Porsche France Begins Taking Taycan Pre-Orders


French buyers are able to reserve their Porsche Taycan by making a 2500€ deposit

The Porsche Taycan will be the German brand’s first all-electric model. The production version of the Mission E concept is slated to arrive on the market in 2019. The vehicle is set to feature some impressive technical specs and range. The company’s first electric vehicle is set to boast two permanently synchronous motors – one for the front axle and the other driving the rear wheels – providing a combined output of more than 600 horsepower (440 kilowatts).

A high-voltage lithium-ion battery is set to power the two electric motors, providing enough power for a range of more than 500 kilometers (310 miles) – even though the testing cycle upon which this number is based has not been specified. The high-performance battery-powered vehicle will be able to sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in well under three and a half seconds while achieving a speed of 124mph (200km/h) in less than 12 seconds.

This being a Porsche, we’re confident the handling and cornering performance characteristics will be top notch, providing their owners with a thrilling motoring experience. The company estimates it will move approximately 20,000 units per year or about two-thirds of the 911’s annual deliveries. This means that you’re probably going to have to wait for your vehicle if you don’t reserve your unit. After all, 20,000 units per year, for a company whose sales volume per month is more than that, will mean the Taycan will be a highly coveted item when it hits the showrooms.

Porsche recently opened up their reservation deposit program in the United States and now the company is doing the same in France. Customers can now make a deposit their high-performance electric vehicle by making a fully refundable 2,500€ payment. If they decide they don’t want to finalize their order, Porsche will allow them to cancel their deposit and return their money any time during the ordering process. We expect the same reservation process to hit most of the major markets within the next couple of months.

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It looks nice, but still with the with exhaust tips.
Soon will not be soon enough and 2019 probably means Dec of 2019, and low volume like the iPace.
But, if you’re going to lose money on every vehicle you can’t afford to make that many.

It’s not low volume for Porsche, as the article points out. And I highly doubt they (or Jaguar) will be losing money on them.

What is the ugly vehicle in the pictures? And where is the Taycan?

It’s the concept vehicle. Don’t worry, the production vehicle will no doubt look much more mundane.

It’s a render, and not even an official one – it’s got exhaust tips lol. Probably fan-drawn.

What’s up with those weird looking wheels?

I was obviously Taken by the Taycan headline, in clicking on the above Token Taycan article!

It’s amazing how Porsche pairs top of bill 270wh/kg energy density with top of the bill 80%/15 minute charging rates. Isn’t there usually a trade off there? It’s also amazing that Porsche wants to offer all that tech for Model S money (apparently…). Looking at Tesla’s gross margins Porsche needs to have a very different cost structure to actually make money at Model S prices.

Cost is the trade off.

Until this car is actually in production with real published specs, I would take any technical specs as being massaged marketing speak.

Well, since they are now taking real money deposits, I doubt stated specs will vary significantly, as that would lead to lawsuits.

The deposits are refundable though, right? I doubt anyone could sue them for going back on specs for a refundable deposit…

Sure you could – you could sue for the interest that money could have been collecting for you, but instead was collecting for the corporation. Seems like a small sum until you aggregate all those claims into a class action lawsuit. Not to mention, it’s probably (I’m not sure) against the law to advertise false claims that solicit funds, even if those funds are hypothetically refundable.

This is exciting to see.
Basically, all Car makers except for Tesla, continue to push hybrids which are disasters in the making (though offroads/construction/military are ideal for series hybrids).
Then we have the low MPC vehicles.
At this time, the only decent EVs are Tesla and Bolt. The rest will harm us long-term if we continue to add these.
So, adding passenger EVs that get 150+ MPC and commercial EVs that get 200+ MPC, will avoid this issue.

BTW, other issues are BYD buses and trucks. For example, their garbage truck has less than 50 MPC. That means that they WILL require charging during the daytime. Not good.

Garbage trucks for urban areas hardly do 30 miles per shift. In most smaller cities, garbage collection is not a 24/7 operation, but done by single shift. Depot => collect garbage on fixed route => landfill or recycling center or waste fueled plant => back to depot, done. If necessary, do some recharging during break, and in case of two shift job, just leave some time in between. Exceptions may apply for rural areas where dozens of villages on one route have to be adressed. In these cases, which are certainly not the majority of vehicles, a hybrid approach would come in handy for the time being, if larger packs are not an option…
BYD buses have considerable range that will last the whole day. Again, fixed route, easy to calculate and manage.

Tesla is probably faster but the Porsche might be more reliable and definitley looks nicer than Tesla.

What’s fast? Constant high speed or curvy roads – Porsche is faster. Drag racing – some Teslas are faster.

Remains to be seen whether it will be faster at constant high speeds than the Model 3. They are certainly aiming for it; and with a more beefy cooling system, it could be doable — but it’s not a given at this point. As for curvy roads, I don’t think Porsche will have much of an advantage, considering that it has the same weight challenges…

We don’t know how it will look yet. We only know what the concept car looks like but usually a lot is lost in translation to a production vehicle. Looking at other Porsche sedans like Panamera which it will probably end up looking a lot like…. well, it’s an acquired taste I guess.

I would expect the interior to look nicer than Model S though.

Yeah, if the mules that have been frequently photographed are any indication, the production version is going to look significantly more staid than the concept, which is a real shame. Not every detail in a concept can make the transition to production, but the concept isn’t so far out (except for the suicide doors) that the production version can and should look close to the concept. BMW did a great job with the i8 – the production was basically identical to the concept, save for the see-through doors.

Who cares which is faster? That’s such an ICE-y metric – “oh, mine gets to 60mph .2 seconds faster than yours.” The metrics that SHOULD matter when discussing EVs are range and price, but because the byproduct of electric motors is blistering speed, that’s how EV makers – and Tesla is at fault for it, since they started it with their silly “Ludicrous Speed OMG111!!!” – seem to market.

If people focused on what the “should” as rational beings, the world would be a much better place…

Agreed Bro, of course performance plays no role in the decision making of Porsche buyers, everybody knows that! They are all about low running cost and fuel economy. Obviously they will punish bad Tesla for making performance a thing and buy the slower Porsche, ROFLOL!

I can’t tell – are you actually a Millennial, bro, or are you parodying one? Performance is “a thing” that includes more than 0-60 times, bro.

Tesla Model 3 is faster, 0-60 in 3 seconds.
Easy win for Elon, Porsche already lost.

How long did it take for the S to get around the Nurburgring? Oh, that’s right – 10 minutes (it overheated three minutes in and went into limp mode). To put that in context, Sabine Schimtz did it in 10:08…in a Ford Transit van with Richard Hammond in the passenger seat lol. But keep drag racing, redneck – we all know it’s the epitome of motorsport.

The Taycan has spent lots of time on the Nurburgring. Lots.

Of course Taycan spent a lot of time on Nurburgring, all slow cars do, ROFLOL!

Yo Bro: didn’t you just argue that EVs should be about range and price so why is it important that Taycan spent all that time on Nurburgring again? It’s almost as if performance is only not important in your book when it concerns metrics on which Tesla beats the competition, ROFLOL!

You bro, because HANDLING is different than speed and 0-60 times, bro, and “performance” doesn’t just mean pulling sick runs at the local drag, bro ROFLOL!11111!!!!!11