Porsche Mission E Caught Cornering Nurburgring + Video


Porsche’s upcoming electric sedan looks good on the famous track.

The Porsche Mission E is roughly two years from hitting the road, but the German automaker already has test mules of it lapping the Nürburgring (see above). Now, new spy photos also provide a fresh view of the electric sedan’s development.

This test mule is in a more advanced state than the one in previous spy photos and on the track earlier. The latest prototype has slightly less camouflage around the headlights and more exposed trim for the intake underneath them. This combination of elements gives the Mission E a sporty look. The front fascia features cutouts for various safety technology sensors, but the equipment isn’t actually in place yet.

New Mission E shot on the track

In profile, this Mission E no longer has the hideous, white extensions around the fenders from earlier spy photos (see below).

Older Porsche Mission E Prototype mule spyshot

The change makes this prototype look more appropriate for road use. There’s still a large concealment panel along back fenders that hides the shape of the pillar there, but the glass seems to extend nearly to the rear of the body.

Porsche keeps the rear well hidden by installing a variety of panels back there. They hide the taillights that extend across the entire width of the tail. The company also fits fake tailpipes for making unsuspecting onlookers believe this vehicle has a combustion engine.

New shots of the Mission E prototype mule out testing

Porsche Mission E prototype mule spotted

Porsche execs confirm that the Mission E’s cost wo uld start around $85,000, but there would be multiple outputs availablefrom the electric powertrain. Expect the top trim to cost well over $100,000.

For its 2015 concept, the Mission E concept packed 590 horsepower (440 kilowatts) and was able to reach 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in an estimated 3.5 seconds. Porsche figured the sedan would be able to go 310 miles (500 kilometers) in the often-optimistic NEDC range test.

To support the Mission E’s launch, Porsche has invested 700 million euros for building a new assembly plant, expanding its engine factory, and updating the Weissach test center.

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11 Comments on "Porsche Mission E Caught Cornering Nurburgring + Video"

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I hate to say it, but I think that Tesla really needs to get a move on with production know-how, along with their MY.
Porsche is the first car maker, outside of Tesla, that appears to want to make real EVs.
Up until this, the other have been jokes (yes, that includes the bolt and leaf).
But, quickness, speed, handling, ability to charge fast?
If their batteries are true long life, and can handle the fact charge, I would bet that MS is going to lose some sales.

Of course, so will all of the luxury ICE sedans, but, Tesla will finally have REAL COMPETITION.

The Porsche Mission E doesn’t compete directly with the Tesla Model S. The Porsche is smaller, more sporty, and more premium. Never the less, it will steal some customers, with ages between 30 and 50, to Model S.
Comparing this Porsche with the Model S is like comparing the VW Passat with the BMW 4 Grand Coupe!
Tesla will have to launch the new Model S before 2020 with great looks other wise…

The Porsche is more like the Passat, because they make it. Your comment says little.

The Mission E was bottoming into its rear fender well (smoke @15sec, on power, off apex, up hill). I bet they’re having fun, getting from the skateboard what they can. This one’s clearly less refined, though.

good, they need competition

Still hard to believe Mission E starting price is under 100k. It is a real competitor against Model S. See you in 2 years.

Well, the Panamara can range from under $100 to over $200k. So it will be interesting to see what Mission e price range will actually be.

Good! The mission E should cannabalize the rest of their Panamera sales. There are many porsche customers who buy a porsche just for the brand. They were never a potential Tesla buyer anyway. Now they can drive electric too.

These mules look more Panamera than MissionE concept, IMO.

Nice. Can’t wait to see the actual car in person!

Wait something is wrong .. I don’t hear anything when it drives by?

Porsche is giving it to us Mission-ary “E” style..lol