Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Beats Tesla Model S in Auto Express Head-to-Head Comparison


There exists but one plug-in Tesla Model S competitor available in the US today: the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Pricewise, the Panamera S E-Hybrid is in the same ballpark as the Model S.  The Panamera S E-Hybrid starts at $99,000, so it’s comparable to a high-level spec Model S.

With that in mind, how does the Panamera S E-Hybrid stack up against the Model S?

Ignoring the plug-in hybrid versus pure electric argument, we think these two vehicles compete head on.

Here we present the results of Auto Express‘ head-to-head Tesla Model S versus Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid comparo.

“Tesla is virtually unknown in the UK right now, but in the US it’s already become a highly aspirational brand, with premium outlets and a trendy celebrity customer base. However, there’s no doubting the long-established prestige and reputation of the Porsche badge.”

“The Porsche makes more sense for more people than the Tesla – for now. It has decent range and top speed in full-electric mode, yet it’s not totally reliant on charging points. It’s nearly as quick as the Model S, plus it handles better and has a plusher cabin. But it’s expensive to buy and costs more to run.”

“Tesla’s Model S is the most convincing electric car we’ve driven. It’s an astonishing achievement for a small company and if it fits your driving needs, it could save you thousands of pounds in running costs. But until charging infrastructure improves, its real-world appeal is limited, so it comes second.”

The winner, according to Auto Express, is the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, but only by a hair.

It seems Auto Express is saying that once the Supercharger infrastructure spreads around the world, the Model S becomes the winner.  Until then, the Porsche squeaks into the lead.

Comparison Chart via Auto Express

Comparison Chart via Auto Express

Source: Auto Express

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I find the Panamera to be ugly. I know, I know.. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if I was in the market for a Tesla, I wouldn’t give the Panamera a second glance. Its ugly, it still uses gas, and no supercharging.

Although, admittedly, if money were no object I might give the BMW i8 some consideration, but it is very beautiful inside and out.

If something is UGLY for most of the people it is ugly I’m sorry.

If money were no object, I would have the gas parts removed and battery added – more straight forward than any conversion.

Because it IS beautiful…

Sounds like a reasonable comparison, but I believe Tesla (unlike in rest of Europe) will take off in the UK even without superchargers as most customers will be from London and surroundings where 200 to 300 miles of range is plenty. Plus the superchargers are coming anyway. One more thing, the London congestion charge is 10 GBP (both Tesla and this Porsche qualify for exception), so for someone who commutes to work and wants a luxury car, these are perfect choices as savings over 6 years are almost 15,000 GBP. Base price of Tesla will be 50K GBP, with gas savings and not having to pay the congestion charge, UK I believe will be a success.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Are there any additional benefits (personal and ‘company car’) to pure EV that Teslas get in the UK? The congestion charge seems to be a biggie for me, any other tolls that get discounts or exemptions?

There is definitely some advances on the congestion, and it gets the £5,000 plug-in grant from the government. But the landed price of EVs in the UK has historically been really tough, in this case you are looking at an equivalent of $130,000 for the P85+ there – so incentives give most benefit to the more inexpensive players.

Really unless you are a driver who wants to head downtown London everyday, there is nothing ‘extra’ that is going to push you into a Model S.

(Indicently: We’ve got a piece this running this afternoon about the UK market as it relates to some EV sales)

Yes, for sure company car taxes or whatever they call it will be lower, but not an expert, so not sure how that’s calculated. Someone from UK reading this perhaps…

Its in the table. 1,779 for the Porsche and zilch for the Tesla, advantage Tesla.

thank you, somebody who actually read the whole article :), so if base price of Tesla is 50K, rebate takes it down to 45K, 6 years of gas savings of let’s say 7K, take it to 38K, the lower tax rate of 890x6years takes it further to just over 33K and this does not take into consideration the congestion tax which is like 15K for those 6 years (if driven daily to the center of London), so either at 33K or 18K I am calling this a STEAL.

OK, and I missed the insurance savings of 8K if I understand the table correctly, hmm I left the US as it was far from home, but I really should start considering the UK…

Differential valid only for this tax year. Zero emission cars (incl. Teslas) will incur a 5% company car tax from 4/15. Plug in Panamera incurs 5% this year and the next.

