As Predicted, Tesla Cancels Model S & X P90D, But Adds New All Glass Roof To S


Tesla Model S With All Glass Roof

Tesla Model S With All Glass Roof

As predicted, you’ll no longer find either the Model S P90D or the Model X P90D listed in Tesla’s design studio as the automaker has eliminated both of those higher-end versions of the respective models.

P90D is no more

P90D is no more

The elimination of the P90D leaves a massive price gap between the 90D versions and the top-of-the-line P100DL versions. that gap is some $40,000 ($95,500 for Model X 90D, versus $135,500 for Model X P100DL or $79,000 for Model S 90D versus $121,500 for Model S P100DL). That gap is approximately the price of a Chevrolet Bolt.

No doubt this move will sway some Tesla buyers to fork over a lot of extra cash to get a Performance version of the S or X, but it could convince some would-be P90D buyers to move downwards to a 90D too.

In addition to eliminating the P90D, Tesla has added an all-glass roof option to the Model S.

The option costs $1,500 and likely saps a little bit of range due to the increased weight of glass compared to metal, but if you desire that “open, expansive cabin feel” then Tesla says this is the roof option you should choose.

These changes are just a couple of dozens or more that happen each and every year to the S and X. The changes are like constant rolling updates that tweak certain aspect of the vehicles on a continuous basis.

We’re not so keen on the removal of the P90D (though we did predict it), but the glass roof option seem kinda nifty if that’s your style.

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More cow bells.

P90D doesn’t really make sense. If you want performance, go all out to the top. 130K isn’t so bad considering Lambo, etc prices.

All glass roof looks sweeeeeet

I would love to see a test done showing how hot it gets in mid day sun under that glass roof. While they say 100% of UV is blocked, no one mentions the percent of IR blocked.
Sitting in a suit in rush hour traffic at the end of the day with the sun baking me into a charcoal burnt state … I’ll pass.

Have you ever owned a glass roof car? I, for example, have not used the shade on my glass roof even once. Not since I bought the car…

I have owned several vehicles with large sunroofs. There have been countless occasions the heat from the sunroof was undesirable and I used the provided shade.
I think this is going to come down to how good the coatings are on the glass. Hence, why I want to see a 3rd party test on heat transferred through the glass in mid day sun.

judging from the marques brownlee review of the tesla model S that he bought with a glass roof:

there is a draw screen that you can use to block direct visible light. that screen will also cut down on a lot of IR but you’re still going to be seeing elevated cabin temperatures so you would have to run your air conditioning unit a bit harder.

I agree, drawing a screen over the sunroof should cut down on the IR. Does anyone know if the all glass roof option (just released today) will include an integrated sun screens?

They were selling one at one point due to complaints. I recall it was pretty damn expensive.
Just slap some Reynolds Aluminum foil to the glass and call it done!

the better way to achieve this would be to apply a reflective glass coating the way that they do on building in the southwest. that would give the windows a mirror finish on the outside.

from the photos, it doesn’t look like the tesla model S uses reflective glass on the roof. i can understand why telsa would not want to do that: from an aesthetic standpoint, it would look better if the tinting of the glass roof matches the tinting used on other glass surfaces.

Rich, I plan to test the glass roof heat transmission the old fashioned way.

I plan to drive a new Tesla with the glass roof option on a nice, bright, sunshining day without my customary ballcap protecting my {balding} head. I don’t care what the test results are from someone I don’t know. I want to know if I like it for both heat gain and glare.

Mark, I’d love to get your feedback / observations after the test drive.


On electrek I found this: “While Tesla’s website doesn’t give many specifics about the new roof, it’s reasonable to assume that the glass roof will probably include the same UV and heat blocking ability as the panoramic sunroof. Tesla previously claimed that the panoramic roof blocks 98% of UV rays and 81% of heat.”

Thanks for the info.

the UV gets blocked by using laminated glass. you can reduce IR by using low-e coatings but i have never seen a window, even a triple glazed window, that was able to achieve 80% IR blocking. so it is hard to imagine how tesla could achieve 80% IR blocking with a single piece of glass. i assume that the 80% IR blocking figure includes use of a shade; if they achieve that figure in the glass alone, that would be one *very* dark piece of glass (e.g. like dark sunglasses).

I live in Phoenix and opted for the double moon roof over the metal when they told me the glass rejected more heat than the metal.

“While Tesla’s website doesn’t give many specifics about the new roof, it’s reasonable to assume that the glass roof will probably include the same UV and heat blocking ability as the panoramic sunroof. Tesla previously claimed that the panoramic roof blocks 98% of UV rays and 81% of heat.”

The P90D was totally pointless once the P100DL came out. The 90D is already fast enough for the people that don’t want a insanely fast car. And the other ones (who buy a Tesla for the performance) would probably never go for the “second fastest” option – the P90D.
So stop questioning every one of Tesla’s decisions There is a lot of healthy logic behind their “chaotic” behavior.


“Stop questioning their behavior”

Their behavior seems logical enough. Maximize profits. Need to do that now before Model 3.

Personally I think the non performance version of the S is fast enough. If it was any faster I’d just get a ticket anyway.

The 100D would be great but still waaay past what I can afford.

Looks like Tesla just front loaded a bunch of CPO P90D’s on their site starting at 100K$.

