Porsche Taycan Owners Get 3 Years Of Free Electrify America Charging

JAN 28 2019 BY MARK KANE 99

Porsche will launch Taycan with a free charging package in the U.S.

Porsche Cars North America announced an agreement with Electrify America (both part of Volkswagen Group) so that the Porsche Taycan model will come with three years of free charging (“unlimited 30-minute charging” sessions“) at Electrify America network in the U.S.

Just 4 minute of charging will be enough to replenish up to 60 miles (96 km) of range at 350 kW station.

The benefit will be included in the price of the car, of course. The price currently is $1.00 per session plus from $0.30 to $0.35 per minute. Idle fee is $0.40 per minute (if applicable).

Owners of the Taycan will also get access to fast chargers at all 191 Porsche dealers in the U.S. More than 120 dealers will install Porsche Turbo Charging stations (up to 320 kW), while the rest will get base 50 kW chargers. The investment in charging infrastructure will be about $70 million, which is on average more than $350,000 per dealer. The first Porsche Turbo Chargers are already installed at the Porsche Experience Center (PEC) in Atlanta.

Electrify America’s plan is to install 484 ultra-fast charging stations with more than 2,000 individual chargers by July 1, 2019 under the first phase of the grand plan ordered after VW’s dieselgate scandal.

  • more than 300 highway stations in 42 states (a minimum of two 350 kW chargers per site, with additional chargers delivering up to 150 kW)
  • more than 180 sites in 17 metro areas (up to 150 kW)

Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA said:

“Every Porsche is a sports car with soul, and the Taycan is soul electrified. Together, Electrify America and our Porsche dealer network will provide a national infrastructure for DC fast charging that frees future Taycan owners from range anxiety. And Porsche home charging technology will turn the customer’s garage into the equivalent of a personal gas station.”

The third part of the Porsche’s plan is home charging – the offer to be announced later this year.

“Most cars spend 95 percent of their time parked at home or at work, so new charging options for the Taycan will include a Porsche-designed home system. Details of the system and installation options will follow soon.”

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No surprise. All VW related EVs will probably get free charging on EA.

Agreed, could buy this Porsche and literally have no expenses other than buying the car for the first 3 years of ownership. I hope other VWs do this as well. Would go a long way to get people to buy your brand.

Yup. We’re going to see rich guys driving Turdcan wasting their lives away waiting at DCFC for their daily fill of “free”.

If it was 50 kW CCS I would agree, but with 350 kW it takes 15 minutes to charge most of the way, not much longer than a gas fill. More likely it means commercial users renting it on Turo or other services like Lyft and taking advantage of free charging (unless Porsche explicitly blocks that).

Apparently, you don’t know the power of free. Many (or even most) free charging Leaf and i3 I encounter already have over 70%, yet they sit around for full 30 minutes. It won’t matter even if it’s 2.4 jigawatts, they will waste full 30 minutes of their lives and those waiting around them, sometime multiple 30 minutes.

I agree people get strange with free items, I have seen people wait in line for an hour for a $1 Jimmy John’s sub (nonsensical given value of a sub). However, I think those cars will be different than Taycan drivers.

More likely the problem will be a Leaf charging on the CHADEMO connected to the 350 kW charger, blocking your Taycan from charging. I am glad they have pretty high minute fees to reduce that.

That is why they only provide a single Chademo which also isn’t attached to a HPC unit.

Fair enough, but my understanding is the units mostly have 2 cables on each, so two CCS or 1 CCS and 1 Chademo, and they can only charge one at a time, so say waiting for an i3 on the 350 kW charger. Same difference.

I think there’s no reason to. The fast chargers aren’t going to be very crowded for a few years and three gimmick generates a lot of publicity. I think plenty of Porsche buyers will gladly pay $1000 extra upfront and eventually recuperate on average $200 of it, because they love that feeling of being privileged, and they will feel it every time they “charge for free”. Haven’t you seen how the same gimmick worked for Tesla?

I don’t think so. This is probably the user segment least sensitive to price, and we can expect them to use chargers inefficiently regardless of pricing model..!

