center or that you must believe in anthropogenic global warming, that is false on so many levels.

The Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) didn’t originate as militantly racist fascists, but they certainly became so after Hitler took over the leadership.

To call the Nazis “left-wing” is… well, at the very least it shows you need an education on the subject.

If you compare Nazi policies to today’s US left wing, they are similar in many respects. They both want tight government control of the industry, rail against the top (Jews for Nazis, mythical 1% for US left), “must sacrifice for the children”, re-distribute for the good of the people, and so on. So yeah, US left is much like the German National Socialist (note: Socialists).

I doubt many (any) right wingers admired Hitler’s policies, but FDR has. He fashioned his policies on national socialist model.

As for today’s Nazi’s identifying with Dump, they are mentally challenged people (more so than usual Nazis). I mean, Dump’s daughter is a jew. How moronic can they get? There’s mentally deficient crowd in any ideology.

Hopefully Trump won’t allow fossil fuel industry to destroy Tesla.

+1 for Trump then!

He would probably hate it because he’s a pretty Tall (and wide) guy, so he’d have trouble getting in and out of it.

True, there have been a lot of complaints about how difficult it is to get in and out of the Roadster, especially for tall guys. Even after Elon insisted the door sills be lowered a couple of inches as compared to the Lotus Elise.

What a Tesla hater!

I had absolutely no trouble getting in or out of my Roadster – having done it several times a day every day ( I drove it in the worst weather – since according to Tesla advertising at the time it was “The All-Weather Supercar” ).

I obviously drove the car alot, – even though it was out of service at times, I still managed to put on about 45,000 miles in the 4 years I owned it.

Trump is a mere 6′ 2. That is hardly huge.

Maybe if Pushi would get off his can, instead of speaking out of it, his leg muscles would be physically strong enough to get in and out of a Roadster.

All the insults poor Trump has to weather – now we find out he is a pure electric car owner – where as those hurling desparaging remarks will NEVER be an electric car owner.


I’m guessing that was a failed attempt at humor on your part, Bill? Or is it just another indication that your tinfoil hat is so tight it’s cutting off the blood supply to your brain?

Not saying every Roadster driver had that problem, but certainly enough did for it to be a topic of conversation. Discussion thread here:

Just sharpening the pencil point a bit in the middle of your typical mindless drivel.

Who are you to criticize Trump, or me for that matter? We’ve put our money where our mouth is. You just constantly jab about things you have no knowledge of, and no real commitment to, since you’d think you’d at least pick up a cheap used Leaf or Mitsubishi for a relative seeing as, for some unknown reason you can’t drive yourself. Perhaps you have let yourself become such a slob that you can’t physically drive anymore, but that shouldn’t prevent someone who is somewhat fit,who has taken care of themselves, to drive ANY electric car.

Height is one thing, diameter is another.

I wonder if he had the steering wheel thinned for his small hands.

I voted for him and I think that is funny. Lets focus on advancing electric cars and not political ideology on this sight. lets not become another ESPN

“President Electric Trump”, LOL

I honestly don’t know if Steve intended to write that as the title or not…but left it in there regardless, (=

Rumor is true, Trump owns a 2008 Tesla Roadster.

Hard to believe Tubby could get into it. Then again there is little yellow Roadster that sometimes parks in the handicapped spot at the grocery store, so anything is possible.

Mental handicaps also apply, right? 🙂

Nice looking Roadsters. So far Trump is doing the right things. The world still runs on oil, though the future is electric.

Those gas cars are just 100 year old ho-hums. Roadster is the first 21st century consumer car in his collection. Frankly, I’d dump all those other gas cars in collection and make room for more EV.

He should add Tesla P100DL to his collection. It’s the first EV to definitively out accelerate all gas cars in the world, well worthy of collecting.

I don’t have many worries that he’ll get rid of the EV tax credit, especially since for Tesla it means promoting sales of one of the most innovative US car companies in history and the only US car company to manufacture their cars in the USA. Why would he piss all over something like that.