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Porsche Expands Charging Service In Europe To 49,000 Charging Points

New features and markets included in Porsche Charging Service

Porsche is expanding its Porsche Charging Service – launched in May 2018 – to five new countries, which will enable access to more than 49,000 charging points under single contract, through Porsche ID card or smartphone app.

The service was initially available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland, and now also in Norway, France and Spain. Great Britain and Italy will follow shortly, which will bring total number to 12 countries.

Porsche Charging Service cost €2.50 ($2.85) per month in Germany, plus fees for using the charging points, which depends on particular provider, charging station and amount of electricity.

The Porsche Charging Service also is getting new features like:

“The Porsche Charging Service, the digital platform for all charging-related services, was launched in May 2018. The service searches for suitable charging stations and performs invoicing via centrally stored payment details. It is therefore not necessary to register with different providers. This takes place across the covered countries at a guaranteed unit price per market and independent of currency. The corresponding free app and the Porsche navigation system guide customers to the selected charging station.

Information on the location and availability of charging stations and on the price for vehicle charging are available in real-time. At the charging station, user identification takes place either by QR code via the app or with the so-called “Porsche ID Card”, which users receive free of charge after registering for the service.”

The user interface in the app and the navigation function have been improved

“In Germany, the fee for using the Porsche Charging Service is €2.50 per month. The costs for actual charging come on top of this: these depend on the provider as well as the amount of power charged. The prices are shown in detail and also according to power class/charging speed if wished. The app can be used on all mobile devices with iOS or Android operating system. The service is generally available to all drivers of hybrid or electric vehicles. It is not limited to Porsche sports cars. Registration is possible via”