Porsche Taycan Spied Winter Testing In Norway


The highly-anticipated electric vehicle from Porsche is doing its winter testing in Norway

Porsche is doing their homework regarding the Taycan. After all, the first fully electric vehicle from the high-performance vehicle maker needs to be perfect. The first electric vehicle by Porsche is slated to release later this year, and the carmaker is putting its EV through some rigorous testing.

A part of this scheduled test program is the cold weather testing, and that’s currently being done in the cold of Norway – as we can see from a set of images revealed on Reddit earlier today. Test mules are seen being driven on icy, snowy roads of Norway. And that means that the final test phase for this EV is underway and that we can expect the reveal quite soon.

Several recent images of the Taycan were shared on the r/Cars subreddit by auto enthusiast u/NexpFPV. The vehicle was spotted while being driven in the snow, together with what seems to be a helper Porsche Cayenne. Furthermore, the vehicle is seen at a charging station. Additionally, one of the images showcases two Taycan test mules on the side of the road, with one of them having its hood open. To make matters even more interesting, both vehicles were outfitted with fake exhaust popes, just like all the recent Norway sightings of Porsche’s test mules. While we can only speculate on the reasons behind the opened hood, we don’t feel there was anything special going on there and it was just a regular stop.

What do the images reveal?

While there’s not a lot of details revealed about these particular test mules, there are a few rather significant items that they do reveal. First, both vehicles showcase the well-known wide and aggressive Porsche stance. In turn, the real-world shots of the Taycan give out the feeling that the vehicle is ready to tackle any road out there with high-speed – just like its ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterparts. And we very much like that!

Nonetheless, we’re still months away from seeing a production version Taycan, and that day cannot come soon enough. Furthermore, the exact pricing for the Taycan is yet to be revealed – even though a Porsche Global Brand Ambassador has reportedly stated that the Taycan would be offered in three models – the Taycan, the Taycan 4S, and (the) Taycan Turbo. However, we expect the entry-level Taycan to start at around $90,000 and go upwards of $130,000 for the Taycan Turbo – before options.

You can view the full gallery of the Porsche Taycan winter testing right below.

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The main winter testing is still done in Arjeplog. What they do now, is probably normal quality testing, adjustments and checking maybe sound levels.

Argeplog is where Jaguar do their winter testing, too.

Jag and Tesla both also test at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds in New Zealand, Tesla Model 3 has been here for the past two years, http://www.shpg.co.nz

Did they really test the Model 3 in winter?
I don’t mean to sound sarcastic but how couldn’t they see the problems with the charging port, at least?

I even wonder if they ever tested it in rain. I mean, unless it’s planned, that your stuff gets wet, if you open the trunk.

Or was that such a hurdle to engineer around, that they decided that they can’t do any better?

Just to clarify, I like the 3 a lot, but it’s pretty clear that the car was designed for sunny California.

Whatever they learned from their winter, or bad weather testing, I guess almost always their solution was: FIWSWUL (fix it with software update later)

How do you take your bags out of the trunk in rain so that they remain dry? Do you just leave your stuff in the car and come back next week?

You have a garage. It’s the place, with three walls, a roof, and a sliding door. You know the one where your dad lets you push the button to make the door go up and down. Also it’s where you plug your car in.
Someday, if you’re good, you can do that too.

Oh ffbj, do you think we grownups just drive around for fun from and back to the garage?

You know, we also sometimes have to get groceries, go to work, pick little buggers like you up from school.

And then a garage might not always be nearby. In situations like that, you can imagine that it’s not so nice, if you have to open the trunk and water gets in.

You probably didn’t know this, hence your comment, the trunk / boot gets wet in rain with it closed. People are not complaining about the bags getting wet with the trunk open, they are complaining that they get wet just driving around in rain with the trunk closed.

It was a trade off between a large (relative) trunk opening and rain not getting in. Because people had complained about the small trunk opening of the alpha prototype, they chose opening size over shielding from rain/water.

what issues? If you are covered with ice, just hit it.

“both vehicles were outfitted with fake exhaust popes,”
Ah, autocorrect, got to love it, so many opportunities for puny comments on this one.

