Porsche Taycan Spotted In U.S. Sporting New Updates

SEP 26 2018 BY MARK KANE 54

Porsche Taycan prototype spotted in Mountain View.

Porsche seems to be testing the prototypes of its first all-electric model – the Taycan – all over the world, and recently one of the camouflaged test mules was spotted in Mountain View, California.

It’s slightly different than the prototype seen in June in Montclair, New Jersey, so we believe it’s a newer version. There are new rear lights, wheel covers and… a different fake exhaust setup.

According to Porsche, the Taycan will be capable of sprinting from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in as little as 3.5 seconds. This puts the Taycan in some select company like the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG or the BMW F90 M5. While yes, this does put it at a disadvantage with the Tesla Model S, we’re confident that the Taycan will be a more performance driving optimized vehicle. Not just a straight line beast.

Pre-orders for this upcoming luxury sedan have already started in the United States and several other countries. Customers are able to do a Tesla-like deposit in order to be among the first in the world to take delivery of Porsche’s first pure electric car.

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Really hoping those fake exhausts are for camo only, and will be gone in the real thing. if there is anything worse than fake intakes/vents, it’s a fake exhaust, and if there is anything worse than a fake exhaust, IT’S A FAKE EXHAUST ON AN ELECTRIC CAR!

Got it, you really dislike the fake exhaust.
I personally don’t mind it that much as long as the car is fully electric.


Relax they’re just painted on. It’s an old CIA trick. Trust me. At theranos we specialize in fake.

I’m still afraid they will use a small engine like the one of the i8, and call it hybrid…

Not going to happen.

Porsche doesn’t think that way.

A REX engine would be a nice option.

For a car that’s supposed to get “around 500 km” electric range? Don’t be silly 🙂

Don’t worry, the finished car will look very much like the Mission E concept.

I’d like to believe that — but with production supposedly starting in less than a year, would they still be testing mules rather than the final design?…

They’re So Stuck On ICE They Just Can’t Let Go ..1st, BMW’s Korny Fake Engine Noise, Fake Grills , & Now Fake Exhaust ??? ..What’s this world Coming to ? …………lol ……

Fake exhaust smell is next.

Fake Fumes ,Don’t Put it Past Them , ..lol… I Only Hope They Will Be Non Toxic… …. lmao

lavender oil

I think it’s just there to trick the casual observer into thinking it’s a normal Porsche.
“Nothing to see here, please don’t gawk at our test vehicle.”

The New BMW M5 does 0-60 in 2..8 sec.

So Porsche better step-up their game.

And set the C&D track record for a sedan.

Especially considering the Tesla Model S still is quicker and they haven’t moved their own performance number in years, and the Roadster 2020 is coming.

Why is it this ONE category where everyone must outdo each other? Anything less than 4 is grossly excessive for public roads, and I imagine that’s where these vehicles will spend majority of their time.

Because next to power, it’s always been *the* performance metric to brag about. And frankly, other performance metrics are even *less* relevant on public roads — so if that’s your thinking, why bother with sporty cars at all?…

60 – 0 performance is much more relevant than 0- 60 on a public road. So is lateral grip.

Right. Because .7 seconds is reeaaally noticeable…

Fake exhaust tips! People should be ashamed of having exhaust systems. Why would anyone want fake exhaust tips on a car that has no exhaust.

It’s camo. It will not have fake exhaust for production.

That was explained above.

Wow, you just caught something that slipped by hundreds or thousands of Porsche engineers.

It should at least be a contender, though they only plan 20k worldwide in it’s first full year of production, and they will probably sell them all..
Btw the Model S is more than a straight line beast, and you should include the Model 3 in the list of sub 3.5 to 0-62 mph vehicles, and that particular vehicle is said to handle superbly.

Wow. That might only be 1 per dealership in the USA.
No threat at all to their ICE lineup.

Porsche had a record year in 2017 and sold 246,000 vehicles world wide. 20K Taycans per year would be a sizable percentage for an all new model.

Where did you get that number? I was actually at Porsche Atlanta Perimeter last week. The salesman indicated that they are taking $2500 deposits right now. He also indicated that this was not going to be considered a special model and would be available to anyone who wanted one – unlike the GT2 RS they had sitting in the delivery area – yowza.

My dealer also told me they will make as many as they can sell. The factory is constrained, so I expect to get mine in sometime in 2020.

They 20,000 number was mentioned by a Porsche representative — though they also said that they might scale it up a bit if necessary…

Hmmm……I was hoping to see more changes that bring the style closer to the Mission E Concept. Not going to happen?


These are test mules, not production cars.

They are disguised production cars, not mules.

these are production models, there 1 year away from selling the cars. these are beta cares

This is the car…..Blume said the design was set over a year ago……the 2015 Mission E was beautiful……this, IMHO, is a four-door sedan.

It’s looking more and more like a Model 3 every time it’s spotted.

You need glasses yo.

This car looks nothing like a Dodge Neon.

I really like the Taycan / Mission E, but despise the current practice of ordering through dealer which is limited by allotment. I tried to put up a deposit as soon as the ordering process was open (through the dealer of course), and was told the 50-unit allotment was filled. I had to submit another request to get on the waiting list – and still haven’t heard anything from Porsche after several months. All I get from the dealer were several sales pitches for the hybrid Panamera and other models – not a word about the Taycan. Compared this with Tesla’s “poor customer communications”, I think Porsche just topped it. I live in Silicon Valley where Porsches and Teslas are everywhere, as are all forms of electric vehicles. It doesn’t make any sense for Porsche to artificially limit the number of orders if Porsche really wants to promote the Taycan. A similar “strategy” is being played out with the Audi’s e-tron – it can only be sold direct, no stocking at dealers. All the brouhaha about “electrification” from the German automakers is simply BS. By comparison, Jaguar is making a good effort at promoting the I-Pace. It gets a lot… Read more »

I think they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They need to make it faster than a Model 3 Performance w/Track mode but not as quick as a Porsche 911. Since Track mode upgrade isn’t available yet and Roadster 2 only two years away Will Porsche pull out all the stops and give their 911 a beat down, come to market with a car slower than a Model 3 Track or delay for a year and regroup? I think they will delay the Taycan’s production.

Call Porsche Atlanta Perimeter. They will take your deposit.

Why take deposits before removing the camo?

call porche america

The reality is setting in that the Taycan is starting to look very much like a Panamera with very little carry over from the stunning Mission E. I loved the Mission-e. The proportions of the Panamera was always its detractor and I’m not liking what I see in this test mule, even considering the Camo.

You need a new crystal-ball brosef.

The fake exhausts are a bit disingenuous. 🙂

Taycan looks like Panamera, just wish the car could looks more like the Mission E concept. Was hoping Porsche keep the rear doors from the concept….

I really like the shape and look of the Taycan. It does look a lot taller and skinnier than the original low and wide concept. I guess it had to conform to real world interior specs and fit the thickness of the pack cells below the passenger cell. They did do a decent job though of packaging without giving up and resorting to simply putting on bigger wheels and taller suspension calling it a CUV.

You are correct they didn’t ‘give up’…..everything.
However, economics happened…..last fall (IMHO) the decision was made to aggressively go after the mid-segment, make 20,000 copies a year. Much of the E’s incredible lines were left in favor of something ‘more practical’ to make.
I’d have paid $140 for an E and am still first on the deposit list in my market…..but I’ll pull that if it’s, unfortunately, rolled out as a nondescript 4-door sedan.

Just wondering if those exhaust tips may be for cooling of the battery pack?

Has anyone commented on the fake exhausts yet?