Portland’s Relocated Electric Avenue Now Open – (w/video)

AUG 22 2015 BY MARK KANE 5

Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue

The Electric Avenue was a very interesting project, which began in the early days of the modern electric car in the US in August 2011, as a joint research venture between Portland State University (PSU), Portland General Electric (PGE) and the City of Portland. In mid-2011, Oregon had just 500 EVs.

In the heart of PSU, there were seven free AC LevelĀ  2 charging stations from different manufacturers, acting as a demonstration.

In June of this year, the charging stations were dismantled as space was needed for construction of a new School of Business Administration building.

Electric Avenue is not becoming a part of history though. Instead, it’s changing places to World Trade Center Portland at 121 SW Salmon Street.

In place of the two AC Level 2 charging stations, PGE installed a total 6 spots – 4 DC fast chargers with CHAdeMO and Combo plugs, and two new AC Level 2 terminals.

“Learn how Electric Avenue, an electric vehicle charging hub in downtown Portland, moved from Portland State University to a permanent home at Portland General Electric headquarters.”

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Yikes! Those massive refrigerator-sized DC chargers do make for hideously ugly and cluttered street furniture. Tesla’s approach of moving all the electrical equipment away from the plugs to a centralized location is a much superior solution, at least visually. Also, not having the same standardized location for the charge port on every EV makes it impossible not to require extra-long charging cords, which end up strewn about all over the sidewalk, creating a tripping hazard. Once again Tesla has the superior solution with a standardized charging port location that allows for short charging cords that neatly stow away in the Supercharger giving a sleek, uncluttered appearance. Kudos Tesla.

I don’t like the Tesla charge port location. I wish they would have put it towards the front of the car so you don’t have to back into charging spots.

At least they put it on the driver’s side, unlike some other plug-ins.

Front of car is always best, Tesla and others should change now.
As most cars are made with RHD and LHD models, why not meet at the front.

And if a Tesla is finished charging, but the owner is not back yet, no one else can use the station, because the cable is to short to get to the next parking lot.

Good job Portland! Anytime I see a row of EVs lined up charging on a public street or parking lot – it just warms my heart.

The future is electric!