Practichem To Lease Tesla Model 3s For All Of Its Employees

MAY 23 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

Tesla Model 3 Is Expected To Launch In Late 2017

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3

Practichem, the Raleigh-based maker of browser controlled scientific instruments, announced an interesting (and generous) employee benefit – a Tesla Model 3 for each full-time employee.

The cars will be leased, paid and managed by the company…to inspire innovation.

“Tesla’s stated mission accelerates sustainable human transport with compelling mass market electric cars. Practichem accelerates cures for the world’s diseases by making internet controlled instruments for scientific discovery usable by experimenters and experienced scientists.”

It will not be a significant deal to Tesla itself, as according to the Triangle Business Journal, Practichem currently only has 16 employees (but expects to have 25 in the near future), but quite an efficient promotional tool.

Nick DeMarco, founder and CEO said:

“Our vision shares similarities with Tesla Motors; both companies positively impact humanity with real change. People driven to solve big issues share core values. Many of our employees have marveled at Tesla’s approach. Their compelling all-electric vehicles drive us to make real change in our field.”

“Practichem builds technologies to accelerate open science and help find cures for horrific diseases,” continued DeMarco. “We are always looking for brilliant engineers who want to contribute to something important.”

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What about workplace charging?

There is no place in Raleigh that I would need workplace charging when I have a 200+ mile range. However those without home charging may like workplace charging, but they really shouldn’t buy an EV anyway.

I used to public/work place charge my Volt almost every work day. But with a Model 3, I probably will never public charge again unless I was on a regional or interstate trip.

We shall see…., If this car turns out Reliable, Practical , Cheap to maintain ,reasonable to insure etc: and Materializes to become “TRULY” a Real Car for the people ,I shall then decide . Until my due diligence is complete, I shall keep what I have and Wait on the side lines to assess this entire situation..”I WILL NOT BE Rail Roaded BY THE MANUFACTURER” for “Un-necessary” Costly Demands after my purchase overpriced Parts,service that must be done by them, Or else Scenario!..

No need to wait on the sidelines. Lots of great plug-ins out there now.

great long term retention tool, 2 years + 3 year lease??!!!!

Great gimmick considering you can’t get a Model 3 for years.
This is a startup. Folks won’t be around that long.

Its all for publicity and it has worked amazingly well.

The skeptic in me says this is a marketing PR tool to get their company name out there for free. The Model 3 won’t really be available for 2 years, if not longer. Did they actually put money down right now, or will they once the car is on the market? If the latter, they can walk back the promise for a number of reasons 3 years from now. Why not pony up for a 3 year leases right now from the Nissan Leaf. Sure it is less charge miles, but if you truly care, you would provide this benefit right now.

I know the team behind this and it is legitimate, smart marketing and, heartfelt.

If they truly want to make a difference, why not lease everyone the Nissan Leaf for 3 years, right now. Then move up to the Tesla when it actually comes out. Nissan Leaf right now can be leased for very low payments. I don’t care for companies that drop big announcements for events 3 years away.

“The cars will be leased, paid and managed by the company…to inspire innovation.”

It is actually NOTHING much…

Only the stupid recruit would fall for this trick… Do you want stupid ones working for you?

The owner is doing it because he owns a Tesla.

Now, let us do the math. Assume the Model 3 is $45K each. The monthly lease will only be about $500 to $600 at most. Assume it is $600. It is basically $600/month raise at most. Not to mention that it is part of “corporate fleet” which means that net cost to company is lower.

So, any employee will look at that as a $7200 “non cash” bonus which you lose if you leave.

For a start up, $7K year salary difference is easily within the negotiation range.

For the company, it is basically a company fleet that are deductible.

This is all publicity stunt. A smart one if “dumb recruit” actually falls for it.