Porsche Attempts To Follow A Tesla, Does Donut Instead – Video


Porsche really needs that electrification push, in order to keep up with Tesla.

Despite the fact that the Tesla Model S is not a traditional sports car, and it wouldn’t be able to succeed at the likes of Nürburgring, or surpass many rivals’ top speed, it’s still become the car to beat these days. This is due to the instant acceleration of the electric powertrain, along with the ridiculously intense Ludicrous Mode.

The Porsche Mission E

Hopefully the upcoming all-electric Porsche Mission E can provide the Tesla Model S some worthy competition.

As you can see in the video, the Model S takes off quick, obviously with Ludicrous mode engaged, and a driver of a Porsche Cayman GT4 wants some action. The Porsche takes chase, but the Tesla is way ahead. The first corner comes up fast and the GT4 ends up spinning out.

The GT4 is a light and extremely nimble car. So, performing a donut is not a difficult task. However, the driver must need a few lessons in how to not lose control in this situation. The Tesla Model S, on the other hand, is very heavy. The weight is spread evenly throughout the bottom of the vehicle, due to the battery pack, so it has no problem sticking to the road.

Perhaps when Porsche brings its electric car to market – the Mission E, the Model S will finally have some worthy competition.

About the Mission E: Porsche’s EV is said to pump out 600-plus HP, zip from 0 to 62 MPH in 3.5 seconds or less, and boast a top speed in excess of 155 MPH and have a range in the neighborhood of 300 miles. Production is tentatively set for 2019, as the Mission E now listed as “priority one” for the company.

Better still, there won’t be an Aston Martin, or 918-like limited runs happening, annual production is now being tooled up to deliver 60,000 per year.

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25 Comments on "Porsche Attempts To Follow A Tesla, Does Donut Instead – Video"

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Dude had his traction turned off

Thats is what he gets


His brains were turned off too.


“I meant to do that”


It sounded like he tapped the back of the Tesla.


That’s not a 911. That is a Cayman GT4. Good example of assuming an all wheel drive Tesla compared to a rear wheel drive Porsche.

Eric Loveday

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.


That does not look like Ludicrous mode.

Also, the Porsche driver is extremely lucky that his car stayed on the road.


The Porsche driver is a former Mustang owner…

Jacked Beanstalked

The rear-engined 911 or Cayman oversteers VERY easily when throttle is applied in a turn. It’s not a car to be driven at the limits by an inexperienced driver like the one in the video. Lucky for him he learned the hard way at a low speed.


Only when the traction is turned off.

The old ones, yeah mostly rear wheel drive 911’s.


What a showoff! Yeah, so your Porsche can do doughnuts!


Great Nuburgring endurance. Can’t keep up with Tesla on the street. Typical 🙂


Wonder if the driver did what Elon did many years ago…

“Watch this!”


I wonder if the guy driving the Porsche just finally had to give up and decided to buy a Tesla.


The Cayman GT4 still gets the chicks though.

El Fantastico

That’s true! And if you can’t afford a Porsche you stick to Viagra. ROFL

(Alright, I’ll get my blue pill…)


Or go for the best of both worlds: Blue Porsche and the blue pill!


Rear engine cars are tail heavy, and thus when wheels are spinning, are prone to end up pointed in an unintended direction.

Nothing to see here folks.


That car is mid-engine, it is no 911.


OMG this is dumber than BS drag race. The camyman GT4 is the purest of Drivers car and will be worshipped for the decades to come.

Martin Tesar

If the Porsche owner can drive, most can afford to buy, however this does not give them the ability to drive. Money vs Skill.

The difference here is the Tesla makes an ordinary driver look excellent, with it’s excellent electronic traction control that no current Porsche can match.

Again so much for “German Engineering” that has fallen asleep at the wheel.


Huh? The Model S has AWD. Nothing that impressive about a heavy car with AWD having good traction.

As for Tesla’s “excellent electronic traction control”, there is nothing they do that is superior to any normal luxury vehicle. On the other hand, Porsche and Ferrari both have by far the most sophisticated traction management systems in the world. Both have been tuned thanks to years of experience in racing. Those systems need to be active, though, and this Porsche’s was clearly disabled.

There is a reason a Cayman GT4, when driven by a skilled driver, would leave the far quicker Model S in the dust. It’s a more balanced, nimble, and sophisticated performance package.


At least the Porsche won’t catch on fire


Who says money cannot buy happiness? I’m very happy to watch an ego car spin out of control on a road and be left for dust by truly modern technology which eclipses the imaginations of toy car makers in ways they have trouble comprehending. That is called ‘The Elon Effect’. You see it, you instantly understand it and you want to do it.

Tesla are not racing anyone egotistically, they’re simply operating beyond the decades of limitations perpetuated by carrot dangling car makers who say they’ve cracked it but who have instead added the equivalent of a cheap plastic spoiler to an already absurd thing.

Thank Tesla for bringing the 21st century to driving, space and thinking!


Tesla has 4 independently powered wheels with no drive shaft between rear and front wheels or between rear wheels . It is cumbersome to apportion torque with that compromise but no other way to do it with one engine . You can floor a Tesla at a T intersection in the wet and not lose control . The possibilities for individual wheel control are endless . Floor it on an uneven surface , loose gravel , off cambered road or with lock on it just goes where you point it . I have been in and driven a friends P90D and was gobsmacked .

The Tesla is not a better electric car it is a better car . Pity I can’t afford one .

No the German’s mechanically based AWD systems are not superior to the Tesla .

The future us here .

Everyone else is playing catchup .