But it’s not like there will be 100k Taycans on US roads in 2019. It’s perfectly fine to have this free charging gimmick for a little while, and it’ll get them lots of publicity.

In nearly four years of my only car being electric I guesstimate my accumulated spending on fast charging is about $120. Granted, my Leaf doesn’t inspire me to take road trips in the way a Taycan would, but on the other hand a Taycan wouldn’t need any fast charging on the trips I’ve taken with the Leaf. For people who aren’t often going really far this if definitely just a gimmick.

@ boltEv. I guess you’ve never been to Tesla supercharging stations in California before.

I guess you’ve never seen my posting about Supercharging clogging before. Go check out the one in San Diego in plugshare if you want to see Tesla problem. Then compare to this CCS site, also i San Diego.


sorry Electrify America network is closed for renovation, please refill at TESLA supercharger, Porsche will give you back the money in porsche related items coupon to buy bags, glasses, and shoes…. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

I noticed Chevelrot do something similar with the volt and bolt. Install charging stations at their dealerships. Having owned a Volt I never found convience in going back to the dealership every time. If you seek out a map displayed Tesla Super Chargers they have been brilliantly planned out. In Bolingbrook Il I have more Level ll chargers in a 10 miles than anywhere else.

I hope they add I 80 East/West across WY in 2019… Might make or break my decision to go CCS or Tesla…

They won’t build in WY, or a number of northern tier states. ID,MT,ND,SD. Just look at the map they have on their website, that big blank space, that is where you live.

I don’t live there, I drive through there (I am from WY though). They will build them, just not part of the first phase I think. My point is I want to see what they are doing as part of the second phase. The second phase will likely be complete before I buy another EV, so have plenty of time and will know when I decide between a Model Y or ID Crozz.

That map is wild, because instead of “bridging” cities together, it is strictly city chargers!?!
Every city is more likely an origin, where the highways between eastern sea-board cities are where these chargers should, for instance, exist.


In this day when EV compete on their own merits, giving free charging signifies how crappy their EV offering is. Turdcan must be just as crappy as Leaf to resort to such gimmick.

Free charging SUCKS!!!!

It’s their way to draw in the sales, but I totally agree it’s crappy. I wish VW and other EV manufacturers would do something like half price for charging. Otherwise DCFC get clogged up by freeloaders, and that’s uncalled for.

They are bad when there are a lot of cars, but short term free charging not so bad. These are limited to 30 min sessions, which seems very reasonable.

Unlimited 30 minutes. That means you plug in for 30 minutes, unplug and plug in again for another 30 minutes and repeat. I had this happen few times with some ass-hat wanting to charge to 100% with his tapered to hell Leaf.

Not really a problem with the Taycan since it will charge fully in 30 minutes.

There will be 50 kW chargers that Turdcan will also use. That will require two 30 minute sessions to full. Also unknown how it’ll taper after 80%. It may need three!

It really isn’t free just like SuperChargers aren’t free. The price is just bundled into the price of the car. Given 90% of charging is done at home and I rarely see Porsches out on the open road (normally in city limits). Porsche is actually being a little sneaky because the buyers are paying upfront for a service they might use 10% of the time.

Every “free charging” is pre-paid charging, Tesla or Nissan or Porsche. Turdcan buyers are going to get their money’s worth by charging as often as they can on “free”.

I have a Supercharger 10 min from me. Put in about a year ago. I went there once because I was on the way home but had to kill 15 min. I wanted to find out exactly where it was also in case I ever needed it.
Don’t brush such a broad stroke.
I have FUSC (free unlimited supercharging). Low on battery, I can easily get 100 kw which is $11 an hour (but not for a full hour). Strangely that has never tempted me… I can tell you that we have a lot of Teslas in my area and it is never full – despite its convenient location and upscale mall attached.

Anecdote means nothing. Much of Supercharger clogging is due to free chargers which shows even people who drive $75K to $150K EV lose their minds when it comes to “free”.

It’s obvious from your comments you don’t know the typical Porsche owner and for some reason have a big issue with Taycan. Why are you so upset with this car?

Could he be a Tesla fanboi?

His attitude towards a car model that he has never test drove, set in, or even seen detailed photos of the production version is really weird and immature.

