Porsche Teases Production Taycan For First Time – Video + Images


For the first time ever, Porsche is teasing the electric Taycan (previously known as the Mission E).

Late last week, Porsche revealed that, in production form, the car we had previously known as the Mission E would take on a new name – Taycan.

No new details were released at that time, nor are any specs presented in this video, but we do see the Taycan come into view.

Video description:

All Porsche models have something in common: They have a soul. A certain feeling you get as a driver as soon as you get behind the wheel. Soon, the Porsche Taycan is coming. And although his heart is powered by a different force – electricity – the soul, once again, is the same.

Known specs for the Taycan:

The Taycan will feature a high charge rate that should allow for an 80-percent charge in as little as 15 minutes. This is 400 km (~250 miles) in a car that is supposed to tout a 300-mile range. Porsche aims for a 3.5-second zero-to-60 mph time and a top speed of 155 mph. Porsche CEO Blume calls the new model a car to fill the void between the 911 and the Panamera, and he says it will be:

“priced like entry-level Panamera.”

Which would put it in the $85,000 area, but nothing is official in regards to price yet.

We took the liberty of capturing a few screengrabs from the video that show the Taycan from multiple angles. Check them out in our gallery below:

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It Has a Soul ? Must Be “Devine Intervention” …L0L..Now all they need is a Charging Network…

I divine you mean divine.

U know what I mean, Don’t be Coy…lol

Well, in the states there will be 500 .. 350KW stations in less then a year… Seems VW is already on that../ https://www.electrifyamerica.com/our-plan


Actually VW gets fined if they are not finished, and Electrify America just hired a couple huge infrastructure contractors to make sure it happens…

A mix of 150 KW and 350KW chargers. No details on if that is 50/50 or a 99/1 mix.

From the info I’ve seen 5 of the 6 station configurations have multiple 150kW units, 4 of 6 have 350kW units, only one metro located station type has 50kW charging and no higher charge level.
Its coming and its going to be big.

The real question is payment. The current situation is that you require an account with that particular charge provider. It’s a mess. No one would want to drive gas cars if you needed to setup separate accounts with Exxon, Mobile, Shell, etc., before you could buy gas. The chargers need to be free, set up like a vending machine, or pay at the establishment.

Actually many people already do have accounts at different stations, and suppliers, because of the rewards programs.


Who cares about the Charging Network!
95% of Porsche Taycan customers will only make trips exceeding 400Km 5 to 6 times a year. I believe that with the current Charging Network that will not be a problem, not to mention those that will be created in the meantime!

Tesla Fans don´t have to be affraid, comparing the Porsche Taycan with the Tesla S is like comparing the BMW 6 Grand Coupe with the BMW 7. They are different customers!

The Porsche Taycan will take some Tesla S costumers but it will take more from Porsche Panamera, BMW 6 Grand Coupe, Mercedes CLS and Audi A7.

Style is never out of fashion!

The Taycan is actually much closer in size and performance to the Model 3 Performance.

What? Did you look at the dimensions, capabilities? Bye Bye Model S

Tesla S – 4.979 cm (BMW 5 – 4.936 cm; BMW 7 from 5.007cm to 5.238cm)
Porsche Mission E – 4.850 cm (can´t find Taycan dimensions)
Tesla 3 – 4.694 cm
The Porsche is 12,9 cm smaller than the S and 15,6 cm bigger than the 3. In the middle but closer to the S.
I believe that the younger buyers of the Tesla S will prefer the Porsche Taycan.

Porsche will have more Turbochargers installed in North America when this car launches than Tesla had Superchargers when the the Model S launched.

Looks great from the front, and sides, I need to see the rear in person to decide.

Agree to disagree. This looks like the first overweight Porsche I’ve ever seen. Those headlights are like aerodynamic stop signs that will limit the top end vs. the ICE Porsches.

I’ve very disappointed this made it into production.
Where was the CAYMAN designer, on vacation?

Haha! What a load of nonsense… All EV’s with any kind of range are overweight, but those headlights are awesome! I cannot wait to see the awesome car…

Cut that down to 30 seconds and that would make for a nice commercial.

It needs the full 1:30 seconds to build excitement. If it was cut to 30 seconds I think it would lose its dramatic impact.

Really great teaser, well produced and really makes me want a Taycan.

Great, I’ll take two. I guess I’ll file that one away with all those cars throughout my life that I’ve wanted and can’t have. I’ll just have to settle for and buy the only car that I can afford but can’t really afford, the Model 3.

You can buy a taycan 10 years from now used for $20k

I am not going to wait, rather get one now…

Fail Car, no thrusters, no easter eggs, no FSD promise

There are people who blindly follow and people who understand we have so many different car companies because everybody looks for something else in their car

Haha, Elon and his children will never get it… Tesla chassis dynamics suck, so they add thrusters as a crutch?

If those are real life proportions, the car will sell like peanuts (for those who have $85,000)

I’m cautiously optimistic that this will truly have a soul as they claim and finally convince the brand-junkies to ditch their ICE-mobiles. I see 3-5 panamera’s in the SGV daily, being driven sedately. As soon as they move to the taycan, then all those maserati Ghibli wannabes can transition as well. Too many uninformed drivers on the road today.

And judging by what’s happening in Europe (can’t sell any diesel cars this year due to emissions), they need to move up their production plans by a year at least!

So cars have souls now? What is next? When you’ll bring your car to the scrap yard you’ll get stuck with its ghost?

It is really good looking and more EV choices is only better.

They HAVE to stress that soul stuff, because currently the sound of turbos, wastegates, V8s in idle have the the soul-part to themselves.

And they should replace the Porsche Supercup races they have at F1 weekends with a version of this. Race distance is only approx. 75km anyway.

Good marketing.

I feel like a kid again, when I really wanted a Porsche 911, except now , as an adult, I could afford a Taycan, but don’t have any desire to spend that kind of money on a car.

Its great marketing. But they are clearly following high end Model 3 stats. Same price range and 0-60. Pretty body, interesting inside, but too many buttons and screen may be a bit too vertical but horizontal aspect looks like nod to Model 3 as well. “Soul Electrified” is a good marketing concept.

The sport model could be called the STaycan.

Could make really sexy refuse bin called the Trashcan.

AS soon as they bring us the first ever Boxster E, I’ll put down a deposit!