Here’s How To Reserve A Porsche Taycan In The U.S.


If you can find a dealership with allotment left.

The Porsche Taycan is a thing of beauty and wonder. At least, we think it will be if the production version stays true to the sleek roots of the Mission E concept that was unveiled in 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The German sports sedan will have the 0-to-60 miles per hour quickness of the Tesla Model 3 Performance — 3.5 seconds or less — but with the gravitas of Porsche heritage to help glue it to the road and drive buyers to showrooms. You know you want one, so let’s take a look at how to order it in the United States.

Although it’s only arriving in showrooms near the end of 2019, the Stuttgart-based automaker has been accepting pre-orders for some weeks now. If you fancy a copy for your garage, you can just hop on this special pre-order page on the Porsche website, fill in your details, and your local dealership will then contact you. Some dealerships, however, like Ray Catena Porsche in Edison, New Jersey, for instance, skip that step and allow you to contact them directly for your pre-order.

Unlike in Norway, where pre-orders require a 20,000 Norwegian kroner ($2,404 at today’s rates) deposit, the amount here seems to depend on the dealership you’re working with, and possibly the relationship you may have developed with them over the years. We’ve heard reports of some dealers putting customers on their list without a deposit, as well as a dealer requiring $5,000 for the opportunity.

Unfortunately, we’ve also heard that some dealers may have had their Taycan allotments, as many as 50, already all spoken for. So, despite still being some time before even the reveal of the production version — we suspect that will happen in March at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show — now is truly the time to make arrangements. Good luck!

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We had to put $5,000. deposit. 33 others already ahead of us.

No supercharger network. Rather have a Tesla

Porsche has already said they will have more of their Turbochargers installed in North America when the car launches than Tesla had Superchargers when they launched the Model S.

Every dealer gets a Turbocharger, methinks. That’s about 200, clustered in Metropolitan areas.

Well, we’ll see. I’m watching my local Porsche dealership here. Currently they have 2 HUGE (physically) 16 ampere (3.2 kw) docking stations. 2 ‘turbos’ at 350 kw a piece will require a bit more effort (and expense) to install. I’m keeping my eye peeled as to whether they really do it.

Mother company VW group never spent too much with the E-Golf – as a matter of fact I thought it was quite quaint how they could install “SHOWROOM CHARGERS” just using cardboard.

They’d take the occasional use ‘charging brick’ from the trunk of the car, put it in the fanciest painted shoe box you’ve ever seen, and came up with a GREAT show room display on how to charge the car.

700 kw is going to be a bit more of an investment, especially for the smaller dealerships.

Porsche hasn’t nearly the downside, if its network doesn’t cut it. I don’t think they believe their customers will travel. Meanwhile, the R&T review of Model 3P showed 60 amp Tesla chargers at Lime Rock Park!!

I say, that ain’t right.;center,top&resize=980:*


Tesla had no superchargers when the “S” was ‘launched’. SO Porsche having one turbo charger somewhere is supposed to show that “Porsche is miles ahead?” (!!!!).

I think the fact that Tesla is about a decade ahead of Porsche, also counts for something.

Thanks for the input. Would love to see you (and other customers) tell us about your Taycan journey on the InsideEVs Forum. Just follow the “Forum” link at the top of the page.

Is it refundable if you change your mind?

Did you read about the Porshe dealer VP who stole $2.5 million of buyer deposits?

Incredible car but even with a GREAT relationship with your dealer its going to be a long wait for one, 25,000 a year production for 650 dealers worldwide and allocations are not equal to all dealers so good luck everyone!

Plus you can bet that Stealerships will gouge people on these as they always do when demand far exceeds supply.

Another reason that the Tesla business model is far superior.

So what’s the point here? Porsche will never catch up and meet demand? Maybe delays? I’m guessing we won’t see 18-24 month delays and outdoor assembly tents at the Zuffenhausen plant anytime soon. But thanks for the positive vibes!

