Porsche Mission E To Spawn Other Electric Variants From Automaker

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The Porsche Concept Study Mission E shows up as world premiere at the IAA 2015

The Mission E will make its debut in 2019, while electric variants of the Cayenne and Panamera could follow.

The arrival of the Porsche Mission E Concept in 2015 brought along with it a new energy option for the German marque moving forward. Though still just a concept, the Mission E will eventually make its way to production, and when it does, it will build out the rest of the Porsche lineup with the same sort of efficient thinking.

According to Automotive News, Porsche will expand its electric vehicle lineup following the debut of the Mission E in 2019. The company hopes to build its brand power in markets like China, where emission restrictions are expected to become some of the world’s toughest in the next few years.

Porsche Mission E concept

Division Chief Oliver Blume said in an interview Wednesday that the electric transition will reach beyond the Mission E into models like the Cayenne SUV, and the Panamera. “It’s more than just the need to comply with rules,” he said. “We find the technology as such interesting, as electric cars allow a very sporty driving experience, which fits well with the core value of our brand.”

At Auto Shanghai, Porsche had on display its refreshed Panamera plug-in hybrid – the most powerful version of the model in the lineup. The amalgamation of efficiency and power in cars like the Panamera, Porsche hopes, will appeal to a broader range of buyers in the region.

As for the upcoming Mission E, the car will share most of its components with a Bentley sports car sibling that will make its debut soon after. Power will come courtesy of a pure electric powertrain, and though the concept we saw in Geneva produced more than 600 horsepower (440 kilowatts) and had the ability to cover over 310 miles (500 kilometers) on a single charge, we won’t know the specs exactly until the production model makes its debut in the next few years.

Source: Automotive News

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8 responses to "Porsche Mission E To Spawn Other Electric Variants From Automaker"

  1. jim stack says:

    If it eve gets here. They also don’t have any charging network built yet so where or where will you plug it in.
    Tesla have a Super Charger Network World wide. They have service at many locations and even come to you if you need anything.

    1. BenG says:

      They are way behind Tesla for sure. It’s a cool concept vehicle but I’m sure the cost will be through the roof.

    2. Someone out there says:

      Porsche is owned by Volkswagen

    3. andy says:

      It’s production bound for 2019, they already preparing the Zuffenhausen factory for mission e and electric motor production. Also VW and some other mostly german OEMs will start building a high power (350kW) charger network in Europe at the end of this year.

    4. Piech says:

      Jim- Porsche has something Tesla doesn’t! Porsche has profits and cash, Cash that isn’t levered and more importantly a profitable parent company in VW that is building a charger network(yes the DOJ is forcing this in the US) that will be bigger and better than Tesla’s network. What’s even cooler is VWs ability to use profits from ICEcars to build their EVs.

  2. pjwood1 says:

    How can a car that doesn’t exist spawn? LOL

  3. Jenna fear says:

    Porsche has superior battery technology to Tesla. Recharges faster and doesn’t overheat. Audi has superior autonomous driving technology than Tesla with porsche will use. Volkswagen is building a faster and bigger charging network than Tesla. Porsche fit and finish is FAR superior to Tesla. Porsche is already properly testing E mission. Porsche will have SUV variant before Tesla model Y is released. Within a year Tesla owners will be revealed as elon’s beta test suckers that they are. You won’t be seen as cool anymore but as people who have been used.

    1. ottoix says:


      A Tesla is a regular US-car only: it is large by looking at it from the outside, it is heavy and therefor a waste of enegy while driving it.