Porsche To Announce New Electric Vehicle Next Year, Likely A Crossover


Porsche Mission E

“But the so-called Mission E isn’t going to be the last project in electromobility. We will continue. That’s very, very clear,” says Porsche CEO Blume.

Porsche Macan

In 2018, Porsche will decide whether to grow its crossover lineup by adding stylish coupe-like variants of the Cayenne and Macan. The company is still investigating whether there’s enough volume to justify creating the variants.

According to Automotive News, a Cayenne coupe could be ready as soon as 2019, if it gets the green light from the company. The trendy version of the Macan would require a few more years before being ready for the road.

In addition, Porsche will announce another electric vehicle early next year, and it’ll possibly be a crossover, too. “We have to check if it makes sense for Porsche to come with an SUV,” Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told Automotive News. ”

A recent rumor suggested that Porsche would use the Macan as the basis for its next EV. However, the model won’t arrive until after the Mission E, so we won’t see it on the road until the early portion of the 2020s.

Porsche won’t make a fully electric 911 for at least 10 years, but the company will offer a plug-in hybrid variant of the next-gen model in 2023 or 2024. At this time, the firm estimates the model to have a range around 43 miles (69 kilometers) from the electric portion of the powertrain.

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Source: Automotive News

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We’d like to announce we will not lead, but follow, with an announcement next year.

Yes but clearly they are leaders in announcing that they are followers.

Will be Macan Series which gets an fully electric powertrain. Already published in German news: https://www.stuttgarter-nachrichten.de/inhalt.porsche-macan-soll-elektrisch-werden.f8a1253d-be30-495e-a9af-a676877e0852.html

Wait for it…

“Gonna be available in 2023 or 2024..”

I always love how car companies (who aren’t actually committed to EV’s) continue the 3-5 year projection window.. that continually moves forward in 3-5 year increments

Porsche brand is selling ICE VW SUV’s at overly inflated prices to people who have egos as big as their wallets. At least FINALLY Porsche is hopping on the EV bandwagon after getting past in the real life slow lane in acceleration with other brands. Porsche is not leading, but following & about time as people with more money that driving skills would have looked silly otherwise LOL! all the best for the New Year 2018.

Only wannabe hacks drive $90,000 golf carts