Pre-Production Tesla Model X Images


Not quite sure what the video narrator is saying but this collection of pre-production Tesla Model X images are perhaps the best we’ve seen yet.

Update: Video is now available with English CC translation

And near the end of the video, via some fancy image manipulation, we get to see what the Model X might look like with a nosecone added.

Model X Wtih Front Nosecone Added

Model X Wtih Front Nosecone Added

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It looks good, but it still does not look much like a CUV or SUV to me.

It honestly looks a fat sedan to me.

Agreed, I think it’s because the back end lacks the characteristic flat face of an SUV. Instead, there’s a roll off very similar to a sedan.

It’s not fat, it’s just big framed.

Which means is probably has a much BETTER aerodynamic profile than a typical SUV brick.

Hmmm still the looks are not spectactular.
Ironically Model S totally has the X factor where model X does not…

I seriously don’t know anybody who does not like the styling on the Model S, but for X the opinions seem to diverge widely. Totay when being the only long range EV SUV, this may be acceptable but when there is competition this will become a problem.

The styling on modell S is a major contributor to it’s success.

My wife thinks the Model S is ugly and she loves the look of our Nissan Leaf.

De gustibus non est disputandum

Something is wrong with your wife LOL

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

i’m not particularly blown away by the looks of the model s either: i don’t particularly care for the front end design and the rear end design looks highly derivative of jaguar. the overall design of the car looks quite derivative, so i think what EV enthusiasts really like is the EV range and performance which then spills over into perceptions of the vehicle’s appearance.

I think the Model S looks great . . . they just need to get some new regulations passed so they can get rid of the side mirrors.

just out of curiosity, do you have the same sentiments toward jaguar?

I find the S to be quite dated already. Most cars change a little from year to year, the S has remained the same and looks old. Perhaps it’s an LA thing where you see them everywhere.

I take it you’re not a fan of the original Volkswagen Beetle, then. 😉

Change for the sake of change, making changes to auto models every year for no logical or rational reason, is a confidence game that most auto makers use, to justify short production runs (and therefore high prices) for replacement parts.

Kudos to Tesla if it is eschewing that sort of price gouging. Here’s hoping that Tesla will only make changes to its cars which serve some practical purpose.

Actually the Beetle changed from year to year just as I said. Knowledgeable persons can tell you what year, or two, a Beetle is just from looking at it. You can’t do that with a model S as far as I know.

I must say, as others have, the X just doesn’t have the elegance of the S. I guess it isn’t intended to but even before it is released it feels a little bulbous and dated. I am not a particular fan of the BMW 5 series GT which others have mentioned that the X is a dead ringer for. There is a visceral rush that the new Jag and even new Volvo suv elicits – just not there with the X for me anyway. It looks old and frumpy and it isn’t even in production yet. disappointing

“Elegance” does not come to mind when I think of an SUV, and a CUV is just an SUV wannabe.

I’ll never forget reading an article on what was discovered when American women in a focus group were asked their feelings about driving. What they expressed was a lot of fear of driving, and fear of what might be encountered on the road. It was only then that I understood our American obsession with big, tough-looking vehicles. You often see or hear comments about wanting a heavier vehicle because they’re safer in an accident, and of course that’s part of the underlying if usually unexpressed fear of driving. Not that fear of driving is irrational at all; it’s actually one of the most dangerous things people do on a daily basis.

Now, I also find that the Model X doesn’t really reach out and grab my eye as a beautiful car, the way the Model S does. But then, -no- SUV or CUV strikes me as beautiful. I think it would be pretty silly to ask auto designers to design them to look pretty or elegant. Silly as asking a professional wrestler to put on lipstick and a nice dress.

I hope the active air suspension gives it a bit more ground clearance if needed. I want to see one of these doing some light-duty Subaru-like offroading.

What to say…one really need to be a believer to find this car good looking. I wish Tesla good success with their home battery business and hope they soon issue Model 3, but for god sake do not use the same team that drawed the shape of this car to design the Model 3 body.

Too late! 😉

Its like, “Elon, should we hire professional car designers ?” “Naaah, I will draw it myself”

You’re probably not far off the mark… Effective leaders often sketch their ideas on whiteboards (electronic or otherwise) to more clearly communicate their desires to their subordinates.

That said, no one can claim Elon has poor taste…

It looks like a car from the 1950’s, the nose cone looks even uglier and I don’t think I would spend 100K for this design. I got my Model S black to blend the nose cone. Tesla need a new designer for future cars.

Sorry but the Nosecone is not ugly in any way

awesome! thanks for posting – omg – it is uncanny

I’ll take one of those in black, with dual motor and 120 kWh battery pack, pls. 😉

I really like Tesla but this is a car designed by designers who only live in warm climate areas.

These falcon doors are a complete non-starter for me because of snow/ice on the roof not to mention some underground parkades with extremely low roofs.

At -30 (Celsius or Fahrenheit) I got bumped in the head a few times because the my vans rear door 4 year old lift supports don’t work as well in very cold weather.

There may be aspects of the Model X design that dictate form follow function. Remember this thing needs to provide at least something resembling the range of Model S with what appears to be a somewhat larger frontal area to get through the wind.


Maybe it’s just me but the X doesn’t look spectacular at all.

That said, I would still buy one to get off of petrol.

Hey, How about a Tesla Model XL (extend 3rd row seat ~10″ and extend trunk ~14) to offer the SUV Suburban soccer Moms (like my wife) the space they are accustomed to? It’s a big potential market to tap into!

Soccer Moms wanting (not needing) more space than a crossover are not likely to settle for crossover downsizing.

its cool, i dont hate it only because its a tesla, but i dont car for any type of SUV at all

its all about sexy sleek sporty sedans which Tesla has

dont know why or how anyone would choose the X over the S

I’m Model S and I’d also buy, if avail, for my wife a Model XL (+14″ length to the Model X) but otherwise agree with you I don’t know why anyone would choose X over the S. Best I can tell X basically just provides more head room. I’d gladly trade the falcon doors for more interior length.

More head room and seating for 7 adults.

Well this has been hashed to death in the Tesla forums… it is widely accepted that this is not the final form of the Model X and these are early prototypes.

Most Tesla folk are expecting the Model X to look significantly different… supported by Elon’s comment that no one would see an actual Model X until it was ready for delivery.

The old prototype (pictured here) looks about as much like a fat sedan as the BMW X6 does I suppose.

The lower air intakes on this one, look much more like Model “S”‘s than the Alpha versions…

If anything, I’m seeing a trend to keep X looking much more like a beefier S, than anything else.

Butt ugly if you ask me, it looks like a Model S after several years of exclusively eating McDonalds!


A supermodel went to the sumo wrestler camp and came back 200 lbs heavier…

It looks a little like the Coda. Maybe Elon bought some of the old bodies to get started.

Re: Not quite sure what the video narrator is saying

Just turn on English CC for the translation

Love me some Tesla, but this is just not pretty enough for 100k..