Porsche Mission E On The ‘Ring

OCT 18 2017 BY JEFF PEREZ 16

Inching closer to production…

The Porsche Mission E has been a vehicle long in the making. The first concept made its debut in 2015, and since then we’ve seen spy photos, heard rumors, and eventually received confirmation of the electric sedan’s addition eventual production. Now, new spy photos prove that the upcoming EV will look to retain the German marque’s performance credentials.

Spotted testing on the Nürburgring, Porsche hopes the Mission E can hold its own against some of its gas-powered competitors. Some of the same design cues carry over from the original concept, including the single rear light bar and the distinctive fascia, but the final production body remains a mystery. This particular prototype is finished in a glossy black paint job, and fitted with a number of triangular-shaped sensors underneath the body, providing feedback to engineers as to the EV’s performance.

Porsche Mission E

When it debuts in 2019, the new Porsche Mission E will be positioned just underneath the Panamera in the lineup, and have an asking price of around $85,000. The electric sedan will be available in multiple outputs, and will use the brand’s existing model designations, including S and GTS trims. 

In concept form, the Mission E was powered by a 590-horsepower (600-kilowatt) electric motor that provided an estimated 310 miles (500 kilometers) of range (NEDC – think 250 mile/400 km realworld/EPA estimated), and sent power to all four wheels. A 0-60 mph (96 kmh) sprint is pegged at just 3.5 seconds, and the concept was allegedly able to lap the Nürburgring in just 8 minutes. Porsche says many of those same performance credentials will carry over.

Porsche Mission E

Leading up to the Mission E’s proposed 2019 launch date, Porsche has invested more than €700 million ($822 million) to establish a new assembly plant, and hire more than 1,400 people. Part of that investment will also go into the expansion of the engine factory and body shop, as well as additional funds to the Weissach center in development of the electric sedan.

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Andrew S

Do we think those fake exhaust tips will make it to production? or are they there just to fool spy photographers?

F150 Brian

Exhaust tips and grills are still a significant part of the design language of cars. Will be hard for some to let go.


It is kind of a laugh. Like the Jag SUV, with the “grill” area.
Design has no idea what’s under the hood,
or, it was a rush job.

F150 Brian

There is still an AC Rad and potentially motor/battery coolers that need air to cool them. It’s not just the ICE rad up there.

I’d rather have a traditional front end design than the alien face of the Model X.


I rather have a traditional front only if it has a function in cooling otherwise i will take the much improved X aerodynamics over a useless grill or fake grill.


I am still missing the hand crank on my car and they are about to remove the grille too… 😀

F150 Brian

Nice looking car. As is the Model S to which it will be compared.

Anyone know what time the Model S got on the ‘ring (assuming it can do a lap without reducing output)

serial anti tesla troll thomas

Here you can see:

Because I’m living close to Germany my next car will be a ICE again. EVs are still not usable on German Highways where there is no Speed Limits 🙂


Yeah, that’s why your next car will be an ICE…it’s Germany’s fault. This guy makes sound like everyone on the autobahn doese 200m/h. Are you even German? Get real, dude.


That’s over 3 years old video..



Traffic in Germany on the left lane on Autobahn flows with 140-180kmh. You can have an average 160kmh, and for short times you can drive 230kmh or so. This ist really normal here.
But WE have a recommend Speed of 130kmh in Autobahn. If you are slower, you are stuck behind trucks on the right lane.

My next Car will be EV. But it needs to reach 300km range at 160kmh. I Hope for M3 …

Another Euro point of view

I live right next to Germany in Luxembourg but exactly same situation. Flow is 130 km/h. Therefore EV has to be a)affordable b) not imposing upon me how and where I should drive (as affordable EVs are now due to too few fast chargers and limited range. For this reason no matter how convinced I am that EVs are the future my next car will still be an ICE. Most likely one of those stinky TDI’s that so far can’t be beaten as fast Euro highways cruiser (yes I won’t fligh, planes takes you from one place where you don’t want to be to another one with people asking you to take your shoes off in between) . The only thing is that I will buy it as a second hand low mileage this time as I hope that by 2020 there will be many efficient EVs to choose from and enough fast chargers. I really hope fuel stations will all soon be equipped with chargers. I don’t want to look for chargers, they need to throw themselves in my face exactly like fuel stations now.


Portugal here. Same thing. Because of my love for EVs I would be willing to drive at 120 kmh but, I don’t think many people would. Hell, I’m not sure I would still have a wife after driving all the way to Algarve at 120 kmh


All the weird teeth on the bottom of this car look insanely hideous and wrong. Are they just for testing and gathering data?

They hurt my brain.


Mission E is a Porsche internal name afaik but what will be the real name? Anyone an idea?


Porsche Serica.

Derived from Via Serica or Silk Road/Route.