Porsche Mission E Live Photos & Videos From Frankfurt

SEP 16 2015 BY MARK KANE 42

Porsche Missan E Concept

Porsche Missan E Concept

Porsche Mission E, one of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show stars, is one of the quickest electric cars ever (at least among concepts).

Some media (see video below) compare this car to the Tesla Model S, though we’re not sure if that’s a valid comparison at this point in time.

According to our description, 500 km (310 miles) of range and 15-minutes charging to replenish 80% of battery capacity, makes Mission E nearly mission impossible – as we don’t know anyone who would offer 300+ kW chargers. At a Porsche facility there probably exists some prototype…maybe?

Quick spec:

  • 500 km (310 mile) all-electric range
  • 0-100 km (62 mph) in “under 3.5 seconds
  • over 600 hp (440 kW) via two motors
  • 4 seats
  • 200 kmh (124 mph) in under 12 seconds.
Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

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I guess I hadn’t noticed what a big a** this car has…

Yes, not noticeable unless some anti-Porsche Troll points it out. Still nothing like the fata** Model X.

sensitive tonite are we ST? Tesla Tesla Tesla! Did that help?



Considering the absurd cost of the Panamera, I’m guessing it will come with a stratospheric price tag.

“makes Mission E nearly mission impossible – as we don’t know anyone who would offer 300+ kW chargers.”

Correction: “… don’t know anyone who CURRENTLY OFFERS 300+ kW chargers”.

Why would you say development of this type of charging infrastructure is completely off the table, now that someone is saying they might produce a car that could use it? When the first 50kW chademo units were going in the ground in 2011, you would have been called crazy if you said someone would have 500 charge stations installed by 2015, each averaging ~6 x 135kW. I’m not saying Porsche will necessarily be as ambitious as Tesla, but saying 300+ kW isn’t going to happen is being too closed-minded. Besides, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard an automaker say that Supercharging still isn’t fast enough for the mainstream.

So… In 5 years…

Battery Swap Stations FOR EVERYBODY! 😉

Exactly! Technology development hasn’t stopped, a lot can happen until this car comes out. It’s possible that Porsche will put a couple of high power chargers where customers of this car would typically be – in Monaco, at Nürburgring, at some luxury hotels and maybe along a few motorways. It won’t be a global network but perhaps 20-30 of them in strategic locations all over Europe.

A high flow diesel nozzle is a 19,000 kW charger so if you want to get to the point where you replace that technology 300 kW seems like a good place to start.

mustang_sallad said:

“Why would you say development of this type of charging infrastructure is completely off the table, now that someone is saying they might produce a car that could use it? …saying 300+ kW isn’t going to happen is being too closed-minded.”


Competition has already driven down plug-in EV recharging time while driving up battery pack size. Nothing is going to stop this competition from continuing, until we get both plug-in EVs and chargers which can charge, say, 300 miles of range in 10 minutes or less… and perhaps even faster. Tesla’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer) has been quoted as saying Tesla wants to get charge time down to the range of 5-10 minutes, so it’s not like this is some sort of unobtainable goal only to be found in science fiction.

Frankly I doubt that this car will go into production, but likely it won’t be many years until some production EVs do charge as fast as Porsche is talking about, or even faster.

Anyone who can’t see that is being pretty myopic.

no bumpers,questionable aero,hood higher than windscreen lower edge, bizarre useless nose piece, ground clearance, rear vision..

Wonder what this Will look like, if they decide to make it.

and since the $100-200k market is becoming crowded, I’m guessing a Bugatti fighter rather than those plebeian more-than-100-copy versions they’ve been forced to settle on before.. time to move UP market.

“. . . hood higher than windscreen lower edge . . . ”

Doesn’t the Tesla Model X do the same thing to hide the windshield wipers, improving the aerodynamics?

I shorthand-ed, should have said wheel and ground clearance, and fender-hood high, the ref being it will be very difficult to place yourself while not being able to see or imagine the corners and nose of the car.

But the only real statement remains – I wonder what this car will look like if they make it.

Even though this doesn’t appeal to me personally, any addition to the 300 mile range BEV offering is a good thing.

To be fair, Porsche cars have never appealed to me.

You guys just don’t get it.

Perhaps as Tesla Fan Boys you feel threatened by the competition.

and competition it is.

This thing is at the top of the heap now.

I assume you mean “now” in the sense of “whenever Porsche actually ships this thing, and assuming they ship something reasonably close to what they’re waving around at a car show today.”

Which also makes me wonder what Tesla will have on the market when Mission E shows up, and at what cost.

Well not now since it’s not out yet but it will certainly put a damper on the Tesla. Tesla’s 0-60 number have been great for marketing but that’s all it got unfortunately. This is a proper sports car that will perform well even at higher speeds, where Tesla struggles today.

good, it can fill that niche.


GeorgeS said:

“You guys just don’t get it.

“Perhaps as Tesla Fan Boys you feel threatened by the competition.

“and competition it is.”

Ummm… why should anyone be “threatened” by a high-end concept car? Auto makers make those all the time.

The Porsche Mission E is a very pretty car, quite a “sexy” car. But the chances that it will ever go into production are slim and none. Even if it does go into production, it will become just one more in a long list of ultra-high-priced supercars which are made in very small numbers. If this becomes a production car, it will compete with Ferrari and Lamborghini, not Tesla.

There’s somebody here who doesn’t get it, all right, and it’s not us Tesla fanbois.

Amazing car. Porsche has always been able to make a product better. Looks like they made a better tesla model S to me.

how is a 4 seater a Tesla MS? Why do all EVs get compared to Tesla MS? There is room for many many EVs on this planet. The more the merrier.

