Post Crash Test Inspection Video of Tesla Model S


The NHTSA recently crash tested the Tesla Model S in Frontal, Side and Side Pole

Model S Gets Flipped for Safety

Model S Gets Flipped for Safety

The Model S aced all tests with 5 stars.

Now, we bring you video of the post-test inspection of the Model S.

Of note, the doors still function in a normal manner.

There’s no battery leakage detected.

No batteries are bursting into flames.

The Model S fared as well as any vehicle we’ve ever seen put through these tests.  In fact, after viewing multiple videos, it seems the Model S may be more intact than any vehicle the NHTSA has ever tested.

Cringe-worthy NHTSA crash videos below:

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6 Comments on "Post Crash Test Inspection Video of Tesla Model S"

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Wow.. that looks like 3 separate Model-S cars.. Its bad enough to have to destroy one, but 3?

Have you seen the one used in an instructional video for first responders? The Jaws of Life are freaking scary.

No worries if they are stamping out over 400 of these a week. It’s just high-grade soda cans anyway 😉

This is the 37 minute video where the Model S gets ripped to shreds:

We need to see what a rear-ending does to the occupants in the jump seats.

I hope that these results translate to fewer deaths and less severe injuries, which should also help to offset the higher cost to make repairs from crashes on vehicles like the Model S, BMW I3 and Chevy Volt.

Is it just me or is that a weird way to inspect a car?