Porsche Mission E-Based Lamborghini Vitola Electric Supercar In The Works (w/video)


With virtually no details to go on, here’s what we know (via Autobild – in German – video in German too).

Lamborghini is reportedly working on an electric supercar called Vitola (or project Vitola). The car will be based on the Porsche Mission E platform (a large sedan platform apparently).

Lamborghini Electric Car In the Works

Lamborghini Electric Car In the Works

Vitola will be able to beat the Tesla Model S P100DL, but just barely.

  • Vitola – 0 to 62 MPH 2.5 seconds
  • Tesla Model S P100DL – 0 to 60 MPH 2.5 seconds

Vitola will have a top speed of 186 mph.

Production tentatively set for 2020, or approximately 4 years after the Model S P100DL came to market.

And that’s all we know…

Source: Autobild

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I thought Lambo said no to EV’s

Well, so did Ferrari.
Eventually the latter produced LaFerrari and the former worked on an hybrid concept with a suited name: “Asterion”.

In Germany Autobild is called Autoblöd.

Who is Tesla? Why are all these traditional auto makers trying to best Tesla? Oh, that’s right, Tesla actually has an EV that can go from 0-60 in about 2.5sec, which anyone can buy today. Putting all these others to shame with their super expensive sports cars that can’t keep up.
Seriously, they’ve had more than 6 years to do something, but what have they done? Nothing! Seems like physics is the limiting factor, electric motors certainly have the torque and power. Everyone will be able to go super fast off the line, it is so boring, actually.
Let’s just stop reporting about it until they actually have something you can purchase. Everything else is just dreaming, I can do that myself. The Jason car, it has 2000jp and can go from 0-100mph in 1sec. I could even mock up a 3D model, but really, I couldn’t be bothered.