If you’re a Tesla fan, as I am, then let’s not complain about all new plug-in EVs being compared to the Tesla Model S. Everyone who does that is acknowledging that Tesla is the market leader in the EV revolution.

If everyone starts comparing all new PEVs to the Volt 2.0 or the Leaf 2.0 or the Bolt… that will be the time for Tesla and its fans to worry!

Well it’s a work of art, that for sure.
Now, is this going to be a work in doing.
Hum.. whatever, it’s good to see Porche doing some electric work and hear all the talking it causes.
Just good in my opinion, but will be out of reach of plenty.

The 0-120 time is truly stunning–about half that of a Tesla IIRC.

For me it seems to be an all ready outdated car… 3.5s >2.8s

Not at all. People buying this car wants to go faster than 60 mph. This is where the Tesla starts to lose it’s advantage

Um, don’t forget that next gen Tesla Roadster should be out around the time this gets to market.

All I got to say is: Maximum Plaid.

I believe THAT when I see it. While Musk have been talking about a new Roadster, it doesn’t really make sense for Tesla to produce another one. Their business plan is oriented towards affordable mass-market cars, not low volume supercars.

You completely misunderstand the company and its goals.

Tesla didn’t need to make an improved battery pack for a niche, low volume sports car, either– but they did. And years after the last one was built.

It’s all about PR and Market Perception for EVs. Plans for the next Roadster continue to be refined at Tesla; make no mistake. You will see one sooner than you expect.

True, but it’s far easier to make a new battery pack for a handful of cars using the technology you already got than creating a whole new revolutionary sports car.

The first Roadster was necessary to prove to investors that they had the technology and ability to build a compelling car. They don’t need to do that anymore, they have already proven themselves in that regard. Quite the opposite, now that the competition is getting involved there is a risk that the new Roadster won’t live up to the hype and be competitive against the real sports car manufacturer’s offerings. That could result in a significant blow to the Tesla brand and stock valuation.

Heh. My previous comments stand: Maximum Plaid. 🙂

good lookin!

Oh, I see now that this car actually does exist as a prototype. In the previous, and quite recent, InsideEVs article on this car, all that was shown was CGI images, so I thought this was only a computer model.

However, as I think most of us know, car makers often make high-end concept car prototypes, and they often talk them up as if they’re actually going to go into production, because that gets them more attention. However, actually having them enter production is much less common, and when they do, they almost never have all the specs of high-end concept cars.

This looks production ready. I don’t know enough about Porsche to read between the lines, but the reaction it’s getting certainly won’t keep it from going into production. I think with the 300+ range and super fast charging it gets extra ZEV credits — doesn’t matter if there are no chargers that can support it.

I certainly wouldn’t get one, but this car would be great for the special person who wants to separate themselves from all the wannabes who own Teslas. LOL

Porsche rarely builds prototypes that don’t go into production. The 918 went from prototype to production/delivery in under three years.

As much as I like Tesla, they have serious delays in production and deliveries. I’m thinking the model 3 won’t be available until end of 2018 if history is any indication.

It’s good to see Porsche design a car that’s balanced and not a$$ heavy. The rule for driving the older cars on track is: “Never, Ever, lift in a turn.”

BTW, isn’t Porsche a part of the VW group? and we know what VW is most famous for; Yes, folks; PR vapor. Betch this one stays on the drawing board for a long time before, if ever, it makes it to an assemble line.

It’s hard to be certain, but it seems to me that you cannot open the rear doors without opening the front ones first. Having lived with that for over a year on my i3, I would not want another car with that ‘feature’. Any time I want to let a passenger out my side, I have to both open my door and remove my seatbelt, highly annoying. But this is a concept car, I suspect that aspect would not make it to the production car, if they do one.

Overall, lots of things to like in this concept, it will be interesting to see which things make it to Porsche’s production cars.

If they were going to make this a production car, as it is shown, the biggest thing I would change is the charging port. Assuming the price point is significantly greater than a model S (which I think is very likely, but not certain), I think Porsche would do much better to put a Tesla connector rather than J1772 and sign an agreement with Tesla to use it’s supercharger network. (This is easier in Europe, because Tesla already uses a Mennekes connector there).

As a reply to Tesla Porsche just issued a concept car that indeed looks very much like…a concept car (see space between wheels and body for example, about 2 cm, so no shock absorbers needed where that car is driving I presume…). If I was a Tesla enthusiast I would not see any competition with that car. It is a shame as with coming rather unpractical Model X and aging Model S there is a place for a no non sense $80K luxury EV from a financially stable car maker such as VAG group.

Two quick things. 1). Porsche fans will be the ultimate determinate, but to me the car looks too ‘plastic’, and its caboose isn’t very sexy. 2). I’m not sure who will pay for a 300-500 kw charge rate, even though I know this car is primarily for bankers and brokers. Here’s why the situation is a bit uncanny: At the Rochester ‘Drive Electric’ event Thursday, (in Irondequoit, NY), the I-Square complex (play on words to all the Apple I stuff, meaning trendy and modern up-to-the-minute), they had just installed 2 chargePoint dual-pedestals (4 cords). An easily forseen problem developed: Here’s the email I sent my friend Brian here: “… I’m still at I-Squared in Irondequoit waiting for my car to get fully charged. INterestingly they had 4 charging cords off 2-dual chargepoints at 200volts 30 amps , BUT they are fed by 2- 40 amp breakers. So I was plugged in alongside a RAV4EV which drew 30 amps, and I drew 15, so after 1/2 hour the breaker tripped. Then a MB (@30 amps, and a Leaf at 18 – 48 amps total), and 5 minutes later THAT breaker tripped. – The Maintenance man was very nice, and since he… Read more »

Oh my God! I am so amazed seeing all these Porsche car designs. They are all superb!