Porsche Mission E Spied In The Snow

Porsche Mission E


Porsche is swinging for the fences with its first dedicated EV.

As Porsche prepares to have the Mission E ready for production by 2020, new spy shots from winter testing show a mule with a somewhat more production-ready appearance. Putting fake exhaust tips on the back of the electric sedan is an especially cheeky touch.

Rather than the swirling camouflage that many automaker’s use on their test mules, Porsche prefers to equip vehicles with simple, black panels. The pieces make it even harder to determine what parts are for production and which bits are prototype components. Here, the coverings over the headlights, C-pillars, and much of the rear indicate that these sections aren’t final yet.

Porsche Mission E

The general shape of this test mule suggests that Porsche is keeping the production version close to the look of the concept. A sleek silhouette gives the Mission E a family resemblance with the Panamera.

The Mission E will be Porsche’s first dedicated EV to hit the market. The concept promised a vehicle with 590 horsepower (400 kilowatts) and the ability to reach 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in less than 3.5 seconds. The sedan had an estimated driving range of 310 miles (500 kilometers) in the notoriously optimistic NEDC test.

Porsche Mission E

According to Porsche, the Mission E will have a starting cost in line with an entry-level Panamera, which will give it a base price around $85,000. The company will offer multiple power outputs, so buyers will easily be able to spend more money on the model.

The Mission E will be just the beginning of Porsche’s fully electric models. According to rumors, EV variants of the Panamera and Cayenne will follow it, but they’ll potentially only be available in specific markets – like China.

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Beautiful car!

We need more cars with “a sleek silhouette” … especially in the front where most legacy auto makers still insist on an ugly grille … a carry over from the ICE age.

You write “a sleek silhouette” – I read “less headroom”. Designing a car is like solving a multi variable equation. Changing one thing affects another. The best you can do is balance the equation for your intended audience.

You can have both. Panoramic roofs add several inches of headroom and allow designers to make a more efficient car – and a better looking one – when the car is designed for the thinner top from the beginning.

Since the Mission E is targeted specifically at Tesla, they will certainly look at some of the ways TEsla has been successful, and its extremely low coefficient of drag and sleek silhouette are attributed to that glass roof.

It looks like the goofy lights on the front are still there, but camoflaged. Porsche needs to just throw the normal round headlights on this car, it’s beautiful and will be extremely popular it its target price, and they really don’t need to make it have that hideous “look it’s an EV!” headlight that the concept car had, when porsche’s corporate light template is already terrific.

You can’t have a fastback roof profile and as much headroom as a well designed formal sedan.

With smart engineering you can lessen the compromise.

And sometimes you simply must chose. Like lowering the seats for more headroom but making passengers raise their knees and thighs above the edge of the seat for less support.

All 3-box designs are inherently not space-efficient, and usually less aerodynamic than “shooting brake” type cars (Citroën DS, Prius), which don’t have rearheadroom issues.

Per usual, the prototype was considerably more eye catching.

I’m glad it looks like a Porsche, and not a weird mobile…but they had a chance to really let the Mission E stand out.

Oh well.

That’s a camouflaged development model, not the final car. Blume, Porsche’s CEO, is on record that the final car will closely resemble the concept.

looks like a chrysler from the back

Why don’t they just sell them to employees to test and call it “Production has started”?

Because it’s not production ready.


Why would they listen to some idiot troll on the internet?

Because then they could better compete with Tesla that is supported by idiot trolls on the internet.

Tesla is supported by people BUYING TESLA’S rather then the competition like MB, BMW, Porsche, etc.

Since you can’t see that it makes you the idiot troll on the internet.

Says the person who can’t seem to reply against the post they’re replying to…

If you weren’t such a loser, you’d stop betting against Tesla and then you wouldn’t have anything to whine about.

An idiot troll AND a Loser. What a combination! 🙄

I am going to guess the engineers were gob-smacked, by how responsive a much shorter electric drive line can be in snow. I never got the sense of slip, engine-cutout, or brake-assist traction control, unless you really hoon a Model S in a snowy cul de sac (w/TC-off, neighbors love it). Generally, you just safely run out of throttle, without hearing or feeling the car recompose itself.

If I were spending $150k on a car, I would want this. But it seems Porsche wants to sell better, for less.

I think it is the best looking Porsche in its line up.

That starting price sounds great. I think it will sell very well as a potential alternative to Tesla at the similar price.

The more choices the better.

I think it looks like a Tesla Model S with Porsche bits taped on. Way off the sleek design on the Mission E.

Fake tailpipes, jeebus :)))