Porsche Taycan Turismo Electric Wagon Spied Winter Testing


Say what? A wagon version of the Porsche Taycan.

That’s right. Porsche has committed to developing several versions of the electric Taycan and one is the wagon seen here.

This isn’t the Porsche Cross Turismo concept, which is an off-roady version of the Taycan. What we see here is a proper wagon.

This Turismo version brings with it all the benefits of a proper wagon, meaning lots more room for luggage.

The Taycan Turismo will surely enter production, likely as just a version of the Taycan. Rumors suggest it will be offered in various trims too, with power output rising with price.

The standard Taycan will most likely come in three different stages of power, the Taycan Carrera, the Taycan Carrera S and the Taycan Turbo with an output between 400 to 600 horsepower.

Expected pricing for the Taycan is between $65,700 and $85,000. The wagon will be slightly higher.

This particular set of spy photos comes from Sweden where the Taycan Turismo is undergoing winter testing. AWD will be standard at launch, though there’s a chance that a RWD version will be offered at a later date.

Check out the images in the gallery below:

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11 Comments on "Porsche Taycan Turismo Electric Wagon Spied Winter Testing"

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“Wagon” is a bit of a stretch there. It looks more like a Hatchback. Alternatively it could just be a piece of camouflage covering the rear end?

Or like some car people like to call it: shooting brake
I wonder how long the ICE panamera and panamera sport turismo will survive..

What disappear first will be the Panamera gasoline model, already now Panamera PHEV is selling better than the gasoline only version.

WOW… its near to a release

Wow. I like the looks of that wagon. Of course I really like the looks of the Clarity too. So, it may not be a look the masses will like.

The only “problem” the Clarity has is that rear wheel fender. Taycan doesn’t have it.

Hot. I like.

Very nice! A wagon is the most practical type of automobile, especially with a tow hitch.

100% agree! Especially with EVs they should be way more popular, since they have tons of space compared to a sedan, but aren’t as bad as SUVs, when it comes to efficiency.

“This isn’t the Porsche Cross Turismo concept, which is an off-roady version of the Taycan. What we see here is a proper wagon.”

It seems likely that it is the Porsche Cross Turismo beta prototype with heavy camo (bolted on plastic cladding). Porsche would never be testing prototypes at the beta stage without camouflage. Looking at the front, there is an very unnatural-looking seam near the headlight area.
Also the back half of the roof, down to the top of the rear quarter-panel has obvious camo over it.
I think they are using that camo to make it look like a wagon. It looks like it likely has a sloping roof line and only A though C pillars (once you read past the top rear camo) — no ‘D’ pillar.

That's what real camo looks like

The entire rear end of that car is clearly bolt-on plastic camo – it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s a regular Taycan sedan under all that plastic.