Porsche Says Mission E Is “Priority One”

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The Porsche Concept Study Mission E shows up as world premiere at the IAA 2015

The Porsche Concept Study Mission E shows up as world premiere at the IAA 2015

All hands on deck…declares Porsche in regards to develop of the pure electric Mission E.

Porsche research and development chief Michael Steiner says that the automaker is shifting resources towards the development of the long-range electric Mission E as its now a “top priority” item for Porsche.

Steiner noted that this means any plans for a plug-in hybrid Porsche 911 will have to be delayed for now as Mission E is the focus.

The Porsche Mission E

The Porsche Mission E

Quoting Steiner:

“We decided we would do the Mission E as our priority one. It’s in serial development.”

“The conceptual design of the Mission E once again gives us technically the potential to do more with this platform, and also we think about if the battery electric business will be fast growing and we think that the whole business will change, most probably pretty fast at some trigger point. That should be not the only battery electric car.”

“In general we think what could be a second or third step, and also in terms of the platform of Mission E there is no reason why this has to be only a one body-style platform.”

“It looks, at least, like the market potential of a new vehicle with completely electric [drive] is more than for another derivative of the 911.”

Quite the chatter box….

The Mission E should pump out 600-plus HP, zip from 0 to 62 MPH in 3.5 seconds or less. Boast a top speed in excess of 155 MPH and have a range in the neighborhood of 300 miles. Production is tentatively set for 2019, but with the Mission E now listed as “priority one,” the launch schedule may be pushed forward.

Source: Teslarati

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67 responses to "Porsche Says Mission E Is “Priority One”"

    1. JIMIJONJACK says:

      Mission E will be giving it out Missionary style to all new customers.

      1. CLIVE says:

        Wow I bet you are spot on.

        5000 mile per lease to haha

    2. Mo says:

      Yes, Priority one! Until they axe it.

  1. pjwood1 says:

    “most probably pretty fast at some trigger point.”

    The formula for an asymptotic growth slope is an exponent, right?

    1. Terawatt says:

      More importantly, it’s an admission that electric cars are so much better that they will kill ICE quite quickly. That doesn’t really happen unless the new technology is far superior to what it replaces. Consider how many years digital cameras took to displace film cameras, and how huge the advantages of going digital were.

      1. pjwood1 says:

        I think what’s happening is Porsche and Audi are coming to terms with their road cars. It isn’t that batteries can do anything close to the “Lemans job”, or the “Rally job”. It’s that <1% of buyers do anything close to that, and how stupid it really was to use those yard sticks.

        When your EV competitors are absolutely crushing your bones, with 2.6 0-60's, 10.7 quarters and 120+mph trap speeds, its time to throw in the Nubergring towel. We've been waiting for this for a long time. I don't think it's fake, and not a moment too soon Tesla will have the competition it wants.

        1. MikeG says:

          Totally agree with this. If Porsche and Audi now realize that people care more about quiet ride than exhaust note, acceleration over sustained high-speeds then the choice to produce BEVs was obvious.

      2. mx says:

        For the general market, true.
        Not at Porsche’s market position and price point.
        Digital First replaced the most expensive product.
        That’s why shareholders at MB and BMW RIOTED to get their management to take the Tesla Threat seriously.

      3. arne-nl says:

        On the contrary, digital cameras started replacing conventional ones while the image quality was still considerably lower.

  2. speculawyer says:

    What a total and complete admission that Tesla is kicking their ass.

    1. PoFolks says:

      They finally got tired if seeing the back end of a 4door sedan in thier “sports car”.

      1. Terawatt says:

        In that case, 3.5 seconds won’t do the job. They’ll still see only the tails of even the Model X then…

        1. Samwise says:

          The fact it looks much better than a model S will get it done though, that is probably the sexiest concept car to come out inrecent times AND it looks like something you could actually build!

          1. Martin Winlow says:

            It *may* look nicer than a Model S (I don’t happen to agree) but it certainly isn’t as practical – not by a very long chalk – and if it costs only *twice* what a similarly spec’ed S costs, I will be very surprised.

          2. mx says:

            Not with those High Drag front headlights.