They should also mention the intake cardinals, which are part of the exhaust pope system.

Well, at least they are testing it as any automakers should.

They should have learned it from Tesla. let the buyers be beta testers and make adjustment on the fly.

Dont down vote the truth… My 2017 Model S has squeaks like a shopping cart the last 2 winters even though the service center replaced the clips that were supposed to be causing the noise

But…but…Consumer Reports said it was the best car made!

Best performance. The rating that “broke their scale” was just the performance in the category of large luxury vehicles (performance for a large, heavy car).

It was not a rating of the the vehicle in general.

Quit lying troll.

You do not have a Tesla but rather are a carpet-bombing serial anti-Tesla troll here and on the other EV sites.

Those fake exhaust pipes look super cool.

Remember it’s an option with the Turbo model.

Yeah for the optional Rocket Boost. At least these have nozzles in the original design /s /s

in typical Porsche style the fake exhausts stick on decals will be a $6,7911 USD option available only on the GTS model.

Can we get the neon calipers, on the production version?

Nothing to stop you painting them bright pink with polkadots if you want now is there eh?

Perhaps, good breeding.

It’s Porsche. They will sell you anything you want, if you pay for it.

People often wonder how you could spend 50k on options on a Porsche. They don’t come badly equipped as base cars and the regular options, exterior color, better seats, bigger wheels aren’t really expensive. $850 for blue metallic paint, 1750 for 20 inch wheels, 1500 for the nicer seats, all on the Panamera.

But where you would take other cars to a tuner, Porsche will just do the same job for you. Mixing different leather colors in the interior, having personalized wooden door sills, selecting exactly which color your car should be. Not just from 5 options, no, exactly the color you want.

And they will sell you any caliper you want.

This is why they are one of the most profitable car makers in the world.

I wouldn’t say the main reason, but it surely adds to the bottom line.

I’d say the main reason is, that they can share a lot of parts with Audi (and even with some VW models), but can still ask even more money for it. The Q5 and the Macan are not that different, but some people are willing to spend a lot more for the Porsche name.

So Audi will bring in the volume to reduce development costs and Porsche can cash in on the wealthiest buyers.

They are maybe on their way northbound to Arjeplog via Norway. Sweden does not have many charging stations.

From southern Sweden to Arjeplog, longest distance between CCS chargers is about 120 miles. Shouldn’t be a problem.

So close to production winter testing is already finished. Just doing some final adjusments and work out the last bugs by testing in normal everyday use. Dont forget this car is going to sell like hotcakes in Norway for Porsche – so making sure everything works as supposed to in the region seems smart. (Local chargers and what not.)

Hotcakes, but a short stack, as production will be limited.

Also very nice to see it looks much closer to the mission e concept now. Just some minir camo left, glued to the end of the rear side windows and bumper area. And those nice fake exhaust tips. They also did not go for the electric vehicle license plate to lure people (german license plates will have an E at behind the numbers if you if you want your electric vehicle to be exempt from road tax etc. for 10 years).

Yes, they’re starting to look very good. Too bad there were no pics of the nose and headlights.

But is it as efficient as Model 3? Because Porsche, Audi, BMW or Mercedes are known for their focus on fuel efficiency and not on luxury or driving experience.
If their ICE cars are Prius competitors why wouldn’t their EVs be the same?

It’s a different kettle of fish.

“both vehicles were outfitted with fake exhaust popes (sp), just like all the recent Norway sightings of Porsche’s test mules.”

These are the same vehicles with heavy camo (bolted on plastic cladding) to hid the real appearance is specific area of the vehicle.

This is the one to watch.
I believe that this is the first car that can actually compete with Tesla.
This one will be interesting to see if it can even come close to MS sales.
One thing I am certain of, and that is, it will almost certainly eat into Porsche ICE sales, as well as other’s such as Audi, BMW, Caddi, Lexus, Infinity, etc. IOW, this should eat into the same markets that Tesla has been doing.
If so, Between M3, MS, & Taycan, they will destroy that ICE market throughout the world.