Porsche Macan & 911 Too Small For Electrification


Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan

2015 Porsche 911 Targa

2015 Porsche 911 Targa

According to Porsche, both its Macan and 911 are too small for electrification in the near future.

Let us clarify what Porsche is implying.

Currently, Porsche uses the plug-in hybrid system found in the Panamera in the Cayenne SUV.  It was believed that such a system could be transplanted into the smaller Macan and possibly even the 911.  However, Porsche notes that the Panamera’s PHEV setup is far too large for either of those two vehicles:

“The packaging is impossible for the Macan.  This system is too big.”

That’s according to Porsche’s hybrid powertrain manager Manfred Schürmann who spoke to Top Gear at the launch of the Cayenne S E-Hybrid.

If it won’t fit in the Macan, then there’s no chance it’ll fit in the 911.

This doesn’t mean that Porsche has ruled out a PHEV Macan or 911, but rather that the current system it uses simply won’t fit.

If Porsche were to do a PHEV Macan or 911, it will need to develop an entirely new PHEV system, meaning at least a few years will be needed for development before either plug-in model could launch.

Schürmann adds:

“For sure, a hybrid system will fit, but a decision has not yet been made about a hybrid version of the Macan. It’s an open question. No development is taking place at the moment.”

As for when the 911 will get the PHEv treatment, Porsche says the current 991-generation 911 won’t ever be a plug in, but the next-gen could be a candidate.  Porsche says we could see a 911 PHEV within 15 years.  That’s a mighty long time from now.  We think Porsche will speed up its development cycle, so look for a 911 PHEV no later than 2020.

Source: Top Gear

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I don’t believe the 911 is physically smaller than the original Tesla Roadster. So, hybridizing the 911 isn’t necessary. They should consider making two versions, a traditional ICE fast car, and BEV super fast car. 🙂

Agreed. Going full BEV is the only way forward for Porsche. They might as well bite the bullet now…

Ignoring the handwriting on the wall does not make it go away.

I think it is about as zealous to suggest the Miata become a PHEV, as it is the 911. It isn’t the seller of the Porsche line it once was, and perhaps they shouldn’t tinker with the weight placement that earned it it’s place in history.

I’d love to see the track testing of a 911 EV against the SLS AMG Electric Drive.