I agree, free charging sucks. The rest however is nonsense. Tesla cars must be just crappy if free charging “signifies” such a thing.

Hopefully they’ll limit this to Porsche. The pricing model that’s been announced ($1 startup free + $0.30-0.35 per minute charging + $0.40 per minute idling) is well structured, although I personally think the prices may be too low. A twenty minute session without any idling then comes out to $7-8, and will be great value for cars that utilize the charger well, but less so if you’re charging at 25 kW. That’s exactly as it ought to be.

e-tron comes with free charging at EA stations up to 1000 kWh as well, so more limited (not unlimited like Porsche).

I imagine a varying level of free charging for various models. Great way to add incentives if issues selling certain models, etc.

Right. All the same mother-ship of vehicles … it’s all good with the low volume models, like e-Tron or Taycan, but wait when VW does that with ID ….( I know you cannot wait, for VW to actually deliver and shock us), and you will not like it, if you ever get stock behind someone who is just topping off because it’s free, not because they need it. BTW, there’s also a difference if city sponsors a charger owned by ChargePoint, thus making it free for anyone with EV. City’s incentive, fair and square (in early stages of EV adoption, I think it helps) … yet here we have Electrify America handing out (not literally) free charging to certain brands? … or what’s the rule who get’s it and who doesn’t? Does Audi and Porsche pay, the same rate as everyone else would if they charge there? How about another brand approaching them with the same request? …. all kinds of cans of worms is being opened here, in my opinion. I also thought, foolishly, I guess, that the more expensive the vehicle is the less likely that an owner cares about free, but more likely cares more about access… Read more »

Has there been any announcements that the VW’s will have free charging? Personally unless I had a reason to be there I would rather just charge at home rather than sit somewhere while waiting for a free topoff.

Exactly, it is irrelevant to me. The EA chargers are $1 plus $0.35/min in my area (they vary slightly around the country). A 30 min session would cost less than $12 and would be anywhere from 25 kWh to 75 kWh using one of the slower chargers and up to 175 kWh on the 350 kW charger, but realistically you use that one for 15 minutes tops so it would be only be $6.25 for about 88 kWh.

$6.25 for roughly 200-300 miles range (2.1 cents per mile)? Done. The 50 kW charging is a terrible deal though as it would be about $11.5 for maybe 60-75 miles range (15 cents per mile).

Realistically though, if I get one of the new VW ID models with around 125 kW charging, that is a fairly reasonable 6 cents per mile or so. This all assumes you charge where there is minimal taper, say running roughly from 20% to 70% or so.

Totally agree Terawatt. And regarding price, $0.35 a minute isn’t bad either. At 4 NOK per minute (what network providers in Norway charge) that’s $0.48 USD per minute.

Well, there’s a difference between Electrify America charging network and Tesla. The first one is supposed to advance the charging ballgame for everyone, regardless brand of EV car. Tesla’s network was always meant for Tesla’s cars only, unless hell freezes over (so far has not as we know it …) so what they do on their network is their busines and nobody elses.

I don’t think it’s a problem with low volume Taycan, but if VW does the same thing when they more affordable model is out …. it will become a problem very quickly.

Anyways, we will have to see.

“Tesla cars must be just crappy if free charging “signifies” such a thing.”

Early Tesla were crappy, hence the need to attach a gimmick. As they got better, they removed free charging.

If Supercharger clogging in the past (and present) is any indication, it’s that people who buy $75K-$100K cars will still abuse free charging.

“Turdcan”? What’s with this juvenile name calling?

It’s a fitting name, Turdcan, since Porsche must think the car is a turd. Otherwise, why resort to free charging gimmick?

Don’t be ridiculous.
It is just a bonus perk like providing free roadside assistance for several years (which is common now), or GM giving buyers of their cars several months of free OnStar service.

Porsche planned production of the Taycan went from 20k to 30k and then to 40k based on reservations, before they announced free charging. So it is something they wanted to do, they didn’t have to “resort to” it.

BTW, Tesla offered free supercharging for 6 months with a referral code up until a few days ago. And the free supercharging for life (for S and X) didn’t end until 31 December 2017.

