Porsche Taycan Factory To Help Clean The Air

JAN 23 2019 BY MARK KANE 18

Even the walls will fight with air pollution

Porsche is testing an unusual solution to keep the air fresh and healthy. The idea is to use nitrogen dioxide-absorbing surface technology on buildings.

At first, small parts of the facade of the new factory built for production of the Porsche Taycan was covered with the absorbing material. Depending on results, entire buildings will be covered, which in theory could bring similar effect like having a small forest at the factory.

“The facade elements are made of aluminium coated with titanium dioxide. The coating acts as a catalyst and breaks down the absorbed pollutant particles into the harmless substances water and nitrate when exposed to sunlight and with only low air humidity. In a first pilot project, Porsche is testing the NOx-absorbing high-tech facade on an area of 126 square metres. This design already performs the work of ten trees on an area with a size of just ten parking spaces. “

Albrecht Reimold, Member of the Executive Board responsible for Production and Logistics at Porsche AG said:

“If the evaluation of the results confirms our expectations, nothing stands in the way of using nitrogen oxide-absorbing surface technology on other buildings and surfaces,”.

“Sustainability is a big picture that is made up of many individual elements,” explains Albrecht Reimold. “We are therefore continuously thinking about the measures that we can implement to ensure greater sustainability in our actions – throughout the entire value chain.” A new factory is currently being built at the Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen for the first electric Porsche, which will make its debut towards the end of the year. Production of the Porsche Taycan will be CO2-neutral. “We are consistently pursuing our objective of sports car production completely without any ecological footprint,” continues Albrecht Reimold.

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“This design already performs the work of ten trees on an area with a size of just ten parking spaces.” Hmm… I think planting ten trees would be better, but I guess they don’t have enough space for that. I check out the map of Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, and it is pretty tight. That facade is still a sensible solution. Kudos to Porsche for doing for the environment.

Birds and squirrels share your thought!

That’s good. It does make one wonder where all the excess nitrogen oxide came from in the first place.

Diesel engines that are very popular in Germany produce nitrogen oxides which are a problem especially in urban areas.

So in other words, white paint on aluminum panels? Titanium dioxide is the base pigment of white paint. Aluminum oxidizes in air in seconds. Someone explain to us this chemistry where two oxides can somehow attract and react with a third oxide, because I’m not seeing a chemical reaction here, just a media reaction. This is total white-washing.

the applicable lines:
Vehicle exhaust gases contain nitrogen oxides (NOx), which cause acid rain and smog. The air purifying concrete contains titanium dioxide, a photocatalytic material that removes the nitrogen oxides from the air and converts them with the aid of sunlight into harmless nitrate.

I was thinking about the same thing, they need other ingredients as well but I know that universities have worked with coatings that can remove NOx from the air.
Somewhere during the translation or what ever, something is missing here.

Please use google, plenty of studies talking of TiO2 used as a catalyst for NOx when applied to a substrate, here is an example:

Thanks for helping me search. I did look, didn’t get very far. Chemistry is not an area of expertise for me.

Does that mean the TiO2 encased inside dry white paint does nothing because the air cannot easily reach the TiO2 particles?

Exactly. In normal paint the pigments are encapsulated in a polymer binding it all together.

Hale and México does not compute in my head.
I’ve only been to see the pyramids in the forest/jungle, been to a huge citrus fruit farm, and scuba diving. Lots of tropical fruits, and cactus in the drier regions. They really have problems with hale in Mexico?
I also took a drive from the US to México, when I was in California. Hot and dry.
Maybe tropical places have more problems with hale then we do in Norway. Here I’ve seen nothing bigger then a large blueberry.
Probably a bummer if a few thousand new vehicles get dents in the roof.

Knowing the VaporWare company they tested these panels and made a comparison With a couple of monkeys.

This is just a bit strange. As the previous poster said, talk about the Taycan and EVs and plant some trees if you must 🙂

Stuttgart is one of the greenest cities there is. There are trees where ever a tree fits.
Trees don’t help against nitrous oxide and are actually themselves producers of fine particulates. Still, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I tried a few places, I always come back.

Ok, if “car production completely without any ecological footprint” is not enough of a BS greenwashing red flag… TiO2 has been commonly used for decades in building material, often associated with that “new building smell” of freshness. It works, for a while, but literally no new ground broken here from what I can tell. New “nano-particle” versions are being developed for use with improved performance but the useful effective life of a TiO2 coating on a building surface may be as short as a few months at best in direct sunlight. Oh and it’s a carcinogen, so there is that too.

This is such a far cry from any meaningful changes like running the factory on distributed on-site solar, wind, or grid hydro. Establishing a lithium battery recycling program… or any number of things that actually have some measurable sustainability impact. Porsche, your potential customers deserve better than this greenwashing nonsense. I want you to sell every one of those 40k Taycans next year, give those other T-named haters something to drive around. But somebody needs to rein in your marketing department before you lose credibility in this space.

I guess as a personal choice you could also spray yourself with some sunscreen before leaving the house. TiO2 is the typical particle used to block the UV light 🙂 I fully agree this just sounds ridiculous, focus on the real issues and with the Diesel phase out and Taycan they are on a good way.