Porsche Taycan Orders Are Pouring In

JUL 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 51

Porsche opened this month orders book for the Taycan (formerly Mission E) – its first electric car – and seems thrilled by the feedback.

The Porsche Taycan, considered as a competitor to the Tesla Model S, is expected to be unveiled in 2019 with production scheduled for 2020, but customers are interested enough to secure a place in the queue even without seeing the finished car.

The German manufacturer didn’t reveal how many orders it received, so we don’t know whether Taycan is really showing signs of success just yet.

Alexander Pollich, UK managing director said:

“The reaction from customers has been fantastic – from the moment we announced the car to now, when we have asked customers to register their interest for the first cars,”

The Taycan is developed on the new J1 architecture, which is designed from the ground-up. Also, the charging infrastructure (the 350 kW IONITY network founded with several other manufacturers) is to be all-new, specially designed for the need of a 15-minute quick recharge.

Porsche Mission E concept

About the Mission E Concept:

  • Four doors and four single seats
  • over 440 kW (600 hp) system power, dula motor
  • over 500 km (310 miles) driving range
  • All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering
  • zero to 100 km/h acceleration in under 3.5 seconds
  • charging time of around 15 minutes to reach an 80 percent charge
  • 800 V battery system
  • Instruments are intuitively operated by eye-tracking and gesture control, some even via holograms – highly oriented toward the driver by automatically adjusting the displays to the driver’s position

Source: Autocar

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No surprise here… I cannot wait to order one, but cannot order until I see one in person.

bet you don’t.

Not sure what you are betting? That I will not see Taycan or buy one? Well our new house will have a 4 car garage, and we only have 3 cars…. so we will have space, that is the first step.

Plenty of space under your bridge no doubt! ROFLOL!

Next step is that you ask your parents without disturbing them enough so that they don’t kick you out of their basement…

For those in the US, the link below is where you start the deposit order process. This is not an order, its the start of the deposit process. Not sure if in the UK you can actually place an order. It says a dealer will contact you for the deposit, so not sure what the deposit is:

I am wondering the same. I went a step further and registered. Got an email titled “Taycan Depositor Option Program” and was told to be contacted by a local dealer. I am by no mean making a deposit at this point.

Battery longevity and reliabilities are going to be major issues for new owners. No one has more data than Tesla on charging frequencies, impact on health and longevity. Porsche got to collect data on initial fleet rollout. Their few tests mules can only get so much, so plenty of unknowns.

Blah blah blah. Porsche has plenty of data on electrification and using batteries. See their LMP1 wins with hybrids at LeMans. They know what they are doing with batteries and battery management.

Exactly, Batteries are not some big voodoo secret… Its just the cost that slows many OEM’s down, not the tech.

Cost. And availability.

Exactly! And in addition, just last month they bought a 10% stake in Rimac, so I’m sure the two will share their expertise.

Racing a few thousand kilometres doesn’t really tell much how well batteries hold up in normal usage…

Having said that, they are surely using cells and other components from established suppliers; so unless they do something stupid, there should be no issues there.

Racing almost certainly puts more strain on the batteries compared to people putting around town.

That’s completely beside the point. In racing, they simply do not care whether the battery is trashed after a few uses. And since the usage pattern is completely different from normal use, it can’t be extrapolated to how well batteries will perform in a normal car.

You might call this “anti-non-Tesla FUD”.

I suggest Porsche should probably check the brakes before selling 11 months worth of production Taycans.

Some companies do not.

“Porsche Taycan Orders Are Pouring In”

Really? Did they say how many? Please.

Porsche be takin’ Taycan orders!

Exactly. They must have a good reason not to say. Porsche has talked the car up every which way they can so far.

The dealer here in Bellevue WA has had people begging to order, offering deposits to reserve a spot in line when Porsche is not even taking orders in the USA. If the car looks anything as good as the show car its going to be a massive hit.

Why are you still using the Mission E images? The Taycan looks different and has already been photographed.

Because the only actual photos are of it covered in unflattering tape meant to hide specific design details. The production version will be extremely close in appearance to the concept, save the suicide rear doors (too expensive to make and still meet impact standards)

If Rolls Royce did it I bet Porsche can. Even Tesla can with the falcon wing doors. I’m pretty sure Porsche won’t have problems with the suicide doors but who knows.

