Porsche Global Sales Boss Comments On Automaker’s Commitment To Plug-In Hybrids


Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid - Image Credit: Michael Beinenson

Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid – Image Credit: Michael Beinenson

Recently, Automotive News conducted an interview with Bernhard Maier, Porsche’s global sales boss.

Maier’s daily drivers include a Porsche Cayenne  S E-Hybrid and a Panamera S E-Hybrid, both plug-in vehicles.

Maier discussed the future of plug-in hybrids at Porsche with Automotive News Europe.  Here’s a portion of the interview (full interview here).

Q: You use a Porsche plug-in hybrid for your daily commute. How do you get additional full-electric kilometers out of the battery?

A: The Panamera and Cayenne are homologated in the [New European Driving Cycle] for 35km [21.8 miles] in pure battery mode, but by coasting into the traffic and recuperating energy during braking you can drive emissions free a bit further. Depending on the traffic and the route I take, I drive 40km [24.9 miles] to 45km [28] per trip. Most of the times I manage to use only electric power.

Q: Are you a true believer in plug-in hybrids?

A: Absolutely. People are beginning to understand that with a plug-in hybrid they have the ability to be totally flexible [in terms of range and performance] while having their own filling station for electricity at home or at the office, which is really convenient.

Q: How are customers reacting to Porsche’s plug-ins?

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

A: On the Panamera, we are already at 10 percent of global demand, while the Cayenne was just introduced. In general, we see more potential in markets where authorities or governments subsidize models that reduce pollution, because having the best of two worlds inside one car is a little bit more expensive. When a government wants to convince inhabitants that reducing pollution is a really important issue, and offers adequate incentives, electrified vehicles could grow to market shares up to 50 percent.

The question on everyone’s mind was asked too.

Q: When will there be a 911 plug-in hybrid?

A: We have a lot of ideas, but we have not approved them for production yet. The 918 Spyder shows that Porsche has the capability to produce very convincing hybrid sports cars.

Porsche has insisted that the 911 will remain conventionally powered, but says that the PHEV treatment will eventually be applied across its lineup.  We’re thinking that the 911 will go PHEV at some point in time, but for now Porsche says no.

Source: Automotive News

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Rumors of a Porsche 200ish mile range BEV in development, abound…

BS. You just read what’s in Porsche’s heads.

Doing it because of regulation, or the common (battery anemic) racing formulae, which is….regulation.

Google Search “Pajuan”.

“Pajun”, sorry. Lack of edit function… Grrr.

I couldn’t imagine trying to hypermile a Porsche. 😉

Porsche understands their customer very well. Very afraid to upset the apple cart. Have done a fantastic job of pulling customers into hybrid drive with 918.

Bravo Porsche.

I think when 911 drivers get dusted by Teslas enough they will demand electric drive for the future 911’s especially the 4S. Rear tires powered by Ice and fronts all electric maybe.

If 911 drivers were all still 14 years old and only cared about 0-60 acceleration that might be a concern. The enthusiast that drives a Porsche sports car understands there is so much more to driving than “dusting” cars from light to light. As for a PHEV 911, you will see it but not before the next gen 911 around about 2019.