Porsche Takes Over Snowy Road To Test Mission E

Black Porsche 911 and Mission E


Porsche Mission E And 911

This Mission E looks a lot like a bigger, four-door 911 in these photos.

Porsche staged a semi-private test of its next-gen vehicles, including the Mission E and future 911, but spy photographers were able to catch the work underway.

Seeing the vehicles together shows their similar design DNA. The Mission E features flatter nose with a fascia that wraps farther around the front end than the 911. However, they start looking much more alike starting from the A-pillar because there is a comparable rake and flowing roof. The Mission E extends the top to allow for an extra set of doors, though, but both models feature a rounded tail.

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E And 911

According to a report from Auto Express, Porsche will target a 310-mile (499kilometer) range from the Mission E. The company’s 800-volt system will allegedly allow for getting 249 miles (400 kilometers) after less than 20 minutes of being plugged in. However, this will potentially only be from the firm’s proprietary chargers. The company will pack the EV with its cutting-edge driver assistance technology, including semi-autonomous capability. A holographic instrument display will possibly be an option, too.

Porsche Mission E And 911

Porsche will offer the Mission E in a variety of power outputs. The base trim will come with 402 horsepower (300 kilowatts) and will carry a price tag starting around $85,000. The mid-range variant will boast 536 hp (400 kW), and the range-topping model will have an impressive 670 hp (500 kW). All of these versions will have all-wheel drive, but the company will potentially introduce less expensive, purely rear-drive version later. More EVs will join the lineup eventually.

Porsche Mission E And 911

Porsche Mission E And 911

Porsche Mission E And 911

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Fastest charging EV on the planet, but needing proprietary chargers to do so.. and not having any proprietary chargers in place.

I’m thinking that could be a problem.

It’s CCS the standard, Porsche happens to be the first manufacturer to use 800V 350kW.
Fast charging networks (planned to be built in Europe…) Ionity, Ultra-E, and MEGA-E will have “up to” 350kW “Ultra-fast” CCS-chargers.
Look e.g. here

typo: the CCS standard

Not really the fastest.
Tesla will have a MW charger out for their trucks. Im guessing that new vehicles like likely use that same charger.
How fast will it go? probably just shy of causing damage to the cells

I didn’t realize they were partnering with a Chinese company. At least I think they are, based on the oddly phrased English and misspelling of their own company name on that sign. :p

I didn’t realize they were partnering with an American company. At least I think they are, based on the oddly phrased English and misspelling.

Only Americans mock others for their English even though they can’t speak a second language. Typical ignorant American comment there.

I note that ignorant stereotypes are not limited only to Americans, evidently. Your ability to paint all Americans with a broad brush belies your pseudo superiority.

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Learning a second language is quite some work, but pays of (not necessarily in $$)..

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I’m sure this time, they’re not monkeying around.

Porsche will maybe be the coolest monkey in the jungle.

I was trying to “monkey” around with words, so as not to go too negative.

In the US, a new documentary just came out on Netflix, called “Dirty Money”. Plenty of news, I won’t link to.

The stuffed monkey should be safe.

Why does the Mission E have dual exhaust?

DF, Dual Flamethrowers?


The two cars in the picture that is captioned 911 and Mission e are neither; they are Porsche SUVs, Macan or Cayanne

The two cars in the bottom picture that is captioned 911 and Mission e are neither; they are Porsche SUVs, Macan or Cayanne

The test mule Mission E seems to have morphed somewhat from its concept shape. A shame, as it looks a bit duller.

It’s essentially a Panamera with the Mission E components, powertrain, etc. The production car will likely be significantly different.

I see. It’s a test mule for the electric drive and other systems. I find the styling of the concept car has a sportier look than any other four door electric sedan to date with the Tesla S a close second. Dreaming again here but wouldn’t a multi make racing series with big electric sedans be neat? Porsche, Tesla, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Mercedes. Like the upcoming Electric GT series but involving more than Teslas.