Porsche CEO: Tesla Has Set The Standard, We Must Follow


porsche 918 panamera cayenne  chicago 2015 manthony


The Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid and the Panamera S E-Hybrid

The Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid and the Panamera S E-Hybrid

Porsche is ready to follow in the footsteps of Tesla.

Probably not a statement you ever thought you’d hear. Right?

Porsche boss Matthias Mueller spoke at the automaker’s annual press conference awhile back.  He made it clear that Porsche is going to chase Tesla:

“Tesla has built an exceptional car.  They have a very pragmatic approach and set the standard, where we have to follow up now.”

For Tesla, these words of praise coming from the head honcho at Porsche should be taken as an indication of success.

Porsche’s upcoming Tesla-like electric car will have a range of 300 or more miles.  It will compete with the Model S head-to-head.

Source: Automotive News

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It seems that they “get it”!

what a set of balls .He means buisness!

EKG is electrocardiogram, but surely you knew that. I thought it was cute.

It’s nice to see you fully back up.

He won half the battle now. The other half is to actually do it and build a better car. I personally do not think that they can build a better car for the masses since the key part is the batteries. BASF VARTA BAYAR all this big companies in Germany did not yet put their minds into it. Germany already has a massive 27% of its electric power from renewable. It will not take long before storage kicks in and then and only then VW etc. will be able to do what is Tesla doing now, or did a couple of years ago!

Porche does not build cars for masses. Toyota and GM and other cheap brands do. Porche just have to make a REALLY good EV with their own design. Price may be well over Model S price. There are still tens of thousands who will buy Porche EV.

This might be the first OEM to admit Tesla was many years ahead with their technology.

IIRC, the Porsche competitor Mueller refers to is 4+ years away still. Tesla won’t be standing still over the next 4 years, so the Porsche target better not be the current Gen Model S.

I was just thinking the same thing.

Heck, Tesla announced not too long ago that they would be refitting Roadsters to have 400 miles of range. 2013 P85 buyers are already selling to get 2015 P85D’s just 2 years later. Model III and Model X on the way…

And a total of zero Porsche Superchargers to charge from.

Porsche is a long, long ways behind. To leap-frog the Model S, Porsche needs it to be cheaper, faster, longer range, and they need to build out a Supercharger style of network that charges faster than 135 kW like the fastest Tesla Superchargers. All before Tesla improves the Model S yet again like they did when they released the P85D.

Now we are getting somewhere Porsche is joining the BEV!

If you build it, they will come…

Yep, Tesla has shown that it is possible and even desirable. All car manufacturers must now follow suit or risk being left behind. The rolling stone is picking up speed. The ICE age is coming to an end.


I would wish that when these guys talk they’d actually say something. As in a release date and what kind of car they are planning beyond saying its going to have at least a 300 mile range.

It will be a version of the upcoming five passenger sedan(think 5-series size)Porsche is set to launch in 17/18, look for the BEV about a year later.

Hey, I’m impressed! GM’s Bob Lutz did credit Tesla with inspiring the Volt, but even he didn’t admit they’re just following where Tesla is leading!

Not often you see this degree of honesty at a high level in a major corporation.

You beat me by 2 minutes while I googled up the original quote! DOH!

need to get better at my google-Foo skillz….

Well, that’s coloring things a bit too heavily.

I think the conversation went, Lutz initially asked GM’s engineering heads if building an electrified car was possible, to which he was given “categorically NO!”.

TO which Lutz said, “Hey, if 5 guys in a garage can make a 200 mile sports car, shouldn’t GM at least ATEMPT to build an electric car?”

Oh, cabbage. GM had built the EV1 years earlier, altho certainly it lost money on the project. In fact, the EV1 was part of the same development path which lead to AC Propulsion’s tZero, which was the direct inspiration for the Tesla Roadster. (Google Alan Cocconi for more info.)

Tesla didn’t prove that it was “possible” to build an EV. That had been proven several times before, including by Baker Electric and Detroit Electric in your grandmother’s (or great-grandmother’s) generation.

