Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Wagon Spied For First Time


Say what? A wagon version of the Porsche Taycan.

That’s right and here’s your first ever look at it out testing.

This isn’t the Porsche Cross Turismo concept, which is an off-roady version of the Taycan. What we see here is a proper wagon.

The Taycan Sport Turismo will surely enter production, likely as just a version of the Taycan. Rumors suggest it will be offered in various trims too, with power output rising with price.

The Sport Turismo version brings with it all the benefits of a proper wagon, meaning lots more room for luggage, though we doubt it will have seating for seven like what’s optioned on the Tesla Model S.

There’s no word yet on when the Taycan Sport Turismo will go on sale, but with the regular Taycan set for unveil next year as a 2020 model, this wagon version is likely still 2 or so years off.

Expected pricing for the Taycan is between $65,700 and $85,000. The wagon will be slightly higher.

Some additional information:

The Taycan will most likely come in three different stages of power, the Taycan Carrera ,the Taycan Carrera S and the Taycan Turbo with an output between 400 to 600 horsepower.

All-wheel drive is expected to be standard on all versions initially, but there is the possibility of Porsche launching a more affordable rear-wheel-drive edition in the future. Some rumors have suggested that the Taycan Carrera will be rear-wheel-drive from the start.

And yes, it sports the typical fake exhaust we’ve become accustomed to in Porsche’s electric prototypes.

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Maybe, but Porsche presented a time ago, the concept Mission E Cross Turismo with this basic lines. And the Panamera Sport Turismo is a success. So I think they are interested in that type of car.


AMT is 100% correct.

No maybes about it.

Zoom in… ❗️

It’s tacked on camouflage.

Its easy to see it is covering exactly what they don’t want us to see.

Porsche SUVs and station wagons must be proof that kids dont want cars.

Kids don’t want cars that were designed by the kids at POrsche’s design department. This looks like Porsche 911 PArty in
front and Macan business in rear

I dont dislike them, Im just sayin. Im 46 though….

The station wagon is so 20th century.

Station wagons are more popular than ever. They typically use the words SUV or CUV to describe them.

Naw, CUV’s are taller than station wagons, though shorter than SUV’s.

SUV: Station Utility Vagon?

Well, the world is different. I haven’t seen a lot of station wagons in the US or China. In Europe, especially Germany, Sweden, Austria, France you will find a lot of them. Even very very popular as company cars.

Definitely looks like the industry is moving on to CUVs and SUVs. For electric drive the wagon concept is preferable though: extra utility without the extra weight and higher drag of the SUVs and CUVs so more distance bang for your battery pack buck. So rather than just Model Y efficiency oriented Tesla should use its moho to bring the wagon back in fashion: Model 3 wagon!

YES! You are absolutely right. The wagons will win in the end when people realise that you can go so much further so much faster. I mean, check out the I-Pace: terrible efficiency means that even with a fast charger and a huge battery it still gets absolutely demolished by the 33000€ Ioniq over long distances.
And re: the Taycan Sport Turismo: I want this car so badly it hurts.

Only in the US where gasoline is basically free and most people don’t give a damn about the environment.


Yeah kind of but not really. I used to love the Volvo p1800ES and the BMW 5 series wagon – back when I liked ICE cars Lol – I had a Volvo 122 wagon and a Volvo 240 Wagon – great car. The advantage that this configuration has over an CUV design is the lower enter of gravity. They essentially handle like a sports sedan but have more room. I am a fan of the wagon actually. Audi A4 wagon probably has the most pleasing lines of any in recent memory. This particular design on the Porche looks a bit ungainly to me – but I am a fan of the concept.

Wish they could inspire Tesla

Looks like they were inspired by Tesla, after Taycan that strikes me as 2+2+room for a golfbag they now have a concept that will match Model S in terms of utility. At the same money (if those rumors are true…)a serious Model S competitor! Well, once comprehensive 350KW infrastructure is in place until than it’s still a very practical car for people with more regional transportation needs.

I would buy a Model 3 Sport Turismo.

fake exhausts… how embarassing
as for being a sports car estate… talk about identity crisis
It’s just bad, really bad

Probably part of the camo so that people would mistake it for a Panamera.

Why camo something they’ve already shown off. It’s just ugly, the Taycan looks great, this just looks odd.

False premise. They haven’t shown the production Taycan.

And having a “Turbo” trim of a BEV is just weird

The 911 has a “Turbo” trim level even though they’re all turbocharged, now. It’s just a name.

I had a turbo button on my computer. Actually it was used to slow it down.

soooooo hugly

Taycan Turbo would be really funny. I would call that name highly unlikely.

A wagon version is more likely. They allready offer the panamera wagon. An electric wagon is a great gap in the market to fill.

Mostly since no one wants to be seen in a Sedan these days and not everyone wants a Big SUV or tiny hatch. For me the i-Pacd is hitting the sweet spot of the market

Porsche calls their upper power levels Turbo regardless if they have a turbocharger or if the lower ones don’t.

$85k if it looks like the Mission E concept compels me to trade in one of our Tesla’s. $85k for a car that looks like the Panamera, I’ll pass. Based on the Cross Turismo and what I see here. I feel that I’m in for a letdown.

I don’t think that’s a wagon. It’s just tacked on camo.

Look at these massive brakes!

No doubt