18-24 month delays? In what kind of alternate reality are you living?

Don’t be surprised when you see the full range of trims with pricing and performance specs. The base model will likely be at $80K with ho hum performance like the Panarama V6 or regular Macan. The top model with numbers similar to the Model 3 Performance will be twice as much.

For the price, performance and technology, I would settle with the Model 3 Performance instead – it’s the best value of any car on the market now even at $75K+

The Jaguar I-Pace is cheaper at $70K and you can go off-road, ford the up to 20 inches of water (critical for flood prone areas because of rising sea levels), and high seating position of an XUV.

Too bad they have not actually figured out how to make them yet.

And Tesla is excelling with production quality? C’mon…

Look at the scoreboard fool.

Also look at the article already posted about ACTUAL Model 3 owners and what they say about their cars in a survey with is primarily very positive.

Of course you could just go back to Faux News and never be informed of real facts.

Not everyone considers higher seating position an advantage — especially when it comes at the cost of horrible efficiency (and thus range) figures.

Model 3 is not really in the same segment as Taycan; but they are certainly more comparable to each other than to I-Pace…

$75k is the best value indeed.
That tells me we should give them a few more years to figure out how to actually make these EVs the price of a NORMAL car.
Until then, I will go with a Mercedes CL500 or Bentley Continental GT instead (for the same money).
Or I’ll just have a Model S engine installed in my car of choice. Even that is far cheaper than the overpriced trash they are trying to sell you. I don’t care if that Tesla model 3 or Porsche Taycan is ‘new’. It also has to be BETTER than something I can get for the same money.

@Chris: you need to know cars to talk about cars. The CL500 ended more than 10 years ago, and the Bentley new is over $200K so the best you can do is to buy used. They are nice machines but are relics of the past.
The Model 3 Performance blows to doors off its competitors M3, C63, … and it’s equipped with technology ready for the future and continues to improve while in the hands of customer. Any other car outside of Tesla is already obsolete by the time they roll out of the factory.
$75K for the Model 3 Performance is indeed the best value.

The Ford Focus SE currently being offered for $14k (34% off MSRP) at some Bay Area Ford dealers; now there’s a good value!?!?!?

Posche should’ve partnered with Tesla for supercharger access. But with crappy CCS other than few dealer locations (if they get them), this car is only worth about $22K like Bolt.

They are building several hundred ultra-fast charging stations in the US, *not* only at dealerships.

That’s great but you can count out the one’s at dealerships as those are unlikely to have a location that’s practical for long range travel and one needs a lot of locations to have decent nation wide coverage. Tesla has ~550 locations in the US at this point.

I’m sure it will happen but it will take a few years and until than Taycan is basically a very posh city car and when owners are stuck at some 50KW charger that happens to work and have a payment system they subscribed to they will know they should have opted for the cars that are supported by the comprehensive Supercharger network.

How much money would it take to get Tesla to open their supercharger network (with adapters?) to another manufacturer or would they charge the drivers of non Tesla vehicles more for the electricity? Surely they would want (and deserve) a financial reward for having built out their network. Any thoughts???

It works be cheaper just to invest in new if the other non car brand EV networks. Give EVgo or chargepoint $500M and see how many charger they can build.

Why would Tesla share? Does it even have the excess capacity what with that tsunami of Model 3’s pouring in?

A “tsunami of Model 3’s pouring in”? I think you’re smoking something funny, my friend. The idea of Tesla opening up their supercharger network to a high-end (i.e., low quantity) manufacturer like Porsche makes a ton of sense, allowing them to improve their financial situation…

Filled out a form online and received a call from the Roslyn/Gold Coast dealership to stop by with check for 5000. Amazing! I was supposed to drop off 5000. Good luck Porsche! My kids get to enjoy and get familiar with the Tesla Roadster! Have you checked it out yet? Fastest car in production at 250mph and 1000km in range. Rocket technology included.