Porsche Registers Batch Of 32 Taycans In Germany

AUG 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

In July Porsche registered 32 all-electric cars in Germany

Porsche is selling plug-in hybrids in Germany in volume of approximately 200 a month (1,398 so far this year with an all-time peak of 413 last month), but all-electric registrations from Porsche are a rare sight.

The market introduction of Porsche Taycan is approaching relentlessly as in July 32 all-electric Porsches were registered in Germany, probably all test mules. It must be a sign of a test fleet that will be driving to accumulate miles.

Total registrations of Porsche BEVs this year is 39 (that includes 6 in June and one in April).

One year ago Porsche registered in total 104 BEVs (probably Mission E prototypes).

Below you’ll see some the first real-world shots of the Taycan in action, as well as catch a glimpse of its frunk.

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While no Mission E, it’s looks massively better than a Panamara. Well done.

It will look closer to the Mission E when unveiled than to the Panamera.

The more I see the Taycan, the more I realize that it’s actually a Model 3 competitor, not a Model S competitor.

And likely to be a very expensive Model 3 competitor but it is still a very good thing that the laggards are starting to build compelling EVs.

Why do you say that? Just a hunch? A gut feeling? It looks to me to be more Model S sized, not Model 3, but I guess We’ll have to wait to find out. It seems far more likely that they would benchmark the S than the 3.

It’s 75% the size of the Panamera like the 3 is vs the S, it has a trunk rather than a hatch like the 3 has, and it’s performance specs align with the performance version of the 3 rather than the specs of the S. I don’t really see much at all that makes it an S competitor other than in price.

I think it’s a Roadster 2 competitor with the performance of a M3P. Both the Roadster 2 and Taycan are 2+2 cars. The Taycan’s rear headroom looks too small for adults so the rear doors are for insurance and grocery access. Tesla has a big advantage in battery cost and density therefore it’s performance is off the charts.

If they sold them to their employees the production could already have been started. Noobs..

Like the original Boxter.