Presale Of 2019 BYD Song Max PHEV Begins

MAR 16 2019 BY GASGOO 12

Song Max PHEV van now on sale.

After the 2019 BYD Yuan EV360 went on sale a few days ago, BYD got another new model—the all-new BYD Song MAX hitting the market on March 12. With 7 variants in total, the new MPV is priced between RMB79,900 and RMB129,900.

The presale of the BYD Song MAX DM (PHEV) started at the same time with its price ranging from RMB160,000 to RMB200,000.

The exterior of the 2019 BYD Song MAX is basically unchanged over the existing model. However, some differences can still be noticed, such as the two-tone outside rear-view mirrors, newly-designed 17-inch two-tone rims and the amber-colored automotive paint.

As to the interior, the display at the center console has been upgraded to a 10.1-inch or a 12.8-inch adaptive rotatable floating Pad. The DiLink intelligent system is applied in the all-new MPV model. Aside from the existing functions like remote control and tire pressure monitoring, the DiLink boasts two new features dubbed “E-Call” and “i-Call”—the former is designed for one-key roadside assistance call and the latter is able to let users understand the real-time vehicle condition and maintenance information.

The 2019 Song MAX adopts the cream-colored interior which is more befitting family trip. Other niceties contain in-car surveillance camera, double-layer power sunroof, front-row seat heater/ventilator and self-contained automatic air conditioner for the back row.

The three-row MPV will still be offered as six- or seven-seater, in two seating configurators (2+2+2 and 2+3+2). The 1.5-litre turbocharged engine that pumps out 154hp and 240 N·m for existing Song MAX will also be used in the new model, paired with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission.

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Another fossil fuel vehicle that should never had been developed.

PHEVs make sense for a lot of current vehicle types and families.

We drive about 85% on all-electric with our Chrysler Pacifica PHEV. And don’t have to worry about charging for longer trips.

With incentives, it was less than the gas only version.

Batteries have to get better and cheaper to make such large vehicles viable for mass market.

Could you use Model Y or is that too small for what you need.

Model Y compared with Pacifica PHEV in terms of size is a joke. Not to mention the simple fact that Pacifica PHEV has been available for more than 1 year now and Model X is at least 18 months out.

So, give it a rest with your purist attitude.

Model Y would be fine as a second vehicle for our family. Or even as a primary car. We lived with two small hatchbacks for many years. And for trips with lots of gear, used both cars and cargo boxes. The van alllows us to just use one car on trips, can put a canoe on the roof. And we can take extra people when the need arises. The wide opening and square back allows putting lots of stuff in. 4×8 sheets of wood fit in the back for projects, for example. Or putting 4 bikes in the back and a trailer.

Off topic, but have you had any issues with your Pacifica? It is an extremely tempting vehicle for us but worried about Chrysler’s reliability…

What’s the battery size? What’s the electric range?

When they will not say, I start thinking they have something to hide.

17.6kW, that’s around 50 mile NEDC. also the EV version coming later this year with NEDC range of 450 km

Only wish that we have some of those BYD choices here in the US.

Great news. This vehicle is shorter than Model-3 in length, yet able to carry 8 because of the crossover design. More vehicles like this will hit the market and BYD has a clear plan to move fully from gassers to electric/plugins.

Why do all these Chinese cars have these weird front noses on their vehcles. Almost worse than the original leaf.