Porsche Taycan Platform To Underpin Audi e-tron GT


Audi plans to reveal the previously announced electric Sport e-tron GT in 2020.

Audi is on the move. After the already revealed Audi e-tron electric SUV, the Ingolstadt based carmaker is set to reveal the e-tron Sportsback and finally, the electric Sport e-tron GT sometime in 2020. While we previously knew only a little bit about the e-tron GT, we now know the vehicle is to be underpinned by the Porsche Taycan vehicle platform.

When the German carmaker first released the information and concept images for its new sports car, it stated how this was to be the purely electric high-performance machine, underlining the Audi fully-electric EV range. The German carmaker also revealed where the vehicle is to be produced: the Audi factory in Böllinger Höfe near Neckarsulm.

“The four-door prototype Audi e-tron GT concept interprets sportiness in a new, progressive way. With its fascinating design and a purely electric drive, it leads our Audi Sport performance brand confidently into the future. The sporty four-seater will be manufactured at Böllinger Höfe near Neckarsulm as of 2020. It proves that high performance and electromobility do not have to be mutually exclusive.”

The news about the Audi e-tron GT using the Porsche Taycan architecture isn’t really a huge surprise. With the Porsche Taycan platform already in an advanced stage, it makes sense to use it for Audi’s new electric vehicle.

Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo, GT Sport

With the already revealed powertrain for the Taycan, providing a combined power output of over 600 hp (440 kW) between two electric motors, joined by a battery pack that, according to Porsche, will allow the vehicle to travel  “over 500 kilometers” (310 miles) of range on a single charge, the Audi e-tron GT (likely cheaper than the Porsche Taycan) should definitely be a fun and rather impressive car to drive.

Furthermore, the vehicle is set to benefit from the Taycan architecture in another way: it’ll be the first production passenger car able to use the 800-volt battery system that will enable it to use up to 350 kW charging.

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Porsche is dropping diesel vehicles from its lineup. Hope Audi also drops and takes Electric/Plugin as the alternative.

Porsche drops definitively the diesel engines. Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche, said this to the german newspaper Bild. Never more diesel in Porsche.
But Audi is different. It will take a time to change the diesel engines for other technologies. Anyway, new diesel engines are very clean. The problem is old diesel, but modern ones haven’t more problems than gas engines.

M3 Owned- Niro EV TBD - Former 500e and Spark EV,

Hopefully more impressive specs than the e-tron that Audi just dropped last week.

Good article Vanja.
This sounds good go Porsche Audi.
Keith and I have an article coming on the etron battery and how it would take the high C rates with an e tron type TMS system. and also how it stacks up against the Model 3 TMS.

M3 Owned- Niro EV TBD - Former 500e and Spark EV,

The great thing about Tesla’s TMS coupled with battery packs– it’s efficient, scalable, AND cost effective. That’s something haven’t seen yet coming out of competitor shops and the whole advantage as Tesla continues to revamp S and X to new cells and produce the Y and anything else coming out of the Gigafactory.

Amazing cockpit, glad Audi did not just integrate Musk its silly iPad cockpit concept…

You mean the Model 3 that is now the best selling EV in the US and soon to be the world with outstanding user satisfaction?

Yeah, vs a cgi rendering!

That steering wheel says “grab life by the tines of a fork” to me. I can see blisters forming; even a trenching spade has better ergonomics.

Living in Irvine, CA – I see Model 3s everywhere but its not impressive to me enough to buy one, looks cheap, and understandably is compared to the Model S. Its become as popular as a Civic around here… No thanks. Porsche Taycan or Audi GT for me, all day long!

Economy of scale. VAG as industrial group, wants to share and use all its technology in as many products as possible. I like the idea, and althought this Audi will be a unaffordable car for most of us, will be cheaper than the Porsche, so makes top level tech affordable for more people.

If the Taycan starts @ $75k USD for the lowest base without options and less power (then probably up to $150-170k for the highest optioned model) then the Audi GT should be in the same ball park of an Audi RS7 Performance. Whats the price on an RS7 Performance these days… $120-130k?

Nice looking dash!