Porsche’s Second Electric Vehicle Likely To Be Macan


Porsche Macan

At Porsche, electrification is already happening as two out of three Panameras sold in Europe are hybrids.

We all know the fully electric Mission E will be out by the end of the decade, but what will come after it? Well, it definitely won’t be an EV based on the Boxster, Cayman or the 911 as Porsche has made it crystal clear its second full-time zero-emissions model won’t be a sports car. The announcement was made by the company’s man in charge with R&D, Michael Steiner, in an interview with Automotive News Europe.

Porsche Macan

That effectively leaves us with only three options: Macan, Cayenne, and Panamera, with the smaller of the two SUVs being the prime candidate to lose its combustion engine as per a statement made by Porsche Cars North America CEO, Klaus Zellmer.

While the all-electric Macan has not been officially confirmed, the firm’s head honcho in North America has admitted that it “could be a possibility.” As to when we’ll get to see it, the Macan EV is not due in the foreseeable future considering it won’t be out before the Mission E. In other words, the electric SUV is slated to arrive in the first half of the next decade.

While it’s working on the Mission E and thinking about doing a second EV, Porsche is happy to report its customers are already warming up to the idea of electrification. Indeed, Steiner says approximately two thirds of all Panameras sold in Europe are equipped with a plug-in hybrid setup. There are a total of six hybrid versions available right now: 4 E-Hybrid in standard and long wheelbase (Executive) specifications, 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo (wagon), and the Turbo S E-Hybrid that can be had as a hatchback in both wheelbases and as a wagon.

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Source: Automotive News Europe

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Which bubble will burst sooner? The EV or the Bitcoin bubble


How about neither one.


There’s certainly no EV bubble with a very small percentage of new cars sold being EV’s and with the growth in EV sales being steady but not unsustainable. There’s no reason why this growth won’t continue.

Bitcoin on the other hand seems like an opaque black hole which could lead to opportunities for fraud. The generation of a bitcoin takes so much computing power now with much of this occurring in China so that bitcoins are literally coal-powered. Seems unsustainable and bubbly to me.


Usually these types of opinions are by people who have never even driven an EV and base their opinions on some emotional attachment to ICE.


The head of of development of the Mission E, an Austrian gentleman with a very dry sense of humor – after having been pressed hard at a local EV-Advocate group (electrify-BW) meeting to disclose the next Porsche to be electrified after the Mission E – only uttered a short “SUFF!”. That is the German way of pronouncing the acronym SUV 🙂

GA Patriot

I’d buy one if Porsche can get their road trip infrastructure as widespread as Tesla.


Right, just like all other auto companies each have their own lines of gas stations.


So a small SUV along the same timeline as the Tesla Model Y?