        2. bogdan says:

          It will do the job if it goes for <50k, but I doutgh it. It's gonna be more expensive than Tesla because they have a name to protect (Porsche) and nobody is going to buy that.

          This mission impossible Porsche won't be a competitor for Tesla even If it will ever be build.

          They would be the laughter of everyone if they come up with a car not better than Tesla, but more expensive. And that's how it looks like.

          1. Martin Winlow says:

            Tesla – “We don’t make slow cars.”
            Porsche – “We don’t make cheap cars.”

            1. bogdan says:

              Let me correct something:
              Porsche – “We don’t sell cheap cars.”

              1. jimijonjack says:

                Rite On! they’re not cheap , but they break a lot.

                1. Big Solar says:

                  + ten million

    2. Yogurt says:

      Please do the not fun thing and check your facts…
      Since the recession Porsche sales have gone up every year…
      But it is safe to say Tesla Nissan and GMs work on EVs the last 5 years is the reason every electric car is in planing or production today…


      The model S may be nice looking but Porsches and particarly the mission E are pure bueaty…

      1. Scott Franco says:

        Our facts are way more fun than your facts.

      2. pjwood1 says:

        Yesterday, you contest my “facts”, when I said “not much kwh, there”. And, today, you contest the facts in what was said above.

        “What a total and complete admission that Tesla is kicking their ass.”

        Growing slower is still getting your ass kicked. Fact, no fact?

        1. Yogurt says:

          Well if Porsche has been getting their but kicked since Tesla has been selling cars they probably want to keep getting their but kicked from a sales and profit perspective till the end of time…

      3. jimijonjack says:

        Tesla Sells more cars than Porsche..check it out!

  3. WadeTyhon says:

    “It looks, at least, like the market potential of a new vehicle with completely electric [drive] is more than for another derivative of the 911.”

    I like what I’m hearing.

    Seems like either a genuine excitement about the possibilities of an electric car, or genuine fear of a certain upstart American brand.

    Either way, good on them for recognizing it, and on customers for voting with their wallets.

    Not that I could ever afford any type of Porsche… much less an electric one.

    1. Terawatt says:

      I’m sure you can afford to buy a used 944. To run it is another story, but it is a cheap car.

        1. WadeTyhon says:

          I stand corrected by the both of you! I guess I can afford a Porsche EV! Technically and unofficially… with a little effort.

    2. bogdan says:

      It’s the pure fear of Tesla which is driving Porsche and everybody else to anounnce EVs.

      They will be all gone in a few years. Ever heard what happen to Leica, Nokia, u name it?

  4. tosho says:

    I guess mr. Musk achieved exactly what he wanted. He kicked the fossils quite hard in the balls and they are now making the EVs he wanted them to build.

    1. speculawyer says:

      Yes, but only in the high-end market. But that was still and AMAZING achievement.

      However, an even bigger challenge presents itself with the Model 3 being a more affordable EV.

    2. pjwood1 says:

      Don’t flatter too much. Ferdinand Piech’s folly was almost as big as Musk’s achievement.

      1. bogdan says:

        Henry Ford’s achievement was even bigger. But they are all gone now. And the basterds in charge are no match for Musk. They are loosers in tuxedo.

  5. acevolt says:

    Now that long range EV’s are going to become the norm, I would like to see gas stations start putting in fast chargers. Maybe in partnership with Starbucks, so you can charge, surf and have a coffee.

    1. speculawyer says:

      But that is just the thing . . . why gas stations? Why not fast-food places, coffee shops, and other places that are better for spending 40 minutes than a stinky gas station?

      Also, I think there will be a big selection of locations depending on who is close to favorable electrical grid hardware. I suspect it will be easier to install high-power chargers near electrical substations.

      Perhaps land near the power grid substations in the 21st century will be sort of like the good land near railroad tracks in the 19th century.

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        Right. Gas stations are the wrong place for EV fast chargers. Customers won’t want to hang around a convenience store for 20-45 minutes, and the gas station/convenience store won’t want a single customer occupying space in his parking lot for that long.

        Restaurants and shopping malls are better locations.

