Porsche Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Designing Mission E – Video


Porsche Mission E Design

Porsche Mission E Design

With the release of the all-electric Porsche based on the Concept Study Mission E drawing near (launch expected before 2020), Porsche decided to take us behind the scenes of both the exterior and interior design of this electric sports car.

Video description:

“No matter what we build, it will always be a sports car. A fact readily apparent when looking at the design of our Concept Study Mission E. Get behind the scenes of the Porsche Design Studio in this video to learn more about the exterior and interior design.”

Codenamed J1, Porsche says that the Mission E will meet or beat the specs listed below when it launches:

  • 500 km (310 mile) all-electric range
  • 0-100 km (62 mph) in “under 3.5 seconds
  • over 600 hp (440 kW) via two motors
  • 4 seats
  • 200 kmh (124 mph) in under 12 seconds.

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How Much will it cost ? $250 to $300,000?….L M A 0….It’s a Porsche ! 0ur well cared for pampered 944s Was a nightmare car. I hope the quality has improved…

deborah crazy train flower power

Talk about get up and go…If it actually has the powerful drive they say it does…

310 miles of range … NEDC miles most likely, so maybe 200-220 miles real world/EPA range. And poorer performance than a Tesla Model S P90DL. Which is already available. And no Porsche Supercharger network either.
Way to go.

Thx .., I’M 0UT!…..As a rule., All German cars are grossly 0VERPRCED ! Pay more get Less!

Their are indeed most probably grossly overpriced for your use. For mine, still a bit yes but a bit less so. It all depends on type of roads you are using, speed limits, enforcement of those limits and km you drive each year. I had once in my life a north american designed car I used in Europe and handling was so bad that it was downright dangerous when raining, not to speak of braking power when driving at 85 mph. Now I am sure lots of progress was made since, that was in the 2005. By the way japanese cars were not much better in that field but mega reliable.

I bought years ago a Porsche 911 (997 series) for 45,000 EUR and sold it 10 years later for 45,000 EUR (plus approx. 100,000 Km on the odometer – so I have used the car frequently) and you tell us that German cars are overpriced (and bad value for money)?

Why should I care about a car that I will never be able to afford?

0r even care to afford! They are simply “BAD VALUE”

This is below the bar set by Tesla already, they need to do something better or whats the point. I realise there are people with more money than sense that will buy it because it’s a Porsche but they can only trade on history for so long.

Needs more…can’t think..more..something?

But, German Cowbell is soooo expensive. And this thing will be out years after Model 3.

If it ever sees daylight At All!…which is fine with the Majority…

No, they have repeatedly said they are going to make it, after all. I think they will since reneging now would be even worse.

Beautiful car!

That was quite nasty sarcasm!

Poor Porsche and poor Volkswagen. They have totally lost it.

One of the most beautifull cars ever designed. Needs more of nothing!

She needs a little lypo in the rear. This car has one fat a$$… The taper to the rear of the passenger area, is extreame. Which helps explain why this is just a 4 seater.

I think looks great too, but they do have to make it. I guess that’s what it really needs.
To be made. Cowbell would not help.

800V charging, with no infrastructure and price that I bet will be easily over $200K


It is a cool design, but not sure those headlights will make it out of the wind tunnel.

Mehr Kuhglocke! Nope. That definitely lacks a certain ring to it. Let’s hope that the range figures are EPA and not NEDC. Otherwise, I can’t see justification on styling. GM could figure out a larger motor and more aggressive exterior design on the Bolt by 2020.

Nein, danke.

Most will wind up in the Middle East or China.

I am sure that there will be a version of the model 3 that is quicker.

Some Teslas might be quicker in a straight line, but Porsche’s are always all-round performers that will almost certainly perform better than Tesla’s sedans on a road course. The Model S overheats when its performance is pushed. Maybe the lighter Model 3 will be better in this respect.

As said before, pretty shameful that Porsche is bragging about a future car with mostly inferior specs to an existing car whose’s patents Porsche has access to.


All Our Patents Belong to You from Tesla

How come other car companies can’t make cars as quick or are taking so long to make Ev’s if Tesla is opening their patents to everyone? How can Tesla even survive if it gives away its intellectual knowledge? Is it really because they are attracting all the great engineers? But it seems like their open patent philosophy will just give away all their hard work.

These are honest questions that I can’t quite figure out.

The only thing I can figure out is that other companies don’t want to use Tesla tech in case Tesla changes their mind in the future about keeping their patents open

Tesla makes only ev’s while all the other manufacturers make many types of power-trains: ice, phev’s, hev’s,fcev’s…etc.. So they just can’t compete, as they have all these different power-trains and numerous other models of vehicles, in many segments to make, and that costs money.

Of course is only part of the story. As far as using Tesla’s patents it would just look bad,as companies that said Tesla would fail are now using their patents. A face saving thing. Not definitive, a general view.

Yep, only worse “crime” than being seen copying Tesla, would be paying tesla for access to SC network….

corporate idiots

Or perhaps Tesla’s patents just aren’t as substantial as you think. Remember that other automakers have decades of experience building electric cars. And models like the Audi R8 e-tron prove that others are capable of building EVs with very similar characteristics as the Teslas without problem. And GM has proven that they can build a 200-mile EV at far lower cost than Tesla currently can (yes, the Model 3 will have a similar price, but by then the Bolt will probably have a round of price reductions behind it).

The issue is not so much technology but the business environment.

Just another PR Story to ride the model 3 wave.

Wait, Porsche will build a high performance electric sedan, with a floor-mounted battery and a motor on each axle?

I expect all carmakers to begin producing their own version of a Tesla drivetrain. How can they possibly resist?

What are the safety specs? How many passengers and cargo can it hold? Too bad it’s slower than a Model S and Model X.