What Tesla did, what got other auto makers to follow, was to prove it is possible for an auto maker to make a “sexy” EV that lots of people actually want, and to do that without losing money.

Yet another car company that has been spurred along by Tesla. The first was Bob Lutz who says the Tesla Roadster was what spurred GM into developing the Volt.

Heck, Porsche is only about a decade behind realizing what Bob Lutz realized about Tesla way back in 2006:

In 2006 Tesla Motors announced it’s intentions to build a fast electric car. With respect to this, Bob Lutz is quoted as saying:

“That tore it for me. If some Silicon Valley start-up can solve this equation, no one is going to tell me anymore that it’s unfeasible.”


We are seeing the multiplicative impact of the original DOE $465 million dollar loan that helped Tesla to cross the chasm into production of the Model S. By funding the Model S with a modest loan, the DOE has set the dominoes in motion where other car makers will have to soon follow. Once Porsche builds a Model S competitor, so will other manufacturers. Next they will push the electric drivetrain feature down into lower priced cars. Just like Mercedes has historically introduced new motoring features into the S-class that have filtered down to be standard features in cars around the world. This was the entire point of the DOE’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) Loan Program. Spur EV technology to cross the chasm by funding actual PRODUCTION to get the ball rolling. It has been a massive success, and the success is now having a snow-ball effect bigger than just bringing the Tesla Model S to the market. Guess what the latest FY2016 Budget Resolution out of the House and Senate does? It kills ALL green programs that fund manufacturing/production/sales of anything green. It kills all funding except just R&D funding. Just as things really start getting rolling, the… Read more »

The cat is out of the bag.

Losing those programs Means it will be harder for other OEMs to catch up and impossible for any start ups to get to Tesla’s level of success.


Me thinks Matty may not necessarily have meant “pragmatic”, as a complement.

Awesome. 🙂

Now build an awesome BEV…

Porsche: “Tesla has built an exceptional car. They have a very pragmatic approach and set the standard, where we have to follow up now.”

+1 Tesla
+1 Porsche

They both at this time have an advantage over the other. Porsche is smart to let their troops know the target to aim to take out.

I like it! Waiting to pick up my e-Boxer… or at least an e-Cayman… anything but another sedan.

A sexeh retro 356 e-Speedster… *shudders*

An electric Speedster is actually quite amazing. Mine has 135hp, 1.400Nm at the wheels and will go for 350km on a charge.
It’s a replica of course. Beck Speedster. Most people take it for a real one. Porsche can’t build an electric car. It’s the state of mind. They’re just not there.
By autumn we’ll have a Speedster that will run for 700km on a charge, batteries underneath the floor. Just a little more than the revamped Roadster.

It is a positive for Tesla, that they will compete with the established Porsche head to head. It brings market credibility to them among older collectors and since the auto market is so big, will not hurt sales until the EV market is near saturation.

As a Porsche owner I’m happy that they recognize where the industry is headed. But I have doubts as to Porsche’s ability to deliver. Any Porsche owner knows that the weakest part of Porsche has always been their electronics, be it the entertainment, HVAC or NAV. It is not unusual for their electronic gadgets to be several generations behind the industry standards.

If Porsche jumps on the bandwagon, who will be next?


What auto maker has not, by now, at least dipped a toe into the EV revolution? Even Rolls-Royce made a Phantom Experimental EV prototype.

Now that Volkswagen has finally, and very reluctantly, jumped on the bandwagon, who is left? Just now Googling, I see that even Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bugatti have EV projects. Perhaps there are a few very obscure auto makers out there who haven’t, but they must be pretty rare by now.

MB already has started and also has some amazing things – already done.

Ahh the overpriced noisy Porsche being over taken by a silent electric Tesla.

What a let down – Porsche, so now they must make something to compete with Tesla.

Never mind in Australia – Porsches as they are sold here for twice the price then they really are worth.
So to see them flinch I have no sympathy for you Porsche / VW.

I’m not an American, but did someone say the House and Senate are axing any assistance to other companies to produce EVs??
Does that make you wonder which industries pay for that type of legislative about-face?