EA charging network is not to be completed until 2025, maybe, not July 2019.
A few questions to ask would how many of each type of charger have been installed so far, at how many locations. Simply extrapolating forward would indicate that someone got their wires crossed if they think or say that 484 charging stations will be up and working by this Summer.
My thought is it will take until 2028 for them to get that many charging stations, 484 on line, as this coincides with the required time frame.
“with more than 2,000 individual chargers by July 1, 2019 under the first phase of the grand plan,”
So if this is phase one, then what about the other three phases. Would that be another 2k individual chargers in each of those phases for a grand total of 8k across America.

“Under a consent decree with the EPA and California, the company agreed to spend $2 billion over 10 years to build a nationwide charging network for electric cars.” Green Car Reports.

Completely wrong. They do the installations in cycles… the map is just for cycle 1 until mid-2019.

That’s 300 + 184 = 484 locations with about 2000 DC chargers just for cycle 1.

O, I know that’s what they say they will do. I don’t buy it.
So 2k by this Summer, and 3 more phases with around the same number installed would be 8k, when completed, in 10 years. How is that completely wrong.
The key word Is planned. Well we planned to have etc…

“O, I know that’s what they say they will do. I don’t buy it.”

Skepticism is good, but you have to keep in mind that all those upcoming VW Group EVs are counting on the chargers being installed. So there is strong motivation/incentive to get it done on time.

Skepticism about VW is worthwhile, because you have to keep in mind that all those legacy ICE and fossil-fuel proponents are counting on the chargers being inadequate to “prove” their claim EVs are a boondoggle. So there is strong motivation/incentive to get EVs and chargers done poorly, scarce, and late.

Not for VW. They need the electric vehicles to help recover their image. Other companies? Sure, GM has delayed investing in charging saying it isn’t their business, etc.

Since when do fossil fuel interests care about VW’s image?

EA is a compliance network. We’ve seen “compliance EVs” meet the rules just barely but by design their utility is limited to pose no threat to its makers’ revenue.

EA’s #1 priority is to satisfy the court mandate, and lawyers and government, with the last word on whether EA complies, always always deprioritize practical utility for the end user. VW has every financial motivation to comply as slowly as possible.

EA is only a compliance network. Time & again “compliance EVs” meet the rules just barely but by design their utility is limited to prolong their ICE cash cow. Similarly:

EA’s #1 priority is to satisfy the court mandate, and lawyers and government, with the last word on whether EA complies, always always deprioritize practical utility for the end user. VW has every financial motivation to comply as slowly as possible and no more.

From their website, “As noted above, Electrify America will establish ZEV Investment Plans for three additional 30-month cycles. ”

And (3 x 30 months) / 12 = 7.5 years.
So not 10 years.

And what is so difficult that you think they will miss targets on their plan?

Because EA’s #1 priority is to satisfy VW’s court mandate, and lawyers and government, with the last word on whether EA complies, always always deprioritize practical utility for the end user. VW has every financial motivation to comply as slowly as they can get away with and no more. If EA falls behind the “plans”, VW applies to the court for an extension, which takes months to litigate, buying EA & VW even more time. What’s so difficult with seeing how VW can exploit the glacial nature of the courts?

You wrote:

“My thought is it will take until 2028 for them to get that many chargers, 484 on line,”

That’s an exact quote of what you wrote and it’s wrong – they will install these chargers much earlier (in cycle 1 out of 4 cycles).

They may be a few months late (so maybe late 2019 instead of mid-2019) to install all 450+ chargers for cycle 1, but it will certainly not take them until 2028.

It’s all on their website – including progress week by week on the map.

Right. If anything it’ll take til this Fall to get the 484 locations.

The other phases aren’t totally planned yet as they need to see where weaknesses in the network are after the first phase.

Considering they have about 222 charging stations showing under construction or completed now on plug share since about Sep, no reason to see that they aren’t on track for summer to have 484. With how these stations are rolling out well before the launch of their EVs, they have time to work out kinks (like the supplier of the charging cable issue).

