Porsche Mission E Electric Car Production Set At 15,000 Annually

Porsche Mission E


The Porsche Mission E

The Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E Concept

Porsche Mission E Concept

Though it’s still several years away from launch, Porsche has already announced an initial production target for its long-range, high-performance Mission E electric car.

Porsche says that the initial production target will be 15,000 units per year, a rather high figure considering that the Mission E is sure to be on the expensive side.

As Bloomberg reports:

“Porsche will add more than 1,400 new jobs as it revs up development of its first all-electric sports car to challenge Tesla Motors Inc. and plans an initial annual production volume of more than 15,000 vehicles per year.”

“Some 900 positions will be created in production, 300 in development and 200 in administration for the project dubbed “J1,” personnel chief Andreas Haffner said Tuesday at a press briefing in the brand’s hometown of Stuttgart, Germany.”

The Mission E concept will spawn a production electric car that will be produced at Porsche’s Stuttgart factory. Currently, Porsche is eyeying Bosch as a supplier for the battery packs for the production car, but no firm deal is in place at this point in time.

Bloomberg adds:

“Final assembly of the battery systems will be done in-house at one of the new production facilities in Zuffenhausen and parts manufacturing for the new car will be flexible to offset swings in demand between electric vehicles and traditional combustion motors.”

As for that 15,000-unit figure, Porsche says that it’ll have to sell at least 10,000 units per unit for the electric car to be profitable, so it’s hoping that sales far exceed that figure. The automaker added that at 20,000 units per year, “it starts to be fun” in terms of returns.

Source: Bloomberg

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“Porsche says that it’ll have to sell at least 10,000 units per unit for the electric car to be profitable”
Isn’t Porsche losing money on their ICE sports car lines? I thought their only profitable lines were their SUVs.

If this is the case, maybe the article should read “Porsche hopes to return their sports cars to profitability by abandoning fossil fuels and embracing Electric Vehicles”.

Nope, Porsche have probably one of the best profit margins in the industry (especially on the sports cars). It is around 20%.

They should call it the “Missionary” because you buy one you will get screwed to death that way on the price Alone…

No body forced you to buy anything you cannot afford.

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still a work in progess – its been a tricky thing, on the list of things to do this week
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Wow, 15k is a lot! I would have expected more like 1500 per year considering it’s probably very expensive. If they manage to sell these 15k per year I’m sure Porsche will go all in on electric fairly quickly.

At around 900 dealers world wide that’s a little more than one per month per dealer….

In several years batteries will be 1/2 the cost and offer 2x the range

Historically, commodity lithium batteries have been improving on average 14% per year in price per kWh. So at that rate, about 5 years.

Hope you’re rite Phatcat73…if these EV’s get cheaper like all the other electronics have so far, It will be a very welcomed relief.. The prices are Quite High & when the time comes to change the battery it will be a nightmare…

That’s what they wainting for.
But the Price goes down for the other carmakers too, so Porsche will have a hard luck

How does that compare to their other models?

In 2015 Porsche sold just under 15k Panameras globally.

Porsche is targeting 20k Panamera sales in 2020.

Another Euro point of view

So not the USD 250K car many expected it seems. At 15k per year price range should be around USD 100k or even a bit lower.

LOL, no way in Hell.

I reckon it is going to be a pretty amazing car. Porsche really knows how to make driver’s cars, and nobody has ever made an electric sports car engineered from the ground as such (even the Roadster was an adaptation of an ICE vehicle, even if modifications were quite extensive). Given how much better electric propulsion is, this should blow everything we’ve ever seen out of the water. 15k is lofty, but it shows Porsche is serious. They aren’t going to lose money on making 1000 (very expensive) cars just to show that they can master the tech – instead, they are really trying to make the business case work. I sure hope it does. Wish there was more exciting stuff on the short-term horizon over here in Old Europe! Americans get the Bolt in a few short months, whereas nobody knows when the first long-range affordable EV will be offered here – or even what make it will be. Opel should be able to offer the Ampera-e (rebadged Bolt) very quickly if GM wanted to, but there’s still no clarity whether they do. Nissan could actually be sooner to market over here than GM, if the LEAF 2.0 is… Read more »

So Porche is begging it loyal fans to please please wait for 3 or 4 more years and we will have a car that’s better than a 2016 Tesla. And we plan to build a fraction of what Tesla is building. But trust us, it will be so good and really expensive.

“…sure to be expensive side…”
Understated sarcasm, at it’s best.

For sure, these Porsche’s cars will be above $100,000. So its better to buy Tesla Model-S / Model-X now rather than wait and get disappointed at the high price tag.

Well, hopefully somebody in charge at Porsche will see this:


If Porsche is not doing working a deal with Tesla, they (VW Group / German auto manufacturers / German government) better at least build something throughout Germany with the “350kW” chargers.

It would be great if Porsche were officially questioned as to how they plan to proceed, because 2020 will be here fast, and Tesla is WAY AHEAD.

So vw may have a car some 9 years later than the launch of the model s, which may be better technically.

Seems like typical vw marketing at work too me, I wonder if it will have the same satnav was a seat Leon and Bentley contiential too.

As much as a non fan of the vw group, I really do hope they make a great electric car, hopefully it’ll trickle down to the lower priced cars

“Trickle” being the operative word. “Slow drip” is probably more accurate 🙂

Let’s give a bit of credit. It looks good and promises to be built like a Porsche. This will keep Tesla on their toes. How about a racing series: Model S vs Porsche vs Maserati vs Jaguar and Mercedes? All being powerful EV’s.

This concept that tesla is ahead is not accurate. Tesla chose to build a car that is too heavy, overheats after a few launches, has limited top speed, and cannot even finish one lap around a track. And so that tesla could have some margin since it built the car when batteries were too expensive to be practical has a simple and cheap interior. The e mission will be the proper weight, will be able to launch again and again without overheating, be able to drive at 250 Kilometers per Hour (which any performance vehicle in Germany must be able to do to be saleable) and will not only finish laps but lap under 8 minutes at the N track in Germany, and a much more advanced electrical system that can be essentially recharged in only 15 minutes. Also Porsche will give it an interior that matches the interior one would expect in a $100k sports car. Porsche isn’t behind. Porsche is ahead but has just been waiting for the battery technology to catch up so they can build a proper Porsche. Instead of waiting tesla built a car early that has the initial acceleration of a viper but only… Read more »
And as for future tesla building a much more advance model s in a few years that will be better then the e mission, you don’t understand the business model issue that tesla has if you believe that. Tesla will be struggling to build new models for the next few years in an effort to achieve profitability and positive cash flow before it has multiple proper luxury electric car competitors in every category. Tesla does not have the money to upgrade the model s. When the competition comes tesla will be selling the same old dated models with the same old tech and will be desperate for profitability while its competition will be able to subsidize losses in its new and proper electric cars with profits from its current business if they want. Note also that tesla chose not just the highest cost country to manufacture in, the US, but chose the highest cost state within the US, California. And as for the giga factory being the lowest cost producer in the world because it is so big is not how manufacturing works. Every factory has an optimal size and at some point bigger size creates dis economy of scale.… Read more »

Considering that Tesla continually improves their products, both hardware and software and outward appearance, and each generation has a new generation of better battery cells, I do not find your expectations of a 2020 Tesla to be reasonable.

Also, minimalist styling is still, supposedly, the trend, so I expect Tesla’s vehicles, particularly the 3 and variants, to be spartan on the interior. They will have clean and comfortable lines, but not necessarily flashy. To each their own.