Possible Faraday Future Concept Leaks Ahead Of Tonight’s Reveal


faraday 2Via an iOs app that may possibly have been released just a tad too early, we see images and info on what could potentially be the concept electric car that Faraday Future will fully reveal tonight at CES 2016.

Note the visual similarities between the official Faraday teaser image seen below and the leaked image above.

We can’t say for certain if this is the concept we’ll see live tonight at CES 2016, but it sure does have a striking resemblance to the official image directly from Faraday below.

Editor’s Note: Faraday Future has said in the past it is working on more than one type of electric vehicle, and one could be out in 2017 – this may not be ‘that’ car.

Official Faraday Teaser Image

Official Faraday Teaser Image

Leaked Faraday Concept Image : via https://twitter.com/supererogatory

Leaked Faraday Concept Image : via https://twitter.com/supererogatory

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Source: Supererogatory  via Electrek

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Although it looks… well interesting. It doesn’t seem very practical and i don’t think it can seat as many as a model S. I would still rather a Model S with better infrastructure but i hope everything goes well with them.

You mean the rumor looks interesting but impractical. The electronics world is filled with rumors that never pan out; electronics blogs eat them up like journalist junk food. We’ll find out at CES whether this is accurate- or whether Faraday themselves threw meat to the rumormongers. They are backed by a guy in TV, you know.

If you could reinvent the personal mobility, wouldn’t you come up with a ludicrously high powered, extremely long, one seater, with no ground clearance? It answers all the questions, that nobody ever thought existed.

This Car could be the Reason The Battery Tec. Left the company ..l o l.. One Look & he said., “I am 0ut of Here” !!

Batmobile mk2 !

Where the hell is Robin gonna sit?

He’s behind pushing it.

I doubt it would be usable anywhere other than a velodrome !

Seriously, I am getting a bit frustrated with the lack of reason in the auto industry. For me it is exacerbated because I am in Arizona and have 3 EVs to choose from!

I just want to scream at Mr Toyoda and demand him to put a freaking plug on it!

Faraday…by Hot Wheels.

Rich guys driving cleaner cars, delivering energy independence. Build it.

Uhm… don’t know… reminds me of this one:


This makes the Mirai look rather normal. No, it makes the Mirai look downright desirable.

Well said…. holy cow!… looks like a pre-adolecent doodle… is this what the billion dollar funder drew?…well at least they won’t have to make too many.

Price? It seems like the market size for this would be in the same range as the P1 and 918 Spyder.

Why do they need a $1B factory in Nevada to build this?

I still feel this is somehow a smokescreen to build production capability for the Apple Car.

+1 that may just be what they are aiming for, building infrastructure that apple can then take off their hands.

Because, to do a 1hr enduro you might need to bring 2 or 3 batteries.

I can think of the Drayson prototype, as something similar:

In no way, a street machine.

The All New ,Dryson “Road Vac”…..

Pretty wild. It reminds me of Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth’s Mysterion (sans ice):

The covered car in the Verge video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iw9wwhf7h8 (at 5:50) seems to have a different shape.

Yeah. If this is their car, then their company will be bankrupt very soon. I can’t see people just lining up to buy this thing. Not that it isn’t cool looking, it is just NOT practical. I’m hoping it will be something better.

1000 hp one-seaters are the “future”?

This can’t be it. Some kind of prank leak to create a buzz. The vertical tail fin is a dead giveaway. Digital canvas!


Never underestimate someone else’s stupidity!

Why didn’t that billionaire just buy Rimac and relocated them to Silicon Valley. This way they’d already have a similar car to sell.

NIH syndrome?

I’m not buying this BS, nobody is going to build a $1b factory off the back of this concept.

Apple smokescreen !

I also thought of the Batmobile & The Homer.

This impractical race car by Faraday looks like it would only be fun Foraday.

FF is about China copying Tesla…period.

All the FF marketing hype is a smokescreen to present FF as “different” & “innovative” but all the actions thus far are a direct Tesla copy…including the name of the company:

Tesla Motors:
Nikola Tesla WIKI: “A Serbian American physicist, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system”

Faraday Future:
Michael Faraday WIKI: “English scientist who contributed to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. His main discoveries include those of electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis.”

China has no capacity to imagine & innovate…and they have no sense of shame in outright copying the ideas of others and attempting to present it as their original concept.

“China has no capacity to imagine & innovate…and they have no sense of shame in outright copying the ideas of others and attempting to present it as their original concept.”

Same was the case with Germany 100 years ago.

…and Japan 50 years ago.

And South Korea 20-30 years ago.

Don’t forget when Taiwan was the king of book piracy back in the 1970s. Every GI was buying “Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft” – entirely xeroxed. Not a pretty sight.

Right, cause Tesla invented the electric car!