Good luck with that. Didn’t Electrify America just shut down all of their high power chargers? When is everyone going to just give up the fight with Tesla and join them for their superchargers? The EV world would be a much better place.

What? They will just need to update / exchange the liquid-cooled cables (supplied by Huber+Suhner of Switzerland) because of a potential safety issue.

Nobody wants to license Tesla’s network(s). The Western countries and car makers have long decided on the CCS standard.

At up to 350kW it’s beyond Tesla’s speeds already.

The Porsche Taycan is one of the first cars able to use the full charging speeds – many more cars to follow charging at 150-350kW.

Some 150kW cars (Audi e-tron etc.) will even arrive earlier.

It will be years before more than even a few cars can use that, meanwhile Tesla is ramping up their SC with updated ones. Most cars can only charge at around 120, currently.
If you currently own an ev, that high charge rate is pointless.

“If you currently own an ev, that high charge rate is pointless.”

They are NOT pointless because they will charge these (older) cars as well – with lower charging speeds.

At 150-350kW these new stations are future-proof.

It’s just amazong to see Tesla fanboys rally against fast EV charging because Musk and Tesla are late on their “SuperCharger 3” promises.

The rest of the world has moved on – CCS at up to 350kW it is for long-range EV passenger cars!

So you’re saying that they should design and build semi-permanent infrastructure to work only on the cars that are on the road today and then need to upgrade them later? I would think it would make a little more sense to do a bit of future-proofing. If your car can’t handle that higher rate you can still use the charger as obviously the car sets how much it will accept.

Ffbj elitist at its finest

It’s not known if the cables need to be changed at all. They recommended the shutdown as a precautionary measure. Presumably they’ll find out exactly what happened and from that be able to decide if there is any reason for concern with respect to the installed cables (which are not the same product as the prototype which shorted). IF the cable has to be replaced it might take a bit of time, because there’s a lot of testing to do all over again if they modify the design. The cable is tested in isolation, but there’s also “integration tests” that verify it’s behaving when installed — on several different charging stations. Anyway, Tesla joining CCS is rather more likely than the other way around. They’ve already been members of the CCS alliance for years, have switched Model 3 to CCS in Europe, and surely will also use CCS in Europe on future models. My guess is they’ll want to do the same in the US when fast CCS becomes more widespread. Electrify America is seeing to that. Presumably if this happens, Tesla will sell off its supercharger network. As we’ve already seen in Europe, it’s not a big deal to… Read more »

Make a nice profit

The safety issue was a pre production plug at a non commercial charger. It’s why overblown on thier part. Bird flu all over again

There was one incident in which a charger equipped with a prototype of the Huber+Suhner high-power liquid-cooled cable short-circuited. It happened in Germany and nobody were injured. Huber+Suhner, the manufacturer of the cable, recommended that all chargers equipped with the production version of the same cable be shut down while they figure out what happened and decide what should be done.

Here’s the press release:

Thanks for the information.

Huber+Suhner already completed the tests, the fault/problem wasn’t in their liquid–cooled cables:


Summary: They will inform their partners that they can greenlight these charging stations again.

What a foolish idea. Tesla has ZERO charging points able to deliver 800 V.

Yeah, and the reality is there will need to be 350 kW fast chargers for EV pickup trucks.

Indeed and for buses and trucks.

Gaining 150 miles of range in 10 minutes is awesome. I am feeling tempted to go for a Taycan instead of a Rivian truck. I guess they should be about the same price even though the truck will have longer range and better acceleration.

Both are very cool. Clearly you don’t need either, but enjoy yourself. Why not one of each? Isn’t that the American way?

Yes it is, because we Americans work so hard. Why? For stuff.

Other countries, they work. They stroll home. They stop at the cafe. They take the whole month of August off. Off! Why are they like that?

Why aren’t we like that? Because we’re crazy, driven, hard working believers. That’s why. Those other countries think we’re nuts. Whatever.

It’s pretty simple. You work hard. You create your own luck. And you’ve got to believe that anything is possible.

As for all the stuff, that’s the upside of only taking two weeks off in August.


Other countries, you mean like Korea and Mexico that rank highest in working hours vs US that’s barely above OECD average?


