Porsche Taycan Testing Against Tesla Model S P85D On Stelvio Pass


We extend our compliments to the lucky man who captured this on camera.

We get a first look at the 2020 Porsche Taycan spied in an obvious benchmarking situation against a Tesla Model S. Interestingly, the Model S is a P85D rather than the top-of-the-line P100D, but that’s really beside the point. The drive takes place on the infamous Stelvio Pass, which is the highest paved mountain road in the Eastern Alps. It’s located in northern Italy, very near Switzerland. If you’re not familiar with this roadway, you’ll understand why it’s used for vehicle testing once you watch the video.

The Stelvio pass is essentially a series of hairpin turns at a high elevation, with continuous uphill and downhill switchbacks. It’s become a highly sought-after location for drivers and cyclists from all over the world. Years ago, Top Gear referred to it as the “greatest driving road in the world.” So, obviously, the Taycan must be moving along in its development if it’s ready to tackle this road. While you can’t see very much up close, hopefully there will be more footage from excursions like this in the near future. We still think it’s a pretty incredible share.

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Video Description via Taycan Forum on YouTube:

Porsche Taycan Testing Against Tesla Model S P85D on Stelvio Pass

Video taken by Frank Cooreman. Find more info on the Porsche Taycan at https://www.taycanforum.com

Source: Taycan Forum

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“Interestingly, the Model S is a P85D rather than the top-of-the-line P100D,”

Maybe trying to line up price/features/capability for an apples to apples comparison?

Only they know what they were testing.

People read way too much into these details. All you should take away from this is that Porche wants to keep their vehicles competitive with Tesla.

It’s simply likely that this just happens to be the Tesla that VW has in their test fleet.

Would be funny if the Tesla was a P100D but rebadged for camo by Porsche

Those 2 Taycan were also spotted charging 80 km from there. A graph of the charging session prove that they can charge faster than Tesla at around 150 kw.
I would like to read an analysis on that from insideevs.


Sadly that charger tops out at 150kW so we don’t know how much the cars could have handled.

But we can infer that the Taycan can indeed charge with high power on 400 V systems. This was not a given before.

What 400V charger. Just like any CCS charger compliant with the revision 2.0 of the CCS protocol the hypercharger HYC150 from alpitronic will deliver more than 900V max. The current and power output curve is taken from the product PDF from hypercharge.it comment image

The only CCS revision 1.0 chargers that exist in the wild are old triple chargers with 50kW max.

Yes it was. VW made it clear the Taycan with it’s 800V battery pack would be fully backwards compatible with CCS1.0 charging.

Also, as noted in the reddit post, the car charged a total of 40 kWh. So, it could have started at ~0% SOC and, for some reason, stopped at ~50% SOC. It seems more likely, though, that the car was at ~30%+ SOC or more and they charged up to 80%+ SOC.

The latter scenario would mean it could have charged at 150kW (or faster) from 0% to whatever SOC it started at, maybe ~30%.

Point being, it may actually be able to charge at 150kW+ for much longer than the chart indicates since we don’t know what the SOC was when they started.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out as we get more info!

Even if it started charging at 50%, the early taper below 150 kW suggests that even with a more powerful charger and starting from near 0%, it wouldn’t get anywhere near the promised 350 kW…

Of course it’s entirely possible that the charge power for these prototypes is reduced for some reason. I wonder though why they would do that?…

Porsche is using a Tesla its benchmark. What is to become of this world?

Shouldn’t be a surprise considering how many electric luxury vehicles Tesla has sold. It would have been surprising 5 years ago, perhaps.

I would think the Taycan will be bench marked against several vehicles (including gas vehicles). Tesla is certainly going to be one of the vehicles on that list.

Keep up with the best!

I like the Taycan’s fake exhaust tips.

i take it this is a sarcastic joke? i was about to post the same thing.. it really bothers me they had to put a fake exhaust..

Why are you bothered by camouflage?

The Taycan that Porsche has been testing thus far has fake exhaust tips because it also has bolted-on plastic pieces camouflage.

Funny how Porsche insists they do their own thing, don’t care about other brands and are not competing with Tesla, yet they’ve been seen several times comparing their prototypes to old Teslas…

They didn’t say, they are not competing with Tesla. Nor did they ever say they won’t benchmark against Tesla. Somehow this still made it into international media. The original quote from Oliver Blume on the annual press conference is: „Wir haben großen Respekt vor Tesla, aber richten uns nicht nach Tesla aus. Wir bei Porsche orientieren uns an uns selbst und unseren Fähigkeiten und Anforderungen. Aber es wird für beide Konzeptionen genug Platz auf dem Automarkt geben.“ I try to translate the meaning as best and direct as I can, ignoring good english writing style: “We have big respect (in a sense of acknowledgement or appreciation) for Tesla, but we don’t allign after Tesla (meaning not necessarily following the example of Tesla or doing things just because Tesla does it). We at Porsche orient on ourselves [and look at] our competencies and our requirements. But for both doctrines there will be enough room in the auto market” So they say they may do things differently than Tesla and won’t follow the way Tesla is paving (which, to be honest, they kinda have to say) but follow their own criteria. They don’t say that the cars can’t be compared or benchmarked… Read more »

Well, perhaps they think that comparing their up and coming EV to a 2018 Model S P100D family sedan with ludicrous upgrade, would result in awkward gaps in spreadsheets and diagrams, so they go with the older Model S to appear closer on paper.
Maybe they can’t afford a newer Model S (Porsche SE, the holding that owns VW, just lost a case in court and has now to pay 50 million Euro to investors for stock manipulation regarding not informing about Dieselgate in time, and Porsche sales in the core market Germany tanked in September by an epic 72% year over year).
But likely that is the Model S they have been benchmarking against since the first prototype, so it makes sense to have consistency.

The last sentence makes sense. The rest… Are you trying to be funny?

how quiet and serene up there.. ah, if only they can remove tire-road noise.. 😉

Three Taycans were driving up PCH this morning with their 911 chase cars heading toward the Malibu area. Keep your cameras out if you are in the area…..