Also quite a few S85’s starting at around 48K$

Next up, the S and X 100Ds, mileage champs!?

100D with 350mi range asap please!
Who needs ludicrous acceleration if you already have insane acceleration standard?

I’m surprised they’re holding back. Looks like the only range number we’ll be dropping at cocktail parties is going to be “315”.

No roof racks for the all-glass roof S.

Good catch. I wish more people would see your post.

Imaginary problem. I’ve stuck lots of bikes to glass (corvettes mostly). And 100% removable in seconds.

My prediction for the weekend is the culmination of the warmest Fall on record to be capped by a frenzy of stormy political commercials on the mega-channel, think digitized megaphones, loudly predicting the end of civilization if one side or the other wins.

See you the other side:

WSJ now saying only 2 swing states. There was 4 but WSJ just painted 2 red. Still holding Hillary @ 278 electoral votes though. Florida and NC are the only swing states left in their poll.

From what I’ve read, Trump needs to win every single swing state, plus all of Maine, to get to exactly 270. Seems like long odds, but then again the Cubs just won the world series, so who knows…

w/ Clinton at 278 she could easily slip below 270. Then the race is decided by the House….and we know what that would mean.

Why anyone would believe the Murdoch Rupert owned WSJ on politics is beyond me.

WSJ is only one notch below FAUX News in being a propaganda organ of the Republican Party.

> “Why anyone would believe”

Right, as only democratic supporting news organizations tell the truth. Too funny.

Well Alpha, what is very funny is in how Rupert actually BLEW UP the Republican Party with the libertarian, anti-govt/global warming, etc propaganda they constantly pushed.

And now the chickens have come home to roost!

Maybe Audi will keep telling us what’s important:

I have the same thought seeing someone driving an Audi RS7 as I have with all other German high end luxury cars … they could have bought a Tesla and bought that POS instead.

$1500 is cheaper than the $2000 sunroof option.

I noticed this text under the sunroof option:
“Required for roof rack and satellite radio compatibility”

Does that mean you can only get satellite radio w/the sunroof option?

That can’t be it. I think the sunroof or metal roof embed a receiver somewhere that you can’t do with the all-glass roof. Expect they will fix that at some point.

Yes. The metal roof does not have an XM antenna.

“Does that mean you can only get satellite radio w/the sunroof option?”

With a passenger on the solid roof, making like an Egyptian, you get most stations.

Well I wasn’t going to buy one anyway 🙂

Certainly looks slick!

I’d be interested to know how comfortable it is in Texas when the temperature is nearing 105*. Is it still cool in the car without using more energy from the A/C?

I live in AZ & I have the pano roof and sunroof in my S. That plus all the sloping glass in the back and the windshield make for some warm feelings:) when it’s hot

I figured! I have to crank up the A/C in the summer since I *hate* the heat. Hurts my Spark’s range.

I would definitely go for whichever roof kept out the most heat!

Honestly, the stupid changes to the HVAC behavior in version 8 of tesla’s software (i.e. less cooling, recirculate forked up, etc.) are more of a negative than the sunroof in terms of the cabin staying cool. Feel free to google it on tesla motors club…ugh!

I wonder if it’s possible to make the windshield, roof, and back window all out of 1 large piece of glass?

Would be expensive to fix, but less parts to assemble.

Would still need supports across the roof…otherwise, wouldn’t pass safety tests…

Can’t you just reinforce the pillars? And how do rag-top convertibles pass safety tests?

isn’t the model S a hatchback?

Yes.. i’m thinking for the M3, or really any car for that matter.

i guess what you are suggesting is theoretically possible but why would you ever want such a thing? imagine if a rock cracks a spot on your windshield. you would have to replace a lot of glass that wasn’t even damaged.

imagine what that would do to your insurance premiums on such a car…

i think this one belongs in the category of “bad ideas”.

I always wanted to have transparent front pillars. That would be cool and give a much better view.
I think some materials make it possible today.

does glass roof it make it easier for tall people to sit in the back seat? wonder what the clearance is like now.

typo – 90D bases out at 89,500, not 79k.

I have selfish (resale) reasons for liking this news. To get the drop from the 4-second 0-60 Model S’s, to the 2.5-3.05 times (all the PD’s), a used PDs now looks a lot better.

Not sure the dark glass, Tesla has been using, makes a big difference over the body color roof.

Wonder if the all glass makes the S normal trunk lid like the Model 3 instead of the hatchback, or does this mean I can get a hatchback on my Model 3 ? ?

I wonder if they throw in some Crisco so you can bake up nicely.

i don’t know, but if they include a bag of marshmallows with each tesla sold with a glass roof, WATCH OUT!

An all glass roof is less to wax. Bring it on.

My Model 3 mandatory options: larger battery, AWD, supercharging and all glass roof.

“An all glass roof is less to wax. Bring it on”

But you need to clean it from inside due to plastic vapor deposit and fogs/dirts from inside…

Also, $140K car owners wax their own car?

The Tesla car waxer, is most definitely not the person making the New car payment or lease payment. Maybe the second CPO Tesla owner, who pays cash, at the point of sale, is the Tesla waxer. That would be where the smart money would be putting a spit polish shine on a Model S or X.

Real car guys clean their cars