No, the real American way is to collect all of the different designs out-there, remember “He who dies with the most cars wins”, or something like that.

Other than for safety/last resort reasons, why insist on DC fast charging at a dealer? Is that were drivers want to drive to, let along hang out for 30 minutes? I could see perhaps from the service perspective to have charging, but is high power DC necessary at a dealer?

I hope Porsche is paying Electrify America for the usage from day 1.

I’m not surprised if Electrify America and Porsche say it’s an agreement between the two to promote EV charging, and there is no cost to Porsche.

EA is a wholly owned subsidiary of VW AG, as is Porsche, so really irrelevant what they do. Knowing how corporations work, they probably pay internally anyway for budgeting reasons.


Porsche is owned by VW, if EA open up free charging to Porsche but not others, it’s unfair competition

EA is owned by VW

Only if the court mandate says so

They are owned by the same group

I think electrify America super charging locations are going to be great for the electric car future. My Tesla 85S charges just fine at the current Tesla supercharger‘s. I’m really not going to haggle over 10 or 15 minutes. 98% of my charging is done In my garage. When I travel I know I’m going to have to add a little bit a time for charging.

EA is building like crazy near me. They have a 6 CCS / 1 CHAdeMO setup opening near my house and another 7 CCS/ 1 CHAdeMO opening 15 miles north of it. There is also a 12 station supercharger 3 miles from my house.

Is it better to have higher numbers of chargers or more locations? It will interesting to see how it works out.

I would imagine a higher number of chargers at locations that are expected to be busy and in more remote locations more locations with less chargers per location.

More profit for Porsche if HPC chargers are shut down e.g. due to problems with the cable 😉


PS: I find that chargers quite expensive. The fee for Ionity HPC chargers is currently 8EUR/CHF/GBP, obviously without any time fee.

A really funny time to announce this, while almost the entire network is down, potentially for weeks. Also, unless Porsche has magically solved the battery damage issue they are going to have a lot of angry customers with very limited range.

Yes , the largest car company in the world hasn’t taken that into account…./s

Notice the chargers at Porsche dealerships, the fastest ones the Taycan will (someday) use, are excluded from the 3-year free deal because they’re separate from the EA network. So the chargers Taycan drivers really want won’t be discounted anyway, so this “free” deal doesn’t move the needle for them.

There are already around 400 350 kW charger installed in the US. Every station has 2 and there are already over 200 stations done or nearing completion (by summer there should be about 900 of the 350 kW chargers installed and operational). The dealer network is separate private network for Porsche dealers, whom I suspect will offer free charging to Taycan owners.

Nope, it was reported in Jalopnik last year:
Porsche has no interest in offering access to its upcoming network of fast chargers for free, reports Electrek. Lutz Meschke, deputy chairman of Porsche’s executive board, reportedly said that Porsche felt Tesla’s approach wasn’t sustainable, the EV enthusiast website reported.

“Yes, but it was only free for a while,” Meschke said. “You can not run things like this, you have to earn money from these services.”

Based on that EA map, EA has a lot of catching up to do. Those green dots tell me I can’t use EA to complete the 4847-mile all-electric family road trip I did last summer:


particularly our visit to Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Bighorn National Forest, Devil’s Tower, Mt Rushmore, Wind Cave, and Scotts Bluff.

Those EA green dots aren’t even good enough for the 2824-mile all-electric family road trip I did in 2016:


like Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Natural Bridges, Mesa Verde, and Canyonlands.
How many years will it be before EA reaches where Superchargers could reach in 2016?

However, they fill a lot of gaps in CCS. Just 2 years ago I wouldn’t have been able to drive a Tesla outside my home area, now I can.

That doesn’t answer my question.

don’t really care. Not planning to take my Taycan on a cross country trip anyway.

That seems like it conflicts with the legal requirements of the dieselgate settlement that their mandated EA chargers be neutral to all makes of cars.

This makes it so that non-Porsche owners are subsidizing Porsche EV owners by being the ones paying into the network, while Porsche owners don’t pay.

Nice to see they only made it 3 years instead of like Tesla giving the store away forever on their early stuff.

yes is free because Electrify America is closed for renovation LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL