Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo Is A 680-Hp Wagon With Longest Name Ever

Porsche Mission E

SEP 26 2017 BY C SMITH 21

Our favorite long roof from Stuttgart is now packing the same hybrid punch found in the standard Panamera E-Hybrid Turbo.

Yes, it might sound a bit awkward to say hybrid punch, but when you add a 136-horsepower electric motor to a biturbo 4.0-liter V8 already producing 550 hp, that’s exactly what you get. The result is a combined 680 hp, and though Porsche absolutely refuses to refer to this car as a wagon, or estate, or any other name aside from Sport Turismo, this is – as far as we can tell – the most powerful factory long roof in the world.

We could spend more time talking about the infusion of the hybrid powertrain, which is taken from the 918 hypercar just as it is in the standard Panamera E-Hybrid. We could also talk about efficiency, which Porsche says is on-par with the 3.0-liter version of the Panamera despite the significant boost in horsepower. The electric-infused Sport Turismo can also cover 31 miles (NEDC – think ~22 miles real-world/EPA estimated) and hit 87 mph without using a single drop of gasoline, and depending on the kind of connection can be recharged in 2.4 to 6 hours.

Editor’s Note:  Ok, as for the name length thing – BMW might still own the record with the Mini Cooper S E Countryman All4 Plug-In Hybrid (details), but Mini seems to have realized how ghastly that is shortened that somewhat to just the “Countryman Plug-In Hybrid”, or sometimes the “Mini Cooper S E Countryman All4” in promotional materials today.


What you want to know, however, is just how fast a 680-hp all-wheel drive wagon really is. On that front Porsche says the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo will hit 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, which is technically faster than the average person can say the car’s full name. It also happens to be the same time the automaker lists for the regular Turbo S Sport Turismo, which might be a bit confusing to some.

The hybrid powertrain certainly adds weight to package – the standard Panamera S E-Hybrid tips the scales at over 5,000 pounds and the Sport Turismo’s fatter backside adds upwards of 100 pounds to that. Still, we suspect Porsche might be airing on the conservative side when it comes this car’s ability to hustle, especially considering the aforementioned standard turbo E-Hybrid lops a couple tenths off that time.


Thusly equipped, the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo becomes the range-topping model in the lineup, and that’s reflected in its $188,400 base price. That’s certainly a significant jump from the regular long roof Turbo S, especially when you consider both cars have such similar performance. If, however, you love (as we do) the idea of quiet, all-electric motoring in a family estate car that can hulk out at a moment’s notice to humiliate practically any supercar, we can’t imagine driving anything else. The new model goes on sale in the U.S. in spring 2018.

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Or just buy a P100D and spank the Porsche… and also pocket almost $60 grand in the process…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

lol….. +1


Hybrids are Not EV’s…..You still have the ICE Factor:..Not 4 me ..Porsches have More than their share of engine failures with “one” Power train Let alone 2 power trains…Ha Ha


“Or just buy a P100D and spank the Porsche”

I agree that P100D will be quicker in 0-60mph and 1/4 miles and looks better too.

But I don’t think P100D can beat the ugly Porsche on the track or around windy roads.


If the 911 Turbo can’t handle the S P100D on a “windy” road, what makes you think the panamera can?


How is that windy road? That is the old video that shows an idiot doesn’t know how to turn a car that rear end heavy or rear biased on the corner.

That is like saying that you saw an idiot tries to cut a tomato with a chainsaw but managed to cut himself, so the chainsaw must be terrible.

BTW, your video just showed that you have NO idea what windy road means or having NO idea what it means to talk about a car independent of drivers. But that is very typical of many Tesla fan boi.


You mad?

How is that windy road? As in an “S” curve. Consider this a tighter “S” curve which the 911T can’t handle due to F=MA. I’m quite sure you know nothing about the physics of the car or “windy” roads. Derive F=MA and then you can talk to me about sports cars.

That is the old video… if a 911T can’t handle an old Model S, then no way in hell it can handle the P100D on not so tight “S” curves.

that shows an idiot doesn’t know how to turn a car… again, you know nothing about physics.

BTW, your video just showed that you have NO idea what windy road means… oh I do. A lot more than you. Learn how to layout an “S” curve using F=MA then you can talk to me about sports cars.

a 911T can’t keep up with a 4 dr family sedan. LOL

Your talking BS and you know it. 911s are 1,5 to 2 minutes quicker on the Nurburgring than Teslas, which is aout 15-20%. Teslas do not handle well compared to a Porsche. Check lap times on proper race tracks. As well after about 3 minutes of higher speeds at moderate (not at cold) temperatures Teslas tend to overheat and reduce their power output. And what do you want to tell us with all this F=ma peudo-geekism? Wow you were able to remember one of the most basic formulas in physics, but you are not able to understand that your video did not have much to do with it. If you spin your rear wheels with DSC etc off, there is a great loss of friction on these wheels and when you go through a turn, the entire car will start spinning because of the inertia of the cars center of mass and its still good grip on the front wheels. Basically this driver could have been drifting, which would have been cool, but he wasnt able to handle it. Compare: If someone has never learned to ride a bike properly, but is able to afford a 5000$bike, it is clearly… Read more »

my 25 years experience design race tracks in the USA. F=MA is the foundation for track design. Race car and track designers must understand this formula. I can go on… but LOL

Now you’re comparing a sports car to a 4 dr family sedan?

Speaking of Nurburg track, poorly designed race track btw, what % of drivers in the world use it as a daily commute? Weekend getaway? Sunday drive? 0.0000001%? Do you use it? or do your daily drive similar to that in the video? Stop light… 0 to 60… quarter mile… quick turns are the norm driving, and this is where no production cars on the planet can beat the S P100D soon to be the S P125D.


Nurburgring is the track where the average 911 driver goes to crash his car. I doesn’t matter how well the car handles, most of them get crashed.
And yes, the 911 was from the begining designed to handle well, that’s its number one purpose.


If you’d like to pay $60 extra grand for a car that gets beat in every facet except for maybe the rare track race (which is debatable), you’ve likely got more money than sense.




Guessing another Motor1 cross-post? Why else presume “hybrid” is under-powered? I’m starting to wonder with the lack of comments on that site, if the whole thing is a just a manufacturers shell?

Such confusion. If you’re trying to reach sports fans who like “motors”, they are the ones aware of LMP1, Formula 1 and all the super cars that have been hybrid for several years now. They know its electric motors that “punch” the most. If reaching laymen, trying to say hybrids are lame, that could explain it. Either way, its lost on better than ignorant fans of motorsports and EVs.

These pieces make about as much sense to me as a 4.0 V8 doing street duty, with a weak battery. Isn’t that backwards, Mr. Smith?


Panamera is still currently the ugliest Porsche in its line up.

john doe

I would still love to own one.
But I prefer to use my money on travelling.


So Get Lost ! lmao

john doe

Go Get Bent ! ROTFLMAO

. . Oh my 12 year old inner child kicked in..



Mission e for 85K$ is much better!!


I remember a review of an earlier version of the Panamera which said it was “The most expensive way to save a few dollars on the cost of fuel.” 😉

At least this one is a PEV, altho with only 31 miles of range, certainly nothing outstanding when it comes to replacing petroleum-powered miles with electric-powered miles.


Too expensive!


From today no problem writing it on Twitter anyway!