Porsche Macan EV Likely Part Of Volkswagen’s Big Green Car Push

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Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan EV, 911 hybrid could be part of VW’s green push

Dieselgate’s silver lining?

Speaking with Reuters at the ongoing 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Porsche’s sales boss, Detlev von Plate, admitted the Stuttgart-based marque is analyzing the prospects of doing an all-electric Macan. Not only that, but even the 911 might be electrified by getting a hybrid version at some point in the future.

In the aftermath of the messy (and costly) Dieselgate, the Volkswagen Group has pledged to massively invest in the development of eco-friendly powertrains. Numerous hybrids and full electric models are on their way, and Detlev von Plate hinted the Macan crossover is a suitable candidate to receive the EV treatment. During the interview in Switzerland, the man in charge of sales revealed the company’s smallest crossover “is of course a model line we can imagine” for being electrified.

He also sees a future for a hybridized 911 and similar versions of the more affordable 718 Boxster & 718 Cayman duo. If green-lighted for production, these would join the automaker’s already available crop of hybrid derivatives of the Panamera and Cayenne models.

Porsche Macan

By far the most important member of Porsche’s “green” family is going to be the Mission E set to come out around 2019. To have it ready until then, the company is creating more than 1,400 new jobs and is investing a whopping €700 million (about $743M) to establish a new assembly plant and inaugurate a paint shop. Porsche’s Weissach R&D center in charge of the sedan’s development will receive some of the funding, while part of the investment will be put to good use in the expansion of the body shop and engine factory.

Codenamed “J1,” the Mission E will be a follow-up of the namesake concept from where it will largely borrow the design and technical specifications. Look for a range of more than 300 miles (482 kilometers) and a pair of electric motors delivering a combined output in excess of 600 horsepower (440 kilowatts) all wrapped up in a gorgeous sedan.

Source: Reuters

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8 responses to "Porsche Macan EV Likely Part Of Volkswagen’s Big Green Car Push"

  1. Putting the ‘E’ in PorschE!

    1. WARREN says:

      Looks like BMW is going do to a similar size all electric X3 from hints in this story. Also 2019 may be a huge year forward in electrification for BMW according to this article . And for those that think BMW is a failing corporation, think again:


      1. Another (Euro) industrial point of view says:

        Yes, BMW is a failing corporation exactly like VW group. Both never sold so many cars as in 2016 and reporting huge profits. Sooo 20th century. Miserable failures. 🙂

        1. Another (Euro) industrial point of view says:

          To add a few billions to their revenues, maybe both should start a joint venture and sell brains to some EV enthusiasts. 🙂

          1. Warren says:

            Reading comprehension skills?
            You do know VW is poised to be the largest automotive manufacturer in the world? Do you actually think Tesla will catch them in sales? By the time that can happen, VW will have so many electric vehicles out it will make your head spin. A 31 mile AER 680HP Hybrid Panamara Turbo S would suit me just fine. (Except for the $200K price tag!)

            1. Aaa says:

              Poised was 2015 is is 2016…

              1. WARREN says:

                Ah, I did suspect they passed up Toyota last year, but wasn’t 100% sure.

            2. pjwood1 says:

              “By the time that can happen, VW will have so many electric vehicles out it will make your head spin.”

              Pinch me