Porsche Taycan Debut And Launch Information Unveiled?


We may finally have some much-anticipated information about the Porsche Taycan reveal and deliveries.

Porsche’s first all-electric car is coming, and many people are extremely excited about its potential. So much so, that orders are already sold out for at least the first year. Reports say that Porsche plans to build about 40,000 cars initially, however, it seems they’re all spoken for at this point.

When it comes to any brand under the VW Group umbrella, announcements are plenty, but action is almost non-existent. Not to mention, details change on a more-than-regular basis. However, the story has seemed to play out a bit differently with regard to the upcoming Porsche Taycan. Nonetheless, we can only wait and see how reality plays out in comparison to the announcements and media push.

At this point, we have no official debut date from Porsche, nor do we know when the automaker will officially begin deliveries. Fortunately, our friends over at Hybrid Cars were apprised of some information on the Taycan EV Forum. The site came across a tweet from a user whose Porsche rep leaked some new details about the upcoming performance EV’s timeline.

It claims that the Taycan will be unveiled this coming September, with deliveries starting in January 2020. As Hybrid Cars points out, the Frankfurt Motor Show is in September, so this might be the case. We’ve embedded the tweet below:

Source: hybridCARS

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Rennlist has at least one story of dealers reportedly sending back deposits many months ago. Each franchise likely has some latitude in how it handles things.

It appears this is at the dealership level and the link isn’t even entirely clear if dealer gave it back or if the customer requested the deposit back…

To pre-order one or to receive a refund, you’d go here, not to the dealer:


Filling out that form means your local Porsche dealer will contact you and proceed from there to determines if you can even make a deposit to reserve a build. You can’t “pre-order” online like a Tesla and you definitely can’t get a refund without a discussion.

That guy! LOL. He thinks he is buying a Ford Focus and the dealers should beg for his money.

I think that was already clear because basically, every German car magazine predicted that. Nonetheless, it´s actually very interesting to see the car being launched exactly 4 years after the prototype (Frankrurt 2015). I hope they knock it out of the park with this one.

it’s PORSCHE, they will…..

Right now the Taycan looks competitive, two years from now they will have a LOT of competition. How well would the Taycan fare if the Model 3 beats it on the track, or Tesla decides to give the S track mode?
Porsche has a reputation for getting it right, but this is new territory for them.

Or the Tesla Roadster is on sale by then with its 600 mile range, 1.9 second 0-60 and access to Supercharger V3.

Not same price range.

1.9 is conservative. it will be 1.6 ish

Not with road-legal tyres.

I doubt that a Taycan will have a series EV competitor on track for some years.
Teslas didn’t get any noticeable results on a track by now and I doubt that something will change.

Uh, January 2020 is 10 months from now, not 2 years (assuming they start deliveries in January 2020 as rumors claim).

DOA you sure got a lot of thumbs down for that comment. Nevertheless I think there is good reason for people to be skeptical of the Taycan performance. There hasn’t been an EV from the legacy car companies that has really lived up to the hype and Tesla seems to be moving the goal posts at an rapid clip. Just compare the changes in the Model 3. Last year I needed to replace a car so I bought a Bolt because the M3 was out of my price range. Prices have dropped, the base model 3 has a much nicer finish and the glass roof, and now the M3 charges at 5 times the rate of my Bolt. Ouch!

Stop dreaming. No way a Tesla can beat a Porsche on a track

And we all drive on the track each and every day, to work and back, to do our errands…

Not the point.

“Tesla decides to give the S track mode?”

Track mode will do nothing for that. Tesla GT is a racing series with Tesla S rebuilt for racing. Yet the car still over heats after 5 km. Racing series postponed again…


Meanwhile within less of a year since it market lauch Jaguar has a running racing series with I-Pace.

This and the ID3 will be the stars in the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Porsche is cool, but the ID3 could be the real star and game changer. Something to look forward to in September.

From article: “… claims the Taycan will be unveiled this coming September, with deliveries starting in January 2020…”

Hopefully the rumor is true… looking forward to seeing Porsche Taycan join the INSIDEEVs Plug-In Sales Scorecard!

So we’ll stop seeing photos of the sexy Mission E in stories about the Taycan by September?

The production version wont be much different judging by the teaser photos at the end of the teaser video that Porsche released.

Of course they are sold out for the year, as they’re not making any, or was that for the first year of production, which would be what 2020. I think we can dispense with the sold-out meme, until the car is actually being produced. Plus I doubt they make 40k in the first year of production anyway, maybe 20k, regardless of demand.

They are not Tesla, I think the know how to launch cars from production perspective. If 40k are planned and the demand is 40k. They will deliver 40k.

You mean like Jaguar and Audi knew how to launch cars?…

Yawn, QUOTE=deliveries starting in January 2020. We will see if they produce them and how many. When will we see them available in Arizona a non ZEV state?

If you order today and buy a high level trim, maybe 2 years?

I very much doubt Porsche will limit deliveries to ZEV states. This is clearly not a compliance car.

So it is still almost a year away.

The “sold out” claim was for a production of 20,000 — which is why they increased to 40,000.

This article “unveils” an image of the 2014/15 design study?
The E body was beautiful………and Porsche led us on for 4 years with it.
Today however It appears the “Taycan” will be a significant disappointment.