Sheesh, some people.

A Chinese company can’t do anything without someone claiming it’s a copy.

Copy, actually means “exact duplicate”.

I know some of us like to live in a fantasy world of no competition, but that’s now how our society operates.

@Alpha Edge said: “Copy, actually means “exact duplicate”

Sorry to inform you “copy” has a broader meaning:

Copy: noun – “a thing made to be similar or identical to another”

Copy: verb – “imitate the style or behaviour of”

Alpha Edge, it’s you are living in a fantasy world if you don’t think FF’s operational object is to “copy” Tesla so that it’s a Chinese owned firm (instead of Tesla) providing the Chinese market Tesla imitation cars.

And of course, Chinese and Japanese immigrants were proven to be racially inferior by IQ tests in the 1910s, the excuse for the racist immigration quotas of the 1920s. How’d that pan out?

Wow… playing the race card? I didn’t say the Chinese aren’t smart; I think they are very intelligent. But anyone with any intelligence will conclude the Chimese are in the business of replicating (by outright theft or clever legal means) others IP rather than innovating things themselves.

Seems ridiculous, especially the video screen on the rear wing. Is this so rich Saudi princes can drive by and taunt their Indian slaves with demeaning messages?

If this is real, Faraday Future doesn’t have a future.

LOL – not much else to say.

This car only makes sense if Faraday is adopting a Tesla-squared strategy: doing a high end car first to establish the brand, but rather than doing a sedan or a sports car, they’re going to do supercar–competing with McLaren rather than Tesla. It’s not unreasonable: hand build a hundred cars for the super rich while the factory for the plebeians is under construction.

But this car doesn’t make much sense as the only car when talking about a billion dollar factory and when they already have an investor that has the capital to skip the supercar step.

Of course if this is intended to only be one of their cars (like a halo car) with another one being the main seller, then it makes more sense.

@Three Electrics said: “…This car only makes sense if Faraday is adopting a Tesla-squared strategy: doing a high end car first to establish the brand, but rather than doing a sedan or a sports car, they’re going to do supercar”

Bingo…Tesla entered the EV space with the limited production Tesla Roadster (two seat sports car). FF China will copy that same Tesla entry path by starting production with a FF Roadster/Sports-Car of some sort. FF plans to ditto Tesla 100% and sell those cars into the Chinese market (as American made). Then later FF will move on to a higher production 4 door sports sedan…same as Tesla did.

No practicality at all. This was supposed to rival Tesla (if this is what they’re aiming with)?

Maybe against Rimac, it has a purpose. Maybe against Tesla’s yet-to-be-seen GT6 Concept. But if Faraday just has a hyper-car, ironically it would be a massive anti-climax.

If so after the reveal, I’d much rather wait extensively for more news of Fisker/Karma and Saab-NEVS.

Where is Robin gonna sit?

On his lap?

.. see, we’ll Start out with a performance Roadster.. Then..

I certainly hope all of the hype has not been for another flipping Bat-mobile 🙁

This makes the BMW i8 look like a family sedan.


This is ridiculous. Whether or not Faraday is gonna produce a concept car which resembles the image above, it is certainly not going to make a production EV aimed at the China market which looks even remotely like that.

If it did produce something with a similar look, then like the BMW i8 it would be aimed at the international market. With such a very high-end car, you don’t limit your potential market to just one country.

If FF’s aim is really only for the China market, as an earlier IndsideEVs article claimed, then we can expect a much, much more modest, pedestrian-looking production EV. Think CODA, not Batmobile!

Disappointing. Hopefully they have an actual forward thinking car planned too.

Is Tim Burton running this company? Perhaps the designer is a Joker?

Most of the comments here show up everyone’s age lol.

Look, if EV’s are to get mainstream, they need to have that ultra cool thing about them among the younger generation. You know, the sort that screams bedroom poster?

A Leaf just won’t cut it folks.

If it takes a bat mobile to shake it all up, I’m in. Watch out BMW / Porsche /Audi.!


FYI the EV space has already been shaken up big time by Tesla, Nissan, & BMW; which is why FF has entered the space. FF is trying very hard to present themselves as a EV change-agent but in reality they just a tag-along…whatever FF ends up cranking out of their Nevada factory will be a replication of what’s already been innovated by others (most likely Tesla) and shipped to the Chinese market…guaranteed.

Whoah! That is one ugly beast! It’s even uglier than the Mirai!

Those huge holes to the left and right of the hood must cause a ton of turbulence at high speeds! This thing must have a terrible coefficient of drag!

Is there an airbag?

Or do you get “up close and personal” with your phone?

FF will provide a mini-airbag phone case for the phone that automatically deploys when the steering wheel airbag launches the phone towards your head…it’s a FF innovation…very clever!