Portland Becomes Home To U.S.’ First Electric Showcase


Electric Showcase

Inside the Go Forth Electric Showcase (Image Credit: flickr via Zax9000)

Forth (formerly Drive Oregon) utilized a $1 million U.S. Department of Energy grant to help set up the Go Forth Electric Showcase.

Imagine a place to check out EVs, learn about EVs, and test drive EVs, with no hassle to buy (because it’s not a dealership). This is all a reality at Portland’s new Go Forth Electric Showcase. The Showcase officially opened in downtown Portland, Oregon, and it’s the first of its kind in the United States.

BYD Electric Bus

When visiting Portland, or attending the EV Roadmap conference, you can tour the city in one of its BYD electric buses.

The Electric Showcase intends to educate without sales pressure. You can enjoy a fleet of electric cars to compare and drive, and also use interactive displays to learn about how EVs work. There is also information related to charging, and station locations. You can use Forth’s interactive tools to help figure out which EV is your best fit. Executive director of Forth, Jeff Allen, shared with KGW Portland:

“It gives them a chance to try them out, take a car for a test drive, actually practice plugging in the charger and see what that feels like and learn about all their options in a stress free environment.”

Forth has set a goal to help double electric vehicle sales in Oregon over the next three years. The company is hosting a Grand Opening celebration in June. There are also different upcoming events, including the 10th annual EV Roadmap Conference. Details and ticket prices are listed at the Eventbrite link below, or linked through Forth’s website.

According to Forth’s website:

Forth (formerly Drive Oregon) is advancing smart, electric and shared mobility in the Pacific Northwest through innovation, demonstration projects, advocacy and engagement. Forth manages and operates the Go Forth Electric Showcase in downtown Portland, OR.

Source: Forth, EventbriteKGW

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That’s really awesome! I may have to check that out next time I’m in Portland!

LOL. Wish I would have known as I was in Portland last weekend! Will be back first weekend of June.

Need one of those showcases in every major city. Great idea!!!

Portland is a nice city to visit. Will check this out next time I’m there.

Every city needs this in helping with promotion/education.

If I recall correctly, part of the reason for the name change is to start expanding beyond Oregon.

Which tech billionaire is bankrolling this?

Does it really matter if it is a Tech Billionaire? Funding is probably coming from some very generous people, that are thinking ahead for some good altruistic reason.

Trump It’s from Department of Energy!

Unrealistic unless make batteries that last a very long time. My mom’s car is electric & TriMet goes back and forth a lot unrealistic I believe unless it has advanced. The thought without gas would be nice though

What are you going on about?

Many people drive EVs across the country now and have 100000+ miles on their cars.

Wear is nowhere near the issue you are whining about.

Thanks for all the kind words, please do come visit us next time you’re in Portland!

-The Forth Team

Looking forward to it.