Tour Volkswagen’s Plug-In Golf Assembly Plant In Wolfsburg – Video

SEP 17 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

A tour of Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg production plant in Germany, where the Golf family of vehicles are produced, was recently taken by Autogefühl.

Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

Electrified Golfs,  like the all-electric e-Golf and plug-in hybrid Golf GTE, are assembled on the same production line as the conventional petrol versions.

Integrated production was Volkswagen’s strategy from the beginning, enabling the automaker to be more nimble in filling demand for its cars; this is a system also used today by other manufacturers like Nissan-Renault, General Motors and BMW.

As of today, the e-Golf and Golf GTE represents just a fraction of total Golf production, but perhaps the next generation of plug-ins Golfs, about to be heralded in with a new concept later this month in Paris will be more popular.

Still, we will have to wait a few years more for the results from the street.

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At least they believe they can make money selling EVs.


VW has been making a big push lately to show how green they are. I wonder why? Could it be that they think they can PR their way out of their difficulties, because people are stupid and forgetful, although they are also very litigious, at least in the U.S.

It’s quite likely that VW realizes it needs to change perceptions more than many others need to. What else to expect after the diesel scandal?

But VW isn’t really a worse offender than the others – if environmental damage is the crime, or if deception is the matter. Morally they are all equally bad – as you’d expect from a bunch all trying to give people what they demand, whether that happens to pollute or not.

Formally – legally – however VW is worse. The irony is that getting caught is now setting them up to perhaps be the best prepared incumbents – and this not the first against the wall – “when the revolution comes”!

Electronic cars are funny to drive. This problems must solve. We see you!

1 mill e-cars per year is the goal for 2026 !?! That is just 10% of VW total sales.
They apparently believe the ICE will last for ever.

You have to give props to VW for the way they engineered the GTE and e-Golf and integrated the manufacturing. Sure, they did not aim the bar very high for battery capacity, etc. but they did not intrude in the passenger or cargo areas. Certainly a better effort than Ford did with their Energi and Focus EV.

I thought we were past EVs being glorified golf cars. Oh wait, I’m being told something… never mind.

Dam 1,900 cars per day. Elon Musk needs to poach their manufacturing executive!!! Lol

Model 3 is projected to have 500,000/yr or about 1300/day average by 2020. I wouldn’t be surprised if the peak capacity wasn’t significantly higher.

The part I liked was when they mentioned the eTiguan… and the Paris Auto Show… pretty clear that they are going to be showing new vehicles. Maybe we will find out how large a battery the next eGolf will have.