Porsche Mission E Electric Car Will Be Sold In China

Porsche Mission E


Porsche Mission E

We already know that the long-range Porsche Mission E will be sold in the U.S. starting in 2019, but did you now that Porsche has plans to sell the Mission E in China too?

The Porsche Concept Study Mission E shows up as world premiere at the IAA 2015

Makes sense, when you consider that China is by far the largest EV market in the world, but in general, expensive electric cars don’t fare too well in China, so we didn’t see this one coming.

However with that said, China is curiously also Porsche’s largest market, with 2016 sales totaling 65,246 vehicles in China and Hong Kong.

Franz Jung, president and CEO of Porsche China, told the press that the Mission E will go on sale in China in 2020 or so. Jung says the Mission E will certainly compete with Tesla for sales in China and he even had a few choice words to direct Tesla’s way:

“They [Model S & X] look nice and exciting on stage, but producing a car with the quality a serious car should have is a completely different story.” 

Porsche currently offers two plug-ins in China:

  • Cayenne S E-Hybrid
  • Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Executive

Collectively, those two models account for approximately 5% of Porsche’s sales in China.

Source: China Daily

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10 Comments on "Porsche Mission E Electric Car Will Be Sold In China"

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They should’ve Called the Porsche “Missionary”… When you see the Price you’ll see what I mean.

Haven’t laughed that hard in a while.
Thanks for that!

“know” not now first line.

Yes, and telling us you will produce a compelling ev in a few years is the same old story.

Gorgeous car!

I hope Porsche fulfils its promises.

I agree, this is the best looking car, concept or otherwise in a very long time. Porsche basically hit is out of the park, it’s an absolutely beautiful four door that still somehow looks like a bit like a Porsche coupe, the other Porsche four doors are all butt ugly in comparison (in comparison to anything really).

“We already know that the long-range Porsche Mission E will be sold in the U.S. starting in 2019”

Wanna bet?

What do you guys think the MSRP of Mission E. Over or under $180k??

Wondering what this car is supposed to be, a more like a halo car like the 918 selling maybe 1000 a year. Or are they going to try to sell many of them…

I hope the latter, so well under $180k.

Going to be interesting how they position it against the Model S..
Maybe $130k?

Not really surprising. A massive number of super wealthy people in China. German brands are super appreciated there.
And since China is THE EV market, that’s quite logical.

It is a lovely car. I predict it will sprout a B-pillar, lose the suicide doors and sell well at over $200K. I want one!