Company car tax is somewhat complex in the UK (and I am no expert) but the main thing to take away is that it is related to 3 things – list price, CO2 emissions and fuel type. So the Porsche and the Model S will be significantly less taxed than say an Aston Martin or a V8 Range Rover of similar price. The real stinger and what makes the really big difference is that the tax is paid by the employee not the company even if all other costs of ownership are covered by the company. So the choice you have when selecting your plush company car that the company pays for is 1 – Choose a Range rover V8 and pay 35% tax or 2 – Choose a model S and pay 0% tax. It is a sliding scale which is why a Jaguar that emits 135 g/co2/km exists and is reasonably popular. Interestingly the scale starts at 76 g/co2/km (also the point you get free congestion charge) and the Porsche is rated at 74 g/co2/km but I am sure that is purely a coincidence. I am sure that I haven’t fully explained the car tax system correctly there… Read more »

£50k base prise minus £5k incentives minus £15k (6 years time) congestions charges minus gas charges (let’s say 6 years… 15 000 km/year) >£5k = 50-5-15-5 = £25k for a luxury car…

£25k won’t get you much at a car dealer when looking for an ICE. Than won’t even get you an BMW 2-series or 3-series.

One thing that Tesla, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes all having in common is a brand recognized for superior performance and design. With that comes a certain level of snobbery that brings a certain porcupine joke to mind.

The one hopeful separator that Elon has projected from inception is a plan to make this excellence available to the common man in the form of the Model E. Now BMW and Mercedes have after years made available a more economic version of their brand but they have failed at really promoting those vehicles as equals to the brand as Tesla has.

As for the Panamera and Model S, I consider them both worth competitors.
It is however the promise and respect of the Model E that would have me choose the Model S every time.

Either I myself am at that level of snobbery, or I’m a total rube
(you’ll never know which till you see what I trade in my 9 year old Prius for),
but I don’t know what the “porcupine joke” is.

Probably something better understood by unwashed plebeians. Sniff!
Still curious though.

the pricks on a porcupine are on the outside

A Porsche is “Stone aged”, i say from Germany! Tesla is the Future,i Love Tesla! The oil lobby has influence on this test..look only the sellings Model S vs Porsche. Thats the truth…
And watch the ADAC, manipulated so that VW Golf is in front.
So: buy electric, and never Petrol again…;-)

I am amazed that there was no mention or comparison of the user interface technology. I think many people underestimate the lead Tesla has on Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. I this market it will be a big differentiator. Tesla is behind is some areas like ACC. But at the rate they improve their tech, it will arrive pretty soon.

Tesla’s “We don’t compete with EVs” aimes squarely at Porsche. Radically different interiors, which I think Tesla has room to be humble about. The seat heat is better in the car needing it less, IMO. One’s a coupe, with extra doors. The other a sedan, with extra space. Both heavy. I couldn’t believe the “shades of grey”, non-tactile, FM presets, and general milky’ness of Tesla’s celebrated screens? It’s enough to be asked to “feel” by sight only, but not as bad as a commute with a gas engine, I guess. Even the Volt has better blacks, once you get past the vibrant blue/greens. Sorry for the rant, but they will be well served by acknowleging their competition.

Buyers in this bracket aren’t all ga-ga over electricity, and I’ve met one deciding between these very two.

There is no accounting for tastes, priorities or desires.

I want my Model E. Or, a used Model S once they debut the AWD version…I’m sure some existing Model S owners will want to trade up…the RWD version does so well in winter conditions that I’d be happy with it…if I could get one close to the Model E promised pricing…

I’d handicap any rear-drive car coming with the Tesla’s torque and OE tires, once it gets in snow. Another Tesla owner I’m aware of makes no exception for how wise it would be to go out on stock tires, and he and I both help people learn at the track. I’d treat snows as mandatory, especially this year.

Getting closer to sooner, rather than latter, on a potential Tesla buy, my guess is this winter and lots of MS’s getting to 15k-20k miles, will be a telling point in the used market. Right now, unless you absolutely must have lots of options, a new one and the tax-credit seems to make the most sense. Too many owners of 100k-120k cars, looking for 90+, and not enough 90+ stickered cars, looking for <80k.

What is the safety rating of the Porsche?

oh well i guess that settles it

Panamera hybrid is better than the Model S


“Ignoring the plug-in hybrid versus pure electric argument, ”

But that ignores the whole point of this category! I bought a Tesla because I want NOTHING to do with gasoline (fuel cost, vehicle complexity, foreign dependencies, renewable energy), and I need 200 mile range. Tesla is the only car on the planet that fits those simple requirements.

Lots of Panameras in our neighborhood and I’d never consider buying one… not even at half the price of a Tesla.

I guess electricity is free in England?

The “zero” fuel cost for the Tesla (in the comparison table) seems a little wrong. If you don’t have access to a Supercharger (which they don’t have in England) then somebody will be paying something to fuel the Tesla, no?

Yes, the sports car is a better sports car than the sedan. Any other brilliant observations to offer, keep them to yourselves.