    2. VazzedUp says:

      Fast Charge location depends on the journey being taken. Gas stations will end up being converted to EV Stations with coffee and food IF they are on major transportation routes. The gas station in town at the corner of your street will just dissapear or get converted into a pot shop (as here in Colorado; https://nativerootsdispensary.com/location/colorado-springs-gas-and-grass-uintah )

  6. Nix says:

    Better late than never! I look forward to seeing Porsche and Tesla races on the drag strip and race track leading to future advancements in mass market EV’s.

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      Hear, hear! Seeing drag races between Porsche EVs and Teslas would be much, much more interesting that seeing yet another example of a Model S or Model X leaving yet another poor gas guzzler in its dust.

  7. CDAVIS says:

    Hopefully we will see Mission E in Porsche showrooms within next 3 to 4 years.

    1. bogdan says:

      If the price tag will be abobe 300k, nobody will ever care about it.

  8. georgeS says:

    To me the most interesting part of this car is the 800 Volt charging with recharge times twice as fast as Tesla.

    I bet Tesla has similar plans to double the supercharger Voltage.

    1. pjwood1 says:

      All that’s been discussed is 150kw charging. At 800v, all that means is they’ve turned the amps down. So, not much/any faster than Tesla will be.

      I look forward to 800v regeneration/output. Running electrical equipment, a 110 dryer vs. a 240, 110 welding vs. 240, that’s how I think 800 volts could absolutely rip. Imagine an 800V cabin heater. No..wait..don’t.

      1. Wilibald says:

        You would charge two halves of the battery pack in series and discharge them in parallel.

      2. georgeS says:

        The beauty of doubling your voltage is that all the same wire sizes can be used because you still have the same current. and at the same time you just multiplied the amount of power by a factor of 2.

        1. tosho says:

          And you get a much higher chance of getting electrocuted if, for example, the charger cable has a hole in the isolation.

  9. Scott Franco says:

    What does it matter? Its made of %100 Unaffordium.

    1. ffbj says:

      Probably due to the speculation they making it out of grade Z Balonium.

      1. Scott Franco says:

        Is Spam an alloy of Balonium and pig iron?

  10. Kim Conrad Jorgensen says:

    “Priority one” it should be as it’s a beautiful concept and a plug-in hybrid 911 would be a terrible compromise and most likely a financial disaster.
    Good to see at least one manufacturer has realized what the future holds. Who is next?

    1. Zerbert says:

      Hopefully Toyota

  11. ffbj says:

    All hands on deck…prepare to abandon ship.

  12. fasterthanonecanimagine says:

    Formula 1 will soon become a vintage car jamboree 🙂

  13. bogdan says:

    “priority one” means SOP in 2019+ and market launch in 2020+. They should check the road map of Tesla first and see how far their most feared competitor will be by that time.

    1. mr. M says:

      But what shall they do? A SOP of 2019 means they started with the concepts for this car at least 2 years ago.
      2019 is already soon, what else do you expect them to do? Throw in the towell and run away or push it with everything they got (as they state already).

  14. bogdan says:

    The ICE manufacturers are all coming out of the holes. Porsche, Maserati, Aston Martin, the big players.
    Is there anybody left?
    Musk and Ghosn scared the s**t out of them!

    1. mr. M says:

      Oh my goshn 😀

  15. Foob says:

    Interested to see how they handle heat dissipation. Porsche will want a car that performs on the Ring (where Teslas suffer).

    1. bogdan says:

      From the technical point of view, there is no problem designing an EV that can perform on the Ring untill its battery is depleted (which will follow shortly :-)).

      Tesla did’t do it with the S and X because it did’t feel necessary. Of course there are some idiots who would think about running a Tesla on the ring, but they are mostly in Germany. Americans do drag racing.

      And the Teslas are not race cars, they just have the advantage of the electric motor over the ICE. The cars are designed for comfort driving, toped off by autonomous drive soon.

    2. Doggydogworld says:

      At Porsche price points they can use alternate chemistries such as lithium titanate or possibly an ultracap buffer. Higher voltages can also reduce resistive heat losses.

      If Porsche gets really exotic with thrust vectoring and such they could build a ‘Ring killer.