The Model X has a normal B-pillar…

I always assumed it’s not about technical difficulties, but rather simply not being very practical for an actual production car?… (As opposed to a show concept, where it’s all about unobstructed view of the interior.)

There’s video of the car testing without tape just not high resolution images. It’s doesn’t look like the Mission E as the hood is much higher, wheels and wheels arches are normal size, has rear view mirrors, higher seating height and waistline, a larger rear passenger area, etc. Taking deposits on a much different concept cars doesn’t seem right.

It won’t look like the black prototype shown on the track.

In most cases, at this point in the development process you would see a camo wrap to make it hard to determine the exact shape of the prototype.

In Porsche Taycan’s case, their camouflage is bolted on plastic pieces in a number of areas.

If it is only $50K, I would buy one too.

But I seriously doubt it. Then again, if I have to ask, then I probably can’t afford one.

three trim levels starting at $85k-ish (before addendum for market demand of course)

They did not give numbers, but I would be amazed if this did not jump up to being one of the top sellers of porsche. Of course, that would be at the cost of other porsche sales.

The Panama will be the first victim.

I see this car bringing a lot of new buyers to Porsche.. Just like the I-Pace is doing for Jaguar. I have talked to dozens of people with I-Pace orders, not one is a past Jaguar customer.

does it come with dula motors or dual motors?

Some of this just sounds goofy: The only thing I don’t like about my 2014 Cadillac ELR are the silly CUE gesture – operated controls. I’m in line with the typical Cadillac buyer who gives the lowest marks for the “Cadillac User Experience”. The silly road maps on the screen zap out any detail (including EVERY SINGLE ROAD) if you zoom out to see where you are. My 2011 VOLT had 10 times better navigation. WHY OH WHY do they do such bone-headed things? You might say, if I don’t like it why did I buy it? The answer is the basic car is fantastic – its the junk toys they include with the car that are annoying in the extreme, and the simple fact is there is nothing like it on the market, with the exception of other used ELRs. The other point is – there are so FEW plug in models that I’d consider purchasing, and the choice nowadays is in a sense worse than it was years ago. No affordable roadster apparently ever will be made again, and only one low cost long range vehicle, which happens to be my other car. Trying to anticipate what the… Read more »

Mission E was a much much coooler name!

VW group will sell only a max of 100/month, so don’t bet on it and it may cost $150K. As usual the media will call it Tesla killer. How many Tesla killers has committed suicide.

Similar specs to a Model 3 performance edition:
Four doors and four single seats
over 500 km (310 miles) driving range
All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering
zero to 100 km/h acceleration in under 3.5 seconds

Gosh, I didn’t know the Model 3 had four-wheel steering.

Or”holograms”, lol.

DC charge capability :
350kW for the Taycan,
120kW for the Model 3.

At what cost?

Battery longevity or energy density?

We don’t know the charge rate of the Taycan yet… And we don’t know the true charge rate of the Model 3 either, since thus far it’s limited by the chargers.

Of course the Taycan should charge faster — but by how much, we do not know.

We can do it, so lets do it.

Is there anyone but the most diehard Tesla cultist (all of which seem to hang out here) who would seriously claim that the 3 or S is a better looking car than the Porsche?

Let’s see when the production car comes out. The Mission E is much better looking than a Model S but a Model S is much better looking than a Panamara. The Taycan test mule looks like an Audi A7 with a 911 front and back facia.

We can do it, so lets do it.

The S is definitely better looking than the old Panamara, but not the new one, and certainly not the hatchback one. The Taycan isn’t going to look just like the concept, but it’s still going to be a beautiful car, and being a Porsche, the driving experience will be amazing. Given the S’s 6-year-old (going on 7) design, there’s just no comparison. That’s where Musk’s “no need to redesign – it’s always updating OTA!” concept is going to really falter; the rest of the auto world offers a fresh physical take ever six years or so, while Tesla continues the same dated, well-worn-bar-of-soap design language year after year.

Similar specs to the performance version of the Model 3:
Four doors and four single seats
over 500 km (310 miles) driving range
All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering
zero to 100 km/h acceleration in under 3.5 seconds

So, is this a free reservation, or do you have to put money down?

Put $5000 deposit at my dealer, already were 33 people ahead of me at my dealer.

In Belgium the deposit is indeed also € 5000. A friend of mine visited a local dealer past march and would have been around 10th in line at the dealer at that moment. estimated cost of the vehicle was more than € 100.000.